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What is Highest Score in SAT: Range & Tips to Achieve

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When planning to study undergraduate courses abroad, a student should aim for max SAT score. SAT is a widely accepted entrance exam that determines international students' undergraduate admissions. The SAT is based on a 1600-point scale, with two sections: Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, scored between 200 and 800.

The SAT scores range from a minimum of 400 to the highest SAT score of 1600. To enrol in the top universities globally, having the highest SAT score ever matters.

But what is the highest score in SAT exam? To help uncover this and the top tips on how to attain the highest SAT score possible, this blog will help you. We have covered all the essential details related to SAT maximum marks to help prepare you better.

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What Is the Highest SAT Score?

The highest score one can get in SAT exam is 1600. The minimum score is 400, and 1600 is considered the perfect score. To achieve 1600, students should avail 800 in both sections, Math and Evidence-based reading and writing.

Pre-scholars claimed that only 8% of students could achieve the maximum SAT score of 1600.

Here is an breakdown of SAT score chart:


Math Score

Evidence-Based Reading Writing Score

Total SAT score

50 (Median)




75 (Good)
















List of Colleges Which Require High SAT Score

Did you know that there are a few college with highest SAT score?

These are the top colleges and their SAT score requirements are pretty high. If you’re planning to apply to any of them, here is an overview of their highest SAT scores:


Highest SAT Score Requirements

Tufts University


Brown University


Carnegie Mellon University


Amherst College


University of Pennsylvania


Harvard University


California Institute of Technology


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


Rice University


Yale University


Tips To Achieve a High SAT Score

To ace the above-listed college with highest SAT score, preparing for it well can help you succeed. Thus, to simplify this process, we have listed the top 5 tips that can help you achieve the highest SAT score ever:

1. Focus on Perfection

If you wish to score 1600, you need to aim for perfection. For instance, in the reading exam, you are allowed to miss one or two questions, in writing, only one question can be missed. But in Math, you need to get all your answers correct. The best way to achieve perfection is to be thorough with all the questions that could be possibly asked.

SAT preparation should be rigorous to excel in every question that passes your attention. The agenda here is to constantly work on your mistakes so that you avoid making the same mistake twice.

2. Write Your Motivation

Another way you can achieve a 1600 SAT score is via motivation. Constantly studying can leave slide away from your attention span. It is essential to understand the true purpose of conducting this action. It is better to list the real reasons you wish to achieve a SAT score. For instance, to get accepted into your dream university, etc.

Thus, you can always regain your purpose whenever you feel lost by reading this list.

3. Use Authentic SAT Materials

The market is home to multiple SAT prep materials. But for you to excel in your SAT exam, you only require the best SAT study materials to prepare. This is available in your college. Refer to the sample papers available and include the same in your exam preparations. Apart from this, engage with the previous highest SAT score holders to get better insights that you can use during your learning experience.

4. Focus On Quality Studying

Now that you have the study materials, it is important to understand that just completing books or turning pages isn’t an achievement. You need to focus on quality learning. Focus more n grasping knowledge rather than just studying multiple books. The better knowledge you have of concepts it becomes easier to solve solutions.

5. Learn From Your Mistakes

Lastly, with every practice test, focus on the mistakes you make. Write it down and work on not making the same mistake twice. It always happens that students will tend to remember the solution they witnessed from their mistakes better. This is exactly what the pattern of reaching perfection is all about. Achieving 1600 isn’t easy, but it isn’t difficult as well.

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Attaining the maximum SAT score will help you be accepted into your dream university with ease. The purpose of an SAT exam is to help universities understand students better and provide you with an opportunity to exhibit your knowledge and determination to pursue the best academics. Now that you’re aware of the highest SAT score, it’s time to register for the SAT exam. To know how you'll score on the SAT before you take the test and put your scores on your official record, connect with our Yocket Professional and get thorough guidance.

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