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Best MS Fields in USA: Find Out 14 Emerging Masters Of Science (MS) Fields in USA

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Are you one of those individuals who are seeking US based MS programs in areas adrift from core sciences? Do you feel the intrinsic need to pursue a Master’s degree in an upcoming field as opposed to a traditional course of study? Well, we at Yocket would like to encourage you in your pursuit. The current article opens up avenues to a decent variety of upcoming MS programs in the US that will not only suit your passion but also land you good job prospects eventually.

14 Upcoming MS Specialisations in USA that are Totally Worth It!

The sciences are witnessing a revolution with several neoteric subjects. We at Yocket have come up with an advantageous list of 14 new and upcoming STEM based programs to pursue MS –

  1. MS in Sustainability Management

  2. MS in Supply Chain Management

  3. MS in Computer Game Development

  4. MS in Financial Engineering

  5. MS in Marketing Analytics

  6. MS in Analytics

  7. MS in Real Estate Development

  8. Masters of Public Administration in Environmental Science

  9. MS in Transportation Engineering

  10. MS in Urban Planning

  11. MS in Biomedical Informatics

  12. MS in Actuarial Science

  13. MS in Public Health

  14. MS in Energy Systems

  15.  MS in Sustainability Management

Due to a high demand in the ‘green’ economy, a Master’s degree in Sustainability Management is one of the most sought-after MS specialisations in USA. It will prepare students to be effective sustainability managers.

This program incorporates study of environmental & sustainability management science and research. The course work addresses issues of sustainability in organizational settings to increase efficiency and minimize financial losses and environmental impacts.

US Universities for MS in Sustainability Management

Career Prospects

Energy Analyst, Sustainable Design Expert, Environmental Policy Consultant, Green Marketing Professional.

  1.  MS in Supply Chain Management

MS in Supply Chain Management acquaints students with all aspects of transporting goods and products within a business. It focuses on developing the ability to manage resources and communications.

This course focuses on the management of business activities ranging from product development, sourcing, production and logistics to managing the resources and other related capabilities that the organization needs to accomplish its strategic objectives.

US Universities for MS in Supply Chain Management

Career Prospects

Project Manager, Storage & Distribution Manager, Logistics Expert.

  1.  MS in Computer Game Development

Playing games is a child’s play but designing them is altogether another ball game. If designing games is where your passion lies, then an MS in Computer Game Development is one of the best degrees for game development for you. After all, this is one of the most desired MS specialisations in USA during the contemporary times.

The coursework for the program will include study of  Computer science, computer graphics, software engineering, artificial intelligence, animation, software architecture and networking with a mixture of theory and practical. The program will include designing games for smartphones as well.

Career Prospects

Product Gaming, Animation, Game Testing, Gaming Programmer.

  1.  MS in Financial Engineering

The course is designed to include the in-depth study of financial theory, methods of engineering, tools of mathematics and the practice of programming. 

Financial Engineering is one of the in-demand MS fields in USA among students. This holds true specially for individuals who want to make a career in the financial markets, whether it be commodities, equities, or derivatives. Graduates can avail of positions as traders, programmers at hedge funds, risk managers or quantitative analysts in corporate treasury and finance departments of general manufacturing and service firms.

US Universities for MS in Financial Engineering

Career Prospects 

Trading Analyst, Programmer at Financial Institutions, Risk Manager, Qualitative Analyst

  1.  MS in Marketing Analytics

There is a rise in the demand for marketers who can incorporate data in their decision-making processes. This degree will enable students to acquire the skill sets to solve today’s marketing problems and be a part of the companies’ decision making processes.

The course work includes processing of humongous data, designing robust analytical models and its interpretation, predicting the effects of a marketing campaign and undertaking customer analysis by developing an in-depth understanding of mathematical and statistical models and tools.

Career Prospects 

Market Research Analyst, Marketing Management

  1.  MS in Analytics

If calculus and linear algebra makes your heart drum with excitement then pursuing Analytics should be your go-to MS fields in USA.

