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SAT Math Syllabus: Topics and Types of SAT Math Questions in 2022

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The Scholastic Aptitude Test syllabus comprises of four sections in general. The order of the sections is: Reading-> Writing-> Math-> Essay (optional). All the questions here are Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), except some in the Math section. Most of the students lag behind in the math section or find it difficult to tackle. But do you know, it is one of the most scoring sections that can enhance your possibilities of getting into the best colleges abroad? 

To excel in the math section of your SAT test you must first be acquainted with the SAT math syllabus. It needs advanced preparation, enough practice and dedication to gain expertise in solving the SAT math questions. In this blog, we dwell at length on SAT exam math syllabus including all details like types of questions, marks distribution, important SAT math topics and so on. 

  Table of Contents: 

  1. Overview of SAT Math Syllabus and Pattern
  2. SAT Math Syllabus Topics and Questions
  3. Tips to Prepare SAT Math Questions
  4. Frequently Asked Questions About SAT Math Syllabus 

Overview of SAT Math Syllabus and Pattern

The first question that arises here is: What type of math is on the SAT? Broadly speaking, SAT math questions are the basic arithmetic that is there in the college curriculum. They may appear challenging, but with the right SAT math preparation tips and practice you can excel in this section easily. The important SAT math subjects and topics include:

  • Heart of Algebra
  • Problem Solving and Data Analysis
  • Passport to Advanced Maths
  • Additional Topics in Math

To talk of SAT math rules, the entire section is divided into parts. The breakdown of both the sections is as follows:

No-Calculator Section

The first part is a no calculator test of 25 minutes. It consists of both multiple-choice and problem-solving questions. It can be summarized as below:

Time Allotted

25 minutes

Total Questions 


Multiple-Choice Questions 


Grid-in Questions 


Calculator Section

The second one is for 55 minutes where you can use a calculator. This part has 58 questions covering arithmetic, statistics, geometry, data interpretation, probability, and other problem-solving questions. It can be summarized as below:

Time Allotted

55 minutes

Total Questions 


Multiple-Choice Questions 


Grid-in Questions 


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Now let us go into details of SAT exam syllabus for maths:

SAT Math Syllabus Topics and Questions

A brief overview of the questions that comprises the math SAT list syllabus is given below: 

Heart of Algebra

The SAT math question problem types for Heart of Algebra mostly includes graphical representation of the linear functions, system of linear equations (with no solution, infinite or finite solutions), linear inequalities in two variables and their systems and so on. This is the first section that you will find in SAT math syllabus.

Types of Questions in Heart of Algebra include:

  • Create, interpret and solve linear equations, inequalities and expressions in 1 variable.
  • Building linear functions that model linear relationships between 2 quantities. 
  • Create, interpret and solve systems of single or 2 linear equalities in 2 variables. 
  • Solve linear equations (or inequalities) in 1 variable through algebra.
  • Solve 2 linear equations in 2 variables through algebra.
  • Interpretation of variables and constants in expression for linear functions.
  • Understand and analyse algebraic expressions and connections with graphical representations.

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Problem Solving and Data Analysis

The problem solving and data analysis is all about ratios, percentages and proportional reasoning to solve problems in different situations like science, social studies and other contexts. It tests the skills and command of the math that resonates in everyday life.

Types of Questions in Problem Solving and Data Analysis include:

  • Solve single and multistep problems by using ratios, rates, proportional relationships and scale drawings.
  • Single and multistep problems including percentages, measurement quantities, and unit conversion.
  • Describing the relationship variables by using scatter plots, linear, quadratic or exponential models.
  • Investigating key features of the grap through the relationship between two or more variables.
  • Derieving a comparison between linear and exponential growth.
  • Summarizing categorical data and relative frequencies to calculate conditional probability through 2- way tables. 
  • Make inferences about population parameters by referring to sample data.
  • Statistical analysis of shape, center, spread and other measures of data.

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Passport to Advanced Math

Passport to Advanced Math emphasizes on the math that is required to pursue further studies in science or economics and for career opportunities in the STEM fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. It requires familiarity with more complex equations or functions, which later is beneficial to understand calculus and advanced courses in statistics. 

Types of Questions in Passport to Advanced Math include:

  • Create a a quadratic or exponential function or equation that models a context. 
  • Determining the form of an expression
  • Zeros and factors of polynomials
  • Non-linear relationship between two variables
  • Polynomial equations (subtraction, multiplication, addition and division)
  • Isolation of a variable by rearrangement of formula or equation.
  • Solve an equation in 1 variable containing radicals or variable in the denominator of a fraction.
  •  Rewrite simple rational expressions.
  • Analyze the relationship between zeros and factors of polynomials.

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Additional Topics in Math

The SAT math syllabus also comprises six questions in Additional Topics in Math (three in the no-calculator section and three in the calculator section). It is based on topics like geometry, trigonometry, radian measure, and complex numbers. 

Types of Questions in Additional Topics in Math include:

  • Use volume formulas to solve problems
  • Solve applied problems involving right triangles by using trigonometric ratios and pythagorean theorem. 
  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and simplification of complex numbers.
  • Convert between degrees and use radians to determine arc length. 
  • Application of theorems for circles to find arc lengths, angle measures, chord lengths, areas of sectors, etc. 
  • Solve problems about lines, angles and triangles and trigonometric ratios.
  • Create or use an equation in 2 variables to solve problems about circles in the coordinate plane.

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So that was all about SAT math questions by topic. Let us now have a look at how to prepare for SAT math exam:

Tips to Prepare SAT Math Questions

Research shows that math is the most stressful part for a SAT examinee. So here we have listed some SAT math preparation tips to help you tackle the SAT math section with ease:

  • The first and most important step is to find the right SAT math books to begin with your preparation. It is advised to start preparing in advance to avoid last minute confusions. 
  • Once you have your books, go through the SAT math syllabus in details. It will give you an idea about the topics and questions that you may expect in the test
  • Plan your schedule well. Start with the hardest SAT math questions and make it a point to dedicate atleast two to three hours of your day to engage in your preparation.
  • Practice, practice and practice! The dedication and consistency plays a huge role in building your expertise and confidence for SAT math exams. You must also solve some SAT math practice test and sample papers to get a hang of the test.
  • Lastly, revise thoroughly the day before your SAT exam date. Be calm and make sure to carry all necessary documents and other stuff like pencils, eraser, calculator etc. 

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So that was all about SAT math syllabus and related aspects. The math section is one of the most important sections in SAT exam owing to its high scope to score generously. So, analyze the above mentioned information and get started with your SAT preparation with enthusiasm and zeal. For further guidance and assistance, connect with our counselors at Yocket now!

Frequently Asked Questions About SAT Math Syllabus

Ques. What are hardest SAT math questions?

Ans. The hardest SAT math questions are generally the ones at the end of the multiple choice segments or the second half of the grid-in questions.

Ques. What are SAT math level 1 topics? 

Ans. Algebraic expressions, coordinate geometry, data analysis, and number sequences form the SAT math level 1 topics.

Ques. What are SAT math level 2 topics?

Ans. The SAT math level 2 topics include all level 1 topics along withtopics along with logarithmic functions and the law of cosines and sines.

Ques. What are SAT math rules?

Ans. There are no set SAT math rules as the approach differs for every individual. However, you must carefully read the guidelines to have a better understanding of the SAT exam. 

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