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Cost of Undergraduate Degree in USA for Indian Students for 2024

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US universities offer a vast array of 4000+ courses for international students to choose from. The country is home to more than 200 universities that have made it to the QS World University Rankings 2023. The bachelor degree in USA for international students cost can go up to 35,00,000-50,00,000 INR if you are aiming for the top-ranked universities. Though the cost of bachelor degree in USA is higher than most other study abroad destinations, when it comes to return on investment the results are unparalleled.

This guide will give you complete context about the cost of undergraduate degree in USA for Indian students with detailed information on pre-arrival undergraduate cost in US, bachelor degree tuition fee in USA, living expenses and answers to your most common questions about USA bachelor degree cost.

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Factors Influencing Overall Cost of Bachelor Degree in USA

The overall cost of bachelor degree in USA comprises various elements. The cost of each of these elements be it tuition fees or living expenses depends on various factors. Take a look at the important factors influencing cost of undergraduate degree in USA for international students:

  1. Type of university
  2. Accommodation cost
  3. Location in US
  4. Lifestyle

Keeping these factors in mind, here is a detailed discussion on how these affect the overall cost of undergraduate degree in USA for international students:

1.  Type of university

The tuition fees between public and private universities in the US vary significantly. Public universities are funded by the state government and therefore charge much lower fees i.e. around $20,000-35,000 per year compared to programs offered at private universities with fees $35,000-60,000 per year. If you are looking for affordable programs, opting for a public university shall be a good choice. For a further lower tuition, you can also consider applying to a few community colleges.

Top factors to consider when choosing a USA university

2.  Accommodation cost

You will have to choose between on-campus and off-campus accommodation. Some universities make it compulsory for freshmen to live on-campus at least for the first year. While deciding between on and off-campus accommodation you must take a look at the various factors such as rent, distance from the university, transportation, etc. As freshmen it is best to live on campus for the first year in the US.

3.  Location in US

If you are planning to pursue an undergraduate degree in US, you must understand that there are some cities where the living expenses are much higher compared to the others.

  • Some of the cities with the highest cost of living include New York, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles among others.
  • The cost of living in these cities range between $1,500-4,000 per month.
  • On the other hand, some of the most affordable cities are San Diego, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Michigan, Georgia, Missouri, Arkansas, etc. where the average cost of living is around $800-1800 per month.

Which is the best place to study in USA?

4.  Lifestyle

Your monthly living expenses will include rent of accommodation, groceries, food, transportation, health insurance and miscellaneous expenses. The monthly living undergraduate cost in US depends a lot upon your lifestyle and preferences, especially when we talk about off-campus accommodation, entertainment, shopping, food, grocery and other personal expenses.

  • If you opt for public transportation, you will have to pay around $75-150 for a monthly pass.
  • On an average, you will spend $400 per month on groceries. For a person who prefers to eat out regularly the money spent on meals will go up to $800 per month.
  • An amount of $100 each for shopping and entertainment can be kept aside in your monthly budget.
  • Apart from these, you can expect to spend another $2,000 as miscellaneous expenses throughout the year.

USA Bachelor Degree Cost: Pre-Arrival Expenses

Whether you realize it or not, the cost of studying undergraduate in USA for Indian students starts even before you are admitted to the university. These pre-arrival expenses are strictly out-of-pocket expenses. While preparing a budget of expenses any cost must not be left unaccounted.

If you are wondering what are these pre–arrival expenses and how much you must keep aside for it, take a look at the table below for pre-arrival undergraduate fees in USA:


Amount (in USD)

Amount (in INR)

IELTS registration fee


18,750-19,600 INR

TOEFL registration fee


14,550 INR

SAT fee


8,300 INR

ACT fee


6,800 INR

Visa application fee


12,250 INR



26,800 INR



35,000-70,000 INR



40,000-80,000 INR

Application Fees


3000-16,000 INR

Post-Arrival Cost of Bachelor Degree in USA

Coming to the post-arrival cost of bachelor degree in USA. Post-arrival expenses are all about the regular payment commitments that you have to fulfill while studying in the USA. It mainly includes the tuition fees and the cost of living.

Tuition Fees

On average, the tuition fees for undergraduate degrees in USA range between $30,000-60,000 per year. There are various factors such as type of university, course, duration, etc. that need to be considered to find out the amount you will be paying.

Cost of Living

Talking about the cost of living in USA, it is definitely much higher than the living expenses for a student in India. The monthly cost of living for international students in USA is around $800-1,500 again depending upon different elements such as your lifestyle, accommodation type, location in the US, transportation and personal expenses.

Cost of Undergraduate Degree in USA for International Students

When it comes to undergraduate degrees, the USA happens to be one of the top choices for international students. To understand the cost of undergraduate degree in USA for Indian students, we must take a look at the tuition fees for universities offering popular programs.

Take a look at the table below to know about the cost of undergraduate degree in USA for top universities:

University Name

Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees (in INR)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

57,590 USD

45,85,900 INR

Stanford University

57,693 USD

45,94,000 INR

Harvard University

52,659 USD

41,93,300 INR

California Institute of Technology

58,479 USD

46,56,700 INR

University of Chicago

61,179 USD

48,71,700 INR

University of Pennsylvania

56,212 USD

44,76,160 INR

Princeton University

57,410 USD

45,71,560 INR

Yale University

62,250 USD

49,57,000 INR

Cornell University

56,550 USD

45,03,000 INR

Columbia University

65,524 USD

52,17,700 INR

Arizona State University

32,760 USD

26,08,700 INR

John Hopkins University

57,010 USD

45,39,710 INR

University of California - Berkeley

47,768 USD

37,79,900 INR

Northwestern University

58,460 USD

46,55,170 INR

New York University

56,500 USD

44,99,100 INR

Total cost of studying in USA For Indian Students

Undergraduate Cost in US: Living Expenses for International Students

One of the important factors to consider before moving to the US is the cost of living. Here it must be noted that only a few of you will become recipients of all-inclusive scholarships that also provide for living expenses along with the bachelor degree tuition fee in USA. The average cost of bachelor's degree in USA will be around $10,000-18,000 annually i.e. around 8,00,000-15,00,000 INR for Indian students.

Here is a summary of the monthly cost of undergraduate degree in USA on account of living expenses:


Monthly Cost


150-250 USD


400 USD


100-300 USD

Phone/ Internet

50-150 USD

Electricity Bills

100-120 USD

Personal Expenses

300-600 USD

Total cost of living in USA For Indian Students

Now that you have an idea about the cost of undergraduate degree in USA for international students, you must prepare a budget for yourself. If you find the costs overwhelming, take a look at the different ways to lower your undergraduate cost in US. One of the best and most effective ways to do so is to apply for various scholarships or take up part-time jobs. On your part some basic adjustments in your daily routine can help a lot in saving yourself from cutting a hole in your pocket. Speak to our Yocket counselors today and get complete details of the cost of studying undergraduate in USA for Indian students and financial aid options.


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