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Getting a Job While Studying Abroad: How to Work While Studying Abroad?

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Studying abroad can be a bit burdensome because in terms of finances, getting a job while studying abroad, on the contrary, can be extremely rewarding! Be it digging into the local culturally diverse environment or earning the much needed money, part time work while studying abroad can pose as a boon for you!

So, if you’re wondering can you work while studying abroad, the answer is yes! It all depends on the country you’re going to, and the opportunities that you may get. There are numerous part time job opportunities available for international students while studying abroad. Let us help you explore all about working while studying abroad, through our blog!

Table of Contents
  1. Can You Work While Studying Abroad?
  2. List of Popular Jobs Available for International Students
  3. List of Countries That You Can Work While Studying Abroad

Can You Work While Studying Abroad?

Can you get a job while studying abroad- is one of the highly anticipated questions among the international student population willing to study abroad. While getting a part time job in an international setting can be a tad bit difficult, it is definitely worth it!

So, yes, you can work while studying abroad, but it is entirely dependent on the country you are studying in. Some countries such as Canada, Australia and the USA only allow part time working of 20 hours per week. And there are countries like China that allow certain visa types to work while studying.

Cheapest Countries to Study Abroad

There have been instances where international students work in nightclubs, retail stores, and whatnot. And therefore, it is safe to say that there is no shortage of part time jobs for international students abroad. 

Nonetheless, let us help you with some of the most popular jobs for students around the world:

  • Tutoring: One of the most popular part time jobs for students is tutoring. There is definitely a high demand for English tutors around the world, and if you have the capability to teach, you might as well make it your side job!
  • Internships: After tutoring, one of the highest paid part time jobs for international students is getting an internship with a professor or a recruiter.
  • Get an on-campus job: Another common way of getting a part time job is getting on-campus opportunities such as guiding new students, leading clubs, administrative jobs, etc.
  • Restaurants and cafes: A lot of international students are also seen working at restaurants and chains like McDonald’s, Starbucks, Tim Hortons, and other department stores when abroad.

Part Time Jobs After an MBA Abroad

List of Countries That You Can Work While Studying Abroad

Now that you are aware about the part time jobs that are available for international student to work abroad, let us also help you with the list of countries that allow international students to work while studying a full time program:

  • UK: The UK allows students with a Tier 4 visa to work up to 20 hours a week in regular periods, and up to 40 hours a week vacations.
  • France: When in France, international students are required to mandatorily fulfil 20% contribution to social security. France also offers students to work up to 20 hours a week and 964 hours a year.
  • Spain: Like the UK and France, Spain also allows international students to work part time for 20 hours per week. The recruiters on the other hand are required to apply for a work permit on behalf of the students.
  • Germany: Germany allows international students to work up to 120 days per year for full time or 240 hours per year for part time work opportunities. Although students enrolled in language courses, do not make the cut.
  • China: China specifically offers an additional work visa for international students. International students are also allowed to work after permission through their university, and provided they have certain documents available.
  • Singapore: Unlike other countries, Singapore offers international students pursuing a full time course, with a work permission of up to 16 hours per week.
  • Costa Rica: Students are not permitted to work part time while studying in Costa Rica.

Best Countries to Study Abroad

Some other countries that allow students to work 20 hours a week include New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Italy, USA, Canada, etc

Part-Time Student Job in Australia

Networking outside and inside your classroom can definitely land you some of the best part-time jobs abroad. Moreover, it will be extremely beneficial for you if you pursue a job related to your discipline or course of study. These jobs can not just get you a strong resume, but an even charismatic personality!

If you still have doubts about working abroad, our Yocket Counsellors are just a click away!


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