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Established in the year 1967 as the Canberra College of Advanced Education, this University became the University of Canberra only when it received the generous sponsorship from Monash University in the year 1990. This public University receives a large share of revenues from the funding it gets from the Australian Government as well as from the student fees.
What makes the University of Canberra different from the rest is its aim. This University aims at providing the finest level of life changing academic experiences to all its students despite the differences in their origin, background and the level of study which they may intend to pursue. Hence, in order to achieve this, the University is committed to providing each of its students top quality research and other creative activities.




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The University of Canberra is located in the Bruce suburb of the Belconnen district of Canberra which is located in the Australian Capital Territory of Australia. This city is well connected by public transport with ACTION’s Intertown Public Transport. This public transport travels through the University of Canberra also. International students or students who have never been to this part of Australia can make use of this public transport whenever they want to get to the University.


The University of Canberra is known for having abundant open space, tall trees and dense wildlife. This campus boasts of almost everything a student can ever imagine. One walk around the campus will make you realize that the campus is a well endowed one with cafes to markets to shopping complexes. It actually is a hub spot for all the students.
The main campus of the University is complete with the latest features and offers its students lot of facilities. Like for instance, there is an on campus ‘Health Hub’ where there are General as well as Specialized Medical Practitioners in case of any medical emergency. The Building 5 is the headquarters to the University of Canberra and the place where the long standing landmark of the ‘flying saucer’ is located. The University has Student Commons which focuses on student interaction and engagement. This place has small lounges where students can meet and interact, meeting rooms to conduct meetings and so on. There are laboratories located within the campus as well where students can engage in some meaningful research as part of their curriculum and undertake some practical skills. The campus is complete with the University of Canberra library. This library is up to date and consists of vast and exhaustive collection of scholarly books and provides both, its students as well as staff with the best research sources. Besides this, the campus is also well equipped and well endowed with facilities like parking areas, beauty salon, bookshop, bank, cafes and so on. Thus, once you step into the campus, there is practically no reason for any student to step out since everything has been well taken care of.

Residing Options

Even the accommodation facility which this University offers is quite contemporary and modern. The University offers accommodation facilities in Cooper Lodge, Cooper Lodge 2, Weeden Lodge and the University of Canberra Village. While the Cooper Lodge 2 is still in its inception, Cooper Lodge became operational in January 2014. This accommodation is situated on a close proximity from the Building 5 for which becomes quite convenient to the students. This facility is owned and managed by UniLodge and offers both self catered studio as well as multi-share apartments.
The Weeden Lodge is an active accommodation consisting of almost 480 beds and is again located at a convenient location between the Belconnen Mall and the University. In this facility also, there are both, studio style as well as multi-share apartments depending upon the individual preferences of the students. The largest on-campus accommodation facility offered by the University is in its University of Canberra Village residences. This accommodation offers self catered option ranging from twelve bed dormitories to one-bedroom units. With the Cooper Lodge 2 coming up soon, there is sufficient place to accommodate maximum students.


Dedicated to the providing every student a life changing and an intellectually stimulating experience during their period of student at the University, the University of Canberra offers its students with ample of practical experiences in order to ensure that the students not only get the necessary theoretical expertise but will also enable them to efficiently apply their education practically. The faculty members of this University are well read and abreast about everything which is happening around in the world which translates into valuable and productive classroom teaching. They bring in with them abundant practical experience as well as awareness which helps in making the classes all the more engrossing for the students.
The University of Canberra offers courses in four major faculties like Arts and Design; Business, Government and Law; Health and Education, Science, technology and Maths (ESTM). The college of Arts and Design offers courses in Media Arts, Journalism, Graphic Designing, Advertising etc. The college of Health offers courses for nurses, midwives, pharmacists, dieticians, psychologists, physiotherapists etc. the Business, Government and Law offer a wide range of courses like Business Administration, Business Information, Tourism, Politics, Public Policy, Finance, Law, Management, Marketing, Accounting, Applied Economics and so on. So there are vast options of study areas available to the students. Each course is uniquely designed in such a way that it provides the perfect blend of theoretical expertise as well as practical exposure.

Jobs and placements

Courses offered by this esteemed University are designed in such a manner that the students become industry ready the minute they graduate. In order that such highly educated and professionally skilled graduates get the best work placements, the University runs a Placement Office which helps in enhancing the employability of the students. This office is responsible for acting as a liaison between the students and the different industries and to achieve the main aim of providing the students with good placements, trains them in such a way that are easily picked by the best employers.

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