This course allows students to apply data science techniques to their field of interest. Students have to conduct original research, interact with industry partners and undertake capstone projects.

Career Prospects

 Data Analyst, Data Scientist.

  1.  MS in Real Estate Development

Real Estate has become quite popular in the MS fields in USA in recent times. This course is focused on imparting knowledge and skills for dealing with Real Estate Development issues ranging from planning and designing, to land usage and environmental regulations. 

Entrepreneurship, sustainable practice in construction and development, advanced finance procurement, global development, public – private partnerships and its social, economic and political impact will form a part of its curriculum.

US Universities for MS in Real Estate Development

Career Prospects

Real Estate Development, Property Management

  1.  Masters of Public Administration in Environmental Science

This program strikes a balance between formulation and management of public policy and a strong theoretical background in Environmental Science.

 In-depth investigation regarding problems of freshwater depletion, degradation in the context of demographic and economic development, scarcity of soil and water and efficient sustainable strategies will be a part of the core topics of study.

US University for MS in Public Administration for Environmental Science

Career Prospects

Environmental Analyst, Planning Expert

  1.  MS in Transportation Engineering

Transportation is an integral part of today’s society. A qualified person in the field has several lucrative career options. 

MS in transport engineering allows students to formulate engineering solutions for everyday transportation issues. In their course work, students get a chance to train in the fundamental skills of data collection, modeling, planning and engineering design, along with essential business management skills.

US Universities for MS in Transport Engineering

Career Prospects 

Green Transport,  City Planning, Urban Development

  1.  MS in Urban Planning

The program prepares students to apply their skills in urban planning at the national, international and regional level. 

The STEM based curriculum of this degree course offers students with learning in-depth techniques pertaining to planning, design, and construction.

US Universities for MS in Urban Planning

Career Prospects 

Civil Engineering, Construction & Planning

  1.  MS in Biomedical Informatics

Biomedical informatics deals with the use of biomedical data, problem-solving skills, decision making, and scientific analysis to better human health.

Students are trained to design and implement novel quantitative and computational methods that solve challenging health & medicine  problems. The extensive application and the increasing challenges in the field of biology and medicine make courses like these pivotal in eliminating health risks and improving human health. 

US Universities for MS in Biomedical Informatics

Career Prospects 

Project Manager, Researcher, Implementation Specialist, Informatics Chief, Programmer.

  1.  MS in Actuarial Science

This course is designed to meet the varied needs of this advancing industry.  It enables students to perfect their quantitative and problem-solving skills for application in the working world.

Actuarial Science Masters is meant to develop analytical, critical thinking and risk assessment and uncertainty among students in insurance, finance, and other industrial and professional fields.

US Universities for MS in Actuarial Science

Career Prospects

Financial Analyst, Researcher, Financial Management, Risk Assessment

  1.  MS in Public Health

Public health professionals are always in high demand, and therefore, MS in public health has a promising future. It is important to note here that MPH vs MS in Public Health are two different courses.  The MS course is more of an academic degree program with a more research-focused curriculum.

The degree allows students to build a strong base in health care research and outcomes evaluation.  It focuses on the promotion of health and prevention of disease, rural health care research, community outreach, and service-learning opportunities. 

Career Prospects

Epidemiologist, Health Administration, Healthcare Consultant

  1.  MS in Energy Systems

If you plan to pursue a career in the field of power and energy, MS in Energy Systems is the course for you. 

The degree program helps students in learning about the way power works and implementing this knowledge in public-planning and industrial sectors. The curriculum of the course is strongly based on energy technology, financial decisions and business procedures.

Career Prospects

Energy Systems Expert, Project Consultant, Energy Analyst

Pursuing a specialised degree in science implies that somewhere, something incredible is waiting to happen. Hence, as an individual exploring MS in US specialisations, go for a world full of unlimited opportunities. A MS degree will get where you want to in your career.

All the best!

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