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Abroad Courses After 12th: What are the Best UG Courses in Abroad?

Rohan Deshmukh

Students get graded on all the tests before their secondary school education, even if the attempt is on their weakest subject. But does this continue forever? No, one can choose particular abroad courses after 12th standard, those that play to their strengths. The Ministry of External Affairs revealed that in 2020 and 2021, 2,61,406 and 71,769 students, respectively, went abroad from India to study at renowned international universities. 

If you are a student planning to take an undergraduate (UG) course abroad, maintain a baseline so your weak areas do not hold you back. Additionally, design your life to get graded on your capability by picking the most beneficial abroad courses. 

Choosing international countries for pursuing your education is more than expanding your career and personal horizons. Therefore, let’s explore the advantages, types, and eligibility of UG courses abroad to make a wise decision. Let’s begin! 

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What are the Benefits of UG Courses Abroad?

UG courses in foreign countries after 12th can offer lucrative benefits to the students. Therefore, let’s go through a few of the perks. 

  • They help you explore global career options with amazing starting salaries. 
  • Develop unique and intuitive IQ levels to crack job interviews.
  • Create strong and long-term network opportunities. 
  • Provide attractive and abundant job opportunities for all the UG course students. 
  • Help adapt to new cultures and learn new languages. 
  • Motivate international students to become adaptable and self-reliant. 

Now that you know the key advantages of doing abroad courses after 12th standard, let’s go through the average salary a student can earn after pursuing the UG courses abroad. 

What are the Benefits of UG Courses Abroad?

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Next, let’s explore the…

The List of Best UG Courses 

UG courses after 12th are offered by various foreign countries like the UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and others. Keeping in mind multiple courses after 12th in foreign, it becomes strenuous to select the appropriate one. They all offer distinct fee structures, time duration, and areas of specialisation. However, we have curated a well-researched list of the best courses to study abroad after 12th and make this process easier for you. Let’s explore them. 

Top UG Courses to Study Abroad

  • Bachelors in Business and Management
  • Bachelors in Computer Science and IT
  • Bachelors in Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelors in Civil Engineering and Construction
  • Bachelors in Medicine
  • Bachelors in Architecture
  • Bachelors in Design
  • Bachelors in Language Study
  • Bachelors in International Relations

Further, let’s explore each of these undergraduate courses in abroad in detail. 

  • Bachelors in Business and Management

If you wish to become an accountant, tax consultant, financial inspector, or start your own business, this course is a perfect option. It helps train the students and prepare them for quality leadership positions in the corporate and business world. Here are a few best courses abroad after 12th. Their duration may vary from 2.5 to 4 years with on-campus/online mode.

Course Name

University Name

Fees (INR)/ Yearly

Business Administeration

Yorkville University, Canada


Applied Business

La Trobe - Didasko, Australia


Business Psychology

Global School for Entrepreneurship and SRH, Haarlem Campus, Netherlands


  • Bachelors in Computer Science and IT

Every industry use or is an impact of digital technology. Computer science focuses on programming and software, whereas IT focuses on maintaining systems and creating databases. Therefore, this course will help you find employment options as a data analyst, technical support officer, IT consultant, or system/games developer. Let’s look at the best courses to study abroad after 12th. These undergraduate courses in abroad duration may vary from 3.5 to 4 years with on-campus/online mode. 

Course Name

University Name

Fees (INR)/ Yearly

BBA in Business Information Technology, Developing Business Services

Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Finland



IU International University of Applied Sciences, Germany


Computer Science

Portland State University, US


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  • Bachelor in Electrical Engineering

Engineering is a complicated discipline including innovation, construction, design, maintenance, and research. Among the other undergraduate courses in abroad, this course will prepare you to work on any device and system that requires electrical energy. Pursuing this course will further help you attain a job position in the telecommunications, aerospace, or media and broadcasting field. Let’s explore undergraduate courses abroad for Indian students. Their duration may vary from 3 to 4 years with on-campus mode. 

Course Name

University Name

Fees (INR)/ Yearly

Electrical and Electronic Engineering — Sensor Technology

Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands Europe


Electrical and Electronics Engineering

University of Bristol, UK


Electronics Engineering Technology

South Dakota State University, US


  • Bachelors in Civil Engineering and Construction

With the increase in population and boost in housing/industry facilities; the subject civil engineering and construction are more in demand. So enrol on this undergraduate course to get a job as a civil engineer, design engineer, sustainability advisor, or more in foreign countries. These are the famous universities offering UG courses in abroad. The course duration may vary from 3 to 4 years with on-campus mode.

Course Name

University Name

Fees (INR)/ Yearly

Bachelor of the Built Environment (Architecture)

University of Canberra, Australia


Civil Engineering

TED University, Turkey


Architectural Technology

Munster Technological University, Ireland


  • Bachelors in Medicine

Medicine is a necessity for the current and future generations. There will always be a need for doctors. And if you want to become one, enrol on this exceptional course. It will help you get employed in the state, private hospitals, and clinics after completion. These are the top universities that can be considered for beginning medicinal UG courses in abroad. The course duration varies from 3 to 4 years with on-campus mode.

