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SAT Books for 2022: SAT Preparation Books to Ace Your Score

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Are you aspiring to appear for SAT 2022 and pursue a bachelor’s degree in the best colleges abroad? Well, the first step towards cracking SAT with high scores is to begin your preparation at the right time. For that, you must be aware of the requirements, syllabus and SAT preparation books. 

There are many SAT books in the market, and choosing the right ones might be an exhausting task. But do not worry, as we bring you a complete guide to choosing the best SAT books, including their reviews and price range, to get started with your preparation for SAT 2022. 

  Table of Contents:

  1. An Overview of SAT Exam 2022
  2. SAT General Books
  3. SAT Reading Books
  4. SAT Writing and Language Books
  5. SAT Math Books
  6. Why Use a SAT Prep Book?
  7. Frequently Asked Questions About SAT Books

An Overview of SAT Exam 2022

Scholastic Aptitude Test or SAT is a standardized test that makes one eligible to apply for undergraduate courses in colleges across the globe. The SAT exam syllabus mainly concentrates on three areas: Reading, Writing and Math. According to the latest guidelines, there is a new section added called ‘optional essay’ added to the syllabus. All three sections evaluate a student’s knowledge of vocabulary, sentence construction, data analysis, arithmetic, grammar and other problem-solving skills. 

Exam Name 

Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)

Conducted by

The College Board (official website)


3 hours 

Mode of Exam 


Score Range

400 to 1600

There is no such eligibility criteria or age limit for SAT exam. Mostly, the students aged between 16 to 18 years who are in their stage of high school take the test. Before applying for any exam it is vital for one to find relevant books and start their SAT preparation in advance. 

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Here is a list of SAT books recommendation for each section that will equip you with all the necessary knowledge and skills to be ahead of others in the race: 

SAT General Books

There are SAT books that cover all the sections of the SAT syllabus in details. Mentioned below are some of the best general books for SAT to help you in your preparation for SAT 2022:

SAT Study Guide Premium, 2021-22

“SAT Study Guide Premium, 2021-22” by Barron is the best SAT prep book to begin your preparations for the test. Completely adhering to the 2021 exam update, the book covers everything along with comprehensive review and practice from experienced educators. The book offers in-depth insights into all three sections: Reading, Writing and Language, and Mathematics. It has 78 chapters in total 4 Practice Tests series. 

Check out the book on Amazon here.

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Redesigned SAT Pattern Strategy

Kallis’ “Redesigned SAT Pattern Strategy” 3rd Edition is another best SAT study book. It consists of 6 Practice Tests, over 1000 Practice Questions and detailed explanations on various topics of the SAT syllabus 2022. Overall, this SAT practice testbook helps you understand the subject matter clearly, answer the questions quickly, and approach the test with confidence.

Check out the book on Amazon here.

SAT Reading Books

The SAT reading section covers subjects like Sociology, Psychology, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, Earth Science, etc. There are 5 passages followed by 10 to 11 multiple choice questions that are expected to be covered in 65 minutes. Let us see some books to help you in this section:

The Critical Reader: The Complete Guide to SAT Reading 

Erica L. Meltzer’s “The Complete Guide to SAT Reading” 4th edition is a critical and comprehensive SAT practice book. With a complete breakdown of different questions, this SAT study book includes different strategies for simplifying and answering paired supporting evidence questions and informational graphic questions. There is a list of alternate definitions of common words with tricks to use context clues to decipher the meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary. 

Check out the book on Amazon here.

SAT Reading Workbook 

If you are looking for the best SAT test prep book, Barron’s “SAT Reading Workbook” 2nd edition is a perfect choice. It comprises all SAT Reading question types like reading comprehension, understanding words used in context, and graphical analysis. It features 3 full-length Reading practice tests, answers and explanations for all questions and some important test-taking tips and vocabulary review.

Check out the book on Amazon here.

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SAT Writing and Language Books

The SAT writing and language section all about finding errors and fixing the sentences to be logically and grammatically correct. It consists of 4 passages with 10 to 11 passages each that are to be covered in 35 minutes. Important books for this section include:

SAT Writing: Advanced Guide and Workbook

One of the best SAT preparation books “SAT Writing: Advanced Guide and Workbook” by Nielson Phu is a straightforward book to guide you for the writing and language section of SAT exam. The writer is an excellent teacher and author who himself is a high SAT scorer. The book contains clear explanations of all the tested SAT grammar rules and tons of examples to illustrate each question type and the different ways it can show up.

Check out the book on Amazon here.

The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar

The 5th edition of Erica L. Meltzer’s “The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar” comprises all the grammar, rhetoric, and data-analysis concepts included in SAT exam. From learning to upscaling your confidence this book has a lot of strategies to improve speed and accuracy in scoring high in the Reading section. The exercises here are major attractions for students to move from studying concepts individually to applying their skills in a passage-based context.

Check out the book on Amazon here.

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SAT Math Books

The SAT math section altogether has 58 questions covering topics like arithmetic, statistics, geometry, data interpretation, probability and other problem-solving questions. Books that can be used for this section are:

PWN the SAT: Math Guide

Mike Mcclenathan’s “PWN the SAT: Math Guide” is the best SAT study book to prepare for SAT math syllabus. The chapters are divided into five major sections: Techniques, Heart of Algebra, Passport to Advanced Math, Problem Solving and Data Analysis, and Additional Topics in Math. And the best part is, each chapter concludes with a reference list of similar questions from official practice tests.

Check out the book on Amazon here.

SAT Math Workbook

Barron’s “SAT Math Workbook” is a set of relevant and realistic questions of SAT’s math syllabus. This recent seventh edition of the book features different revised math questions with answer explanations, interesting strategies to help test-takers approach and correctly answer all of the question types on the SAT. You will also find answers and explanations for all questions. 

Check out the book on Amazon here.

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Why Use a SAT Prep Book?

Now that we have covered the best SAT books to achieve a good SAT score and result, the question that arises here is: why should one use them? SAT is a highly competitive exam that is taken by students around the world. Due to its high demand the level of competitiveness is also high to qualify the exam. Hence, an intensive preparation on your part is of immense importance. The best SAT practice books guide you in the right direction to gain knowledge and expertise. 

With the right books, hard work and dedication you can certainly score well in your SAT exam. Remember to work smart and start your preparation in advance to qualify the test on the very first attempt. For any guidance and assistance do not hesitate to get in touch with our counselors at Yocket

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Frequently Asked Questions About SAT Books

Ques. Is there an official SAT study guide for students?

Ans. SAT provides official SAT study materials for students who want to take the SAT test. You may refer to the College Board’s official SAT study guide to gather most authentic and reliable source of preparation for your SAT test.

Ques. What are the requirements for SAT exams?

Ans. The main requirement to appear for the SAT exams is a class 10th or 12th pass certificate. Other than that there is no such age bar or major eligibility criteria.

Ques. How much time is required to prepare for SAT exam?

Ans. The time required for preparing for SAT exams depends upon a student's capabilities and hard work. On average 4 to 5 months is a decent time required to fully prepare for SAT exam. 

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