South Dakota State University

South Dakota State University

South Dakota, United States | Public


South Dakota State University is among the most prominent public Universities in the United States of America. It is the state’s land grant institution, divided into 7 colleges. With an acceptance rate of about 90% the University tries to accommodate every student who so ever shows the promise to grow and develop with the University.
South Dakota State University within its diverse programs and course-curriculums incorporates agriculture, engineering, nursing, pharmacy, liberal arts and others, among other courses. The University offers about 73 majors, 73 minors, 31 specializations, 32 master’s degree programs, and 15 doctoral programs.



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The University in its glorious super massive 275 acre campus is located in Brookings, South Dakota. It is South Dakota’s second oldest university. Students can experience all the aspects of the weather cycle. Ranging from summer to snow, the campus offers a variety of experiences for the student.


South Dakota State University is the oldest university in the State. Moreover, the age of the University is evident in its maturity and not crumbling walls. In fact,be it the museums or the classroom building, every single piece of architecture on campus is in a spick and span condition. The most fantastical part of the campus life is its 19th century architecture.
The University boasts of one of the largest libraries across universities. The Hilton M. Briggs Library houses over 600,000 books, 300,000 + documents, about one hundred thousand maps, nearly every imaginable journal title is available under its roof.
Furthermore, the online resource center compensates for whatever is just by chance unavailable in the library. The entire design and paraphernalia of the library is beyond just being impressive. There are close to 28000 journal additional titles available under its roof.
The campus accommodates every facility within its boundaries for the benefit of the student. No student will feel deprived of any facility

Residing Options

There are a variety of residential options that a student can choose from. The housings for students are located in: the Medary complex, Hansen, Waneta and Wecota Annex, the Grove complex, and the Larson complex. In these locations students can find apartments, and traditional houses.


The seven colleges of the University have been categorized under Agriculture & Biological Sciences, Arts & Sciences, Education & Human Sciences, Engineering, Nursing, Pharmacy, and General Studies.
The students across campus and programs say that they are immensely satisfied and appreciate the faculty and their teaching methodologies.
The University offers new and regenerative method of teaching which is ever evolving. The programs are designed and molded as per the international standards and students can themselves assist and in some cases design course ware as per their requirements.

Jobs and placements

The extensive network of alumni and student services enables the University to assist students in all sorts of ways. The post university life in terms of jobs and research assistants is taken care of by the elaborate network.

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