Course Name

University Name

Fees (INR)/ Yearly

Animal Science

South Dakota State University, US


Psychology (Hons)

University of York, US


Medicine (Graduate Entry) (Hons)

University College Dublin, Ireland


  • Bachelors in Architecture

Architecture is an interesting and creative field that attracts passionate people. Though this discipline requires time and dedication, it can award you with the position of an architect, interior designer, urban planner, and others. These are the highly suitable countries, universities, and undergraduate courses abroad for Indian students. The course duration is 4 years with on-campus mode. Let’s dive in!

Course Name

University Name

Fees (INR)/ Yearly

Interior Design - IED Barcelona

Institute Europeo Di Design (IED), Spain



TED University, Turkey



South Dakota State University, US


  • Bachelors in Design

Designing offers numerous niched programs for international undergraduate students, such as graphic design, interior design, etc. Regardless of the course selection, designing will help you experience creative and well-paid jobs. Choose from these best courses to study abroad after 12th. Their duration varies from 2 to 3 years with on-campus mode. 

Course Name

University Name

Fees (INR)/ Yearly

Interior Design -IED Rome

Institute Europeo Di Design (IED), Italy


Multimedia Design

Business Academy Southwest, Denmark


Digital Business, Design and Innovation

EU Business School, Multiple locations (Barcelona, Geneva, Montreux, Munich)


  • Bachelors in Language Studies

Knowledge of foreign languages is an asset to securing a job in multinational companies. With a degree in this course in hand, one can become a translator, interpreter, diplomatic service officer, tour manager, international development worker, etc. Pick from these credible undergraduate courses abroad. Their duration is for 3 years with on-campus mode.

Course Name

University Name

Fees (INR)/ Yearly


Utrecht University, Netherlands



University College Cork, Ireland


English (Hons)

University of York, UK


  • Bachelors in International Relations

This course is the single field of social science that is attracting attention every day. It is a combination of political science, economics, and diplomacy. A degree in this field will help you gain a job as a government research officer, diplomat, public relations expert, and others. Check out these best courses after 12th to go abroad from various foreign countries and begin your education journey. Their duration may vary from 3 to 4 years with on-campus, online, and blended modes. 

Course Name

University Name

Fees (INR)/ Yearly

Bachelors of Politics and International Relations

University of Canberra, Australia


International and Global Studies

Portland State University, US


International Relation

EU Business School, Switzerland


Whatever your decision may be, these international countries offer promising cultural economies, varied cultural/tourist attractions, and quality education. They propose an experience of a lifetime that provide you with the best courses to study abroad after 12th, manage time between study and a part-time job, expand your network, and deal with the cosmopolitan crowd. So get ready to gain a global perspective! 

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Now that you have explored the top-notch universities and study abroad courses after 12th let’s check the insights on… 

Eligibility and Requirement to Study UG Courses Abroad

Entry criteria for best courses to study abroad after 12th changes with the university and country, so it’s better to clarify this beforehand. However, to ensure a UG abroad course seat, you will have to get the required university score and give proof of your language proficiency. Along with this, the universities can ask you to provide a few supporting documents like:

  • Passports/Other ID Proofs
  • Secondary Education Certificate/Transcripts
  • Essay/Personal Statements
  • English Language Certification
  • The Admission Test Results
  • Letter of Recommendation/References 

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The test eligibility for UG abroad courses cover:

Program Level

Standardised Test

English Language Proficiency Test



IELTS/PTE (New Zealand, Australia, UK, Germany, etc.)

TOEFL (Canada, US)


CELPIP (Canada)

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Next, let’s explore the admission process to study UG in abroad. 

Admission Process to Study Abroad

Follow these steps to apply to undergraduate courses abroad for Indian students. 

  • Select a particular country, course, and university to pursue UG in abroad.
  • Appear for the required tests like IELTS/ TOEFL/ SAT/ ACT, etc. 
  • Check out the official university website for the eligibility criteria and document requirements. 
  • Arrange letters of recommendation from a university professor/ recommender. 
  • Write impeccable essays and statements of purpose as part of your application. 
  • Collect the required academic transcripts. 
  • Fill out the university application form by paying the application fee. 
  • Wait for the university’s results. They might call you for an interview as well. 
  • Apply for the student visa application. 

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Now you know how to apply for undergraduate courses abroad for Indian students. Next, let’s explore…

Which is Better a UG University or College? 

Most undergraduate aspirants have one question in mind; if studying at a university is better than studying in a college or vice versa? A college and university are generally considered academic equals. The decision of a better choice depends on a student’s needs. 

If you want to attend a school with multiple programs and classes, the university is a better fit. However, pick a college if you like a closer relationship with your professors and value small classrooms. Also, some universities offer both graduate and undergraduate courses. So make your decision based on these factors. 

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If you are an Indian student planning to study UG courses after 12th and have a crunch on finance, don’t worry. Check out this guide on Indian government scholarships to study abroad. Besides, if at any step you require guidance, connect with our expert counsellors by subscribing to Yocket premium services. They will surely make your study abroad journey easier. 

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