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SAT Sample Papers: Find Out SAT Practice Tests & Past Question Papers to Improve Your Performance

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Attempting SAT exam sample papers on a regular basis helps students evaluate their preparedness for the final exam day. The practice tests comprise every type of question found in the actual SAT exam.

The Scholastic Aptitude Test, being one of the most competitive exams for aspirants, expects you to stay prepared before you begin to attempt it. This is exactly why you should be laying a lot of emphasis on practice and self-evaluation.

The SAT exam is round the corner. So, start practicing for it every single day. Attempting a variety of sample papers will enhance your final performance in the exam significantly.

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The first thing a SAT aspirant needs to do is to familiarise herself/himself with the pattern of the exam. Therefore, let us begin by revising the official exam pattern for SAT 2021 -



No. of Questions

Time Limit

Score Range




65 minutes





35 minutes


With Calculator


25 minutes


Without Calculator


55 minutes

Essay (Optional)



50 minutes

From 2 to 8




(155 with essay)

180 minutes (230 with essay)


All the questions in the sections mentioned above are multiple choice questions (MCQs). The level of difficulty of these questions lies anywhere between easy to moderate to difficult. Thus, as an aspirant of SAT, invest quality time in practising from SAT past papers, and SAT practice papers.

What are the Credible Sources for Finding SAT Papers?

A lot of websites exist online that claim to provide legit SAT previous year papers or SAT sample papers. However, we highly insist that you go for 2 credible sources for accessing SAT question paper of differing levels of difficulty:

  1. College Board

You will be able to practice actual collection of questions assorted across different SAT question papers at College Board. After all, it is the conducting body for SAT.

On the official website, there are 3 different sources for practising SAT papers:

  1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy lets you practice a range of SAT question papers including 6 full length tests provided by the College Board. This is one of the most legit places to practice for SAT online because it is the official learning and practice partner of College Board.

On the official website, sign up, create an account and start practising quality papers:

  1. Other SAT Practice Resources

In addition to the sample papers for SAT, we’d also like to recommend a book list for preparation. Studying from these books will help you find an edge for the SAT exam:

Achieving a decent score in the SAT exam will mark your entry into a top university or college of your choice. Therefore, take your preparation seriously, keep practising a range of questions daily and stay passionate about why you started in the first place.

All the best!

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