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Job Scope & Salary after MS in Business Analytics in USA

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Dive into the dynamic realm of business analytics, where the transformation of vast data into actionable insights is the key objective. Business analysts leverage quantitative techniques, statistical models, and technological resources, coupled with their expertise in finance, business, and economics, to make informed, data-driven decisions. This versatile field spans all business sectors, proving to be an invaluable asset to professionals.

Delving into the landscape of business analytics in the USA reveals a burgeoning field witnessing a steady rise in demand. PayScale data highlights that the average salary for an MS in business analytics in the USA stands impressively at USD 75,000 (INR 62,50,190), surpassing many other programs.

Explore further in this blog as we uncover insights into the field and delve into the average salary prospects for MS in business analytics in the USA. Additionally, discover valuable tips for securing lucrative job opportunities post-graduation in business analytics.

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Why Study MS in Business Analytics in the USA

An MS in Business Analytics will give you a variety of tools for evaluating and managing crucial data to address pressing business concerns. It seems significant to get a master's in business analytics as a professional degree.

  • Universities in the USA provide several benefits, particularly for overseas students, including a broad selection of programs, a large curriculum, numerous research possibilities, and certified instructors.
  • Students having training in statistics, databases, business intelligence, data analysis, or machine learning can take the course at one of 45 universities in the USA. Businesses frequently look for graduates from this program because they have the necessary technical and collaborative abilities.
  • Employers require experts with the ability to increase revenues for each financial year. Students who take courses like the MS in Business Analytics in the USA are more likely to get employment.

Many prospects exist for international students to find employment after graduation from US universities. Consequently, earning a master's in business analytics may enable you to get employment with a generous median pay.

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Jobs After MS in Business Analytics in USA

Every day, there is a greater need for experts who have a solid understanding of analytics. As a result, after finishing your education, you can find some of the highest-paying jobs in the USA.

Successful employment prospects are available for course graduates in industries like market research, supply chain management, project management, and consulting. The following table lists some of the jobs after MS in Business Analytics in the USA, along with their salaries:

Job Profile

Average Salary for MS in Business Analytics in the USA

Business Analyst

USD 101,911 (INR 84,92,840)

Financial Analyst

USD 86,902 (INR 72,42,060)

Data Scientist

USD 74,581 (INR 62,15,270)

Management Analyst

USD 77,470 (INR 64,56,030)

Business Data Analyst

USD 74,116 (INR 61,76,520)

Business Management Analyst

USD 80,183 (INR 66,82,120)

Operations Research Analyst

USD 81,390 (INR 67,82,710)

Quantitative Analyst

USD 86,235 (INR 71,86,470)


USD 71,569 (INR 59,64,270)


USD 79,147 (INR 65,95,790)

Business Consultant

USD 77,433 (INR 64,52,950)

The MS in Business Analytics salary in the USA is quite high as compared to other courses in the USA. A business analytics graduate can apply for a variety of other professional titles and positions, including Business Intelligence Managers, Business Data Managers, Innovation Managers, Data Analysts, and Data Scientists.

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Top Recruiters for MS in Business Analytics in the USA

The best nation for recent graduates is the USA. According to estimates, 75% of significant companies and businesses favor recruiting recent graduates in the Business Analytics discipline. Companies like BCG, McKinsey, IBM, and BMW swarm for recent college graduates in the industry.

Students having a degree in MS in Business Analytics in the USA's salary is emerging to be significantly high due to high demands. Below is a list of a few of the biggest companies hiring a Business Analyst and their pay scales:


Salary Range

BCG (Boston Consulting Group)

USD 87,000 (INR 72,50,220) - USD 196,000 (INR 1,63,33,830)

McKinsey & Company

USD 56,000 (INR 46,66,810) - USD 200,000 (INR 1,66,67,180)


USD 73,000 (INR 60,83,520) - USD 99,000 (INR 82,50,250)


USD 87,000 (INR 72,50,220) - USD 118,000 (INR 98,33,630)


USD 111,000 (INR 92,50,280) - USD 279,000 (INR 2,32,50,710)


USD 55,696 (INR 46,41,470) - USD 140,466 (INR 1,17,05,860)


USD 83,904 (INR 69,92,210) - USD 1,20,000 (INR 1,00,00,300)


USD 52,619 (INR 43,85,050) - USD 112,335 (INR 93,61,530)

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How to find a Job After MS in Business Analytics in USA

In terms of pay, job possibilities, and career advancement, data science is one of the most promising careers in the USA. There were 4,000 vacant jobs in the US, an increase of 1,400 jobs from the year prior, and the median base income was a staggering USD 130,000 (INR 1,08,33,660).

  • Universities coordinate, host, and arrange to recruit events where firms are looking for interns and candidates for full-time positions, as well as networking events where we link students with business and corporate partners.
  • Universities even host a mock interview day for our MS students so they may practice their interviewing techniques. Throughout the academic year, they also coordinate employer symposiums, guest speakers, and corporate site visits.

Business analytics is a STEM-designated US program, thus international students can work without an H-1B visa for two years of optional practical training. This period gives students more time to acquire the professional experience they need to pursue employers who will support their application for an H-1B visa

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So that was all about jobs and the average salary for an MS in business analytics in the USA. There are many employment options because graduates of business analytics are appreciated in all emerging businesses across the world. For any further queries, subscribe to Yocket Premium and get the necessary guidance from our team of seasoned professionals!

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In the ever-evolving landscape of business analytics, the MS program in the USA opens doors to a spectrum of high-paying opportunities. From Business Analysts to Data Scientists, the diverse roles reflect the program's versatility. The competitive salaries offered by top recruiters like BCG, McKinsey, and Amazon underscore the program's esteemed reputation. With the added advantage of the STEM designation, international students can seize a