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How to Improve SAT Score: Know How to Improve Your SAT Score?

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Administered by the college board SAT is taken by international students seeking admission to undergraduate colleges or universities abroad. The SAT exam is a multiple-choice, pencil-and-paper test formed and directed by the college board. The determination of the SAT exam is to quantity a high school student's willingness for college and offer colleges with one shared data point that can be used to compare all students.

The essential SAT scores in the college/university application procedure vary from college to college. Generally, the higher your score on the SAT exam, the more options for appearing and paying for college will be available to you. So, to know how to improve your SAT score, we have stated all the needed details in this blog regarding SAT exam.

  Table of Contents:

  1. Tips on How to Improve SAT Scores
  2. Methods of Improving SAT Subject Scores

Tips on How to Improve SAT Scores

Whether you are looking for how to increase SAT score to increase your college opportunities or qualify for more scholarships, here are some tips to follow to get a higher score on SAT exam.

Tip 1: Begin with a Research

If you've attended the SAT exam before, go through your scorecard report and measure the correct and incorrect points you have to work out. Identify it and give insight into how to increase sat score. On the other side, if it's your first attempt, take more and more practice tests available on the college board website, which will assist you in seeing where you are lacking. Ensure to take the practice test under test conditions, following the time limit.

Tip 2: Set a Target Score

Before practising for SAT practice test, regulate how much work is in front of you and set a target score. You will need to set a target that increases your potential while lasting realistic. Usually, if you have a score below 500, upgrading to 200 points is an achievable target. For higher scores, you can aim to progress between 100 and 150 points. Setting a target for each obstacle you face will help you advance your critical skills and solve out accordingly.

Tip 3: Create a Study Plan

To achieve something, you need to create a study plan which will help you manage your time accordingly. Preparing for the SAT exam needs time and dedication, and for that, you are required to circle off those times in your calendar for the course dates and a few hours each week to work on projects and reviews.

If you are preferring SAT online coaching in India, generate a list of topics you need to study and review, and set aside time each week to cover those topics.

Tip 4: Use Official SAT Materials to Study

There are a lot of free study materials available online/offline to assist with SAT studying and preparation for undergraduates. Many of these materials try to approximate the level of difficulty found on the SAT and are not always precise in that approximation. No matter how much content data you study, you need to know the format of the test and how it evaluates this information in order to be successful. To best prepare for the official SAT exam, exercise with questions from the test-makers the official SAT exam.

In addition, you can also download the Official SAT Study Guide from the College Board.

Tip 5: Join a Study Group

Having consistent study dates with classmates is the best way to set goals, share strategies, and hold one another accountable. If you can’t find an existing study group, it’s also likely to form your own. The college board has assembled a guide for starting a SAT study group that includes a list for getting started and some general tips.

Tip 6: Seek a Mentor

If you think you’re struggling and need some help to understand the concepts or topics. Find out an experienced professional or any of your maths teachers for help. Another way is enrolling in an SAT prep course. But if a currency is a constraint, there may be free SAT preparation courses accessible through your school or other non-profit organisations.

Tip 7: Clear your Doubts with Khan Academy

Khan Academy has united with the makers of the SAT to deliver personalised practice for test-takers. They also have an inspiring video library of sample problems. So, you can easily clear your doubts with Khan academy and know the insights of every problem easily.

Tip 8: Read Something Challenging on Daily Basis

The reading section of the SAT exam features technical, literary text or dry that tests your skill to discriminate significant points from nonessential details. These readings may not be included in your coursework, and likely won’t be things you read for fun, so it is vital to practise reading more challenging materials.

SAT Preparation Books to Ace Your Score

Methods of Improving SAT Score Based on Subjects

The SAT exam is a 3 hour long test with an extra 50 minutes if you take the elective essay, which is strongly suggested if you’re applying to competitive schools. You will answer 52 reading questions, 35 writing/language questions, and 80 maths questions.

Important Note:

A student has 65 minutes to complete 52 reading questions divided into five passages, 35 minutes to finish 44 grammar questions divided into four passages, 25 minutes to solve 20 maths questions without a calculator, and 55 minutes to do 38 maths questions with a calculator.

Now, lets look at some methods on how to improve your SAT score subject wise.

SAT Reading Section

When it is about the reading section of SAT exam, many questions come to mind on how to improve my SAT reading score? To work and improve your SAT reading score, applying different tactics will help determine which one will be the best to adapt. There are two methods that are applicable for the reading section in SAT.

  1. If you’re facing a problem understanding the passages, try just reading the first and last sections and reading only the first and last sentences of each paragraph. Then move to the questions and answer the main awareness questions. For line type questions, go back to the passage and read the paragraph the line is in. This way, you don’t need to fear understanding the passages entirely, and you can emphasise the parts of the passages compulsory to answer the questions instead.
  1. If you comprehend the passages but have not completed them within the allotted time, or it takes too much time to read and answer questions, try reading the questions first and marking the important words that are applicable to the passage. When you read the passage, look for words and mark those same words. In this way, you’re more attentive to what to look for when you read. 

SAT Writing Section

For some students, the writing section is the easiest section to score good but for some, identifying how to increase SAT writing score is a task. Before starting with the writing section of SAT exam, you need to understand and recognize how to apply grammar rules. For punctuation or simple grammar questions, emphasise the underlined portion and don’t get unfocused on everything else around it. For word usage, sentence structure, or remove/add questions, you must read the paragraph or the surrounding sentences.

Details SAT essay writing and preparation tips

SAT Maths Section

The SAT Math section has a set of questions with different numbers and words. All you need is to practise and practice to score a good mark to get admission to an undergraduate course abroad university. Moreover, after each practice test, write down every single question you got wrong and think about how to improve math sat score. If you notice that you’re getting the type of question wrong repeatedly, analyse that concept more than any other.

If you’re ready to take the SAT exam for the first time or twice, check out the above-mentioned great tips on how to improve SAT scores. You can also connect with our Yocket counsellors to know more about the type of exams abroad universities take for undergraduate courses.



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