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SAT Registration 2024: How to Apply & Reschedule?


The Scholastic Assessment Test or SAT is a standardised test that is widely accepted by universities globally and is used as a common base code. It measures the academic skills and knowledge of students and consists of 3 areas of study: Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. 

If you are fresh out of college and looking for undergraduate courses in universities abroad and in India, there are chances that you will have to take the SAT exam. Even if it is not a requirement, some universities will still accept your SAT scores. Moreover, there are benefits like scholarships if you score well.

The College Board provides tests and scholarships for students in India and has many Indian universities under it that accept SAT scores.

Table of Contents:

  1. SAT exam Eligibility 
  2. How to Apply for SAT Exam?
  3. SAT Registration Online
  4. SAT Registration by Mail
  5. SAT Exam Registration Dates 2024
  6. SAT Exam Registration Fee
  7. SAT Cancellation

SAT Exam Registration 2024

You can register for SAT in either online or offline mode, although most prefer to do it online as it is more convenient and quick. The process only takes 30 minutes, and you can pause anytime and finish later. There are dates provided for registration, but even if you miss it, you can register later but not before paying an additional fee.

This article will be your one and only destination for everything related to your SAT test registration, from exam dates and registration process to eligibility and slot booking.

How to Register for the SAT Exam in 2024?

Now that you have decided to take the exam, you will have to register for it first. Here is step by step process on how you can apply for the SAT exam:

Step 1:  Create your account on the official website of the College Board. Create your account by putting in your general information before registering for the test.

SAT registration step 1

Step 2: After creating your account, you will be required to submit your personal details in the registration form, like in image below:

SAT registration step 2

Step 3: Then, you will be asked to create your student profile. You have to submit details regarding your high school and details of your academic performance. You would also have to provide details regarding extra-curriculars. Your scholarships would be evaluated based on this.

SAT registration step 3

Step 4: Choose your test centers and dates.

SAT registration step 4

Step 5: Upload your picture

SAT registration step 5

Step 6: The final step is to pay for the test fees using your credit card or fee waiver. Be careful while selecting your preferred colleges.

SAT Exam Registration via Mail

If you are unable to register for SAT online, you can apply through the mail. However, there exist exceptional circumstances under which you can opt for this method of SAT application. The acceptable circumstances are:

  • The facility of request for late registration is unavailable.
  • Registering through SAT international representative.
  • Failure of uploading a digital photo during the online registration process.
  • Age is below 12 years. The requirement of a photo in such a case is exempted.
  • If the SAT fee payment can only be made through cheque or money order.
  • Seeking Sunday testing in case of any religious event on Saturday. However, a religious leader should sign a letter to be submitted.
  • If the test center is more than 120 Km from home, requesting for a change of test center.

For any of the circumstances mentioned above, you can request a SAT student registration booklet from the College Board or counselor. This will contain an application form that can be filled and sent by mail with a money order or cheque.

The official mailing address for SAT Mail Registration is as follows:

College Board SAT Program

PO Box: 7502

London, KY 40742-75027

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SAT Exam Eligibility

As such, there are no particular eligibility criteria for the test currently. You cannot register for the exam on your own if you are below the age. Instead, your parents or guardians can do it on your behalf. Also, you have to be enrolled in Class 11 or 12 with the intent to apply to foreign undergraduate universities.

However, students usually seek admission to undergraduate programs opt for SAT exam registration during the 11th or 12th grade of high school.

SAT Exam Registration Dates 2024

SAT Test Date

Registration Date Deadline

Mar 9, 2024

February 27, 2024

May 4, 2024

April 23, 2024

June 1, 2024

May 21, 2024

Reschedule and Late Exam fee

If you want to change your test dates or test centers or are registering late, you would have to pay additional fees.

SAT Reschedule Types


Waitlist fee


Late registration fee


Date/Test center change fee


Exam Day Tips for SAT

How to Reschedule Your SAT Exam?

If you want to change your registration details, the following table will help you know the process. Remember to print your updated ticket before reaching the test center through your College Board account.

What you can change




Name, Gender, Date of Birth

Customer Care service needs to be contacted

At least five days prior exam date


Test type, date, center

College board account

Mentioned on the admission ticket

Currently Nil

Switch between SAT and SAT essay


It can be done on the test day depending on the availability of test material at the test center

Pay the difference between the two


College board account

Up to 5 days before the actual test date


Address, High School related details, Score Reports

College board account

Nine days after taking the test



  • Closer to the home facility and Sunday testing facility is not available in India and Pakistan.
  • If you are applying for SAT as a part of the Talent Search program, you will need to submit additional documents as specified on the portal.
  • If you are above 21 years of age, you need to produce a government-approved valid photo ID on the exam day.

When to Start Studying for SAT Exam?

SAT Exam Registration Fee

SAT exam registration 2024 fee in India is $104. For SAT with essay option, it becomes $117. There are additional fees added to the SAT registration fee as mentioned in our SAT Exam Fees Guide.

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SAT Exam Cancellation

There may be some situations wherein test-takers may have to cancel their SAT registration. The following table gives an overview of the situations, probable solutions and the cost incurred.



If fees apply

If you reach late on test center and your exam has started


You are absent on the test date


Reschedule the test

Yes. SAT reschedule fee is $30.

You know in prior that you won’t be able to make it to center

Reschedule the test

No, if you reschedule before the deadline mentioned on the admission ticket (usually 5 days prior SAT test date). Otherwise, $30.

Test Centre Closed

Check Test Center Closings and be ready for Make-up testing


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Applying for SAT is a simple process that requires you to submit your personal, academic, and other details. Hence, it is suggested to have patience while filling the SAT application form. If you are confused about any option, you must take the help from SAT customer support.

SAT registration gives an option of ‘Save and Exit’ at each stage. Thus, completing it at one go is not necessary. However, do remember that SAT exam registration should be completed 3-4 months before the university admission deadlines. 

For more guidance and assistance, get in touch with our counselors at Yocket!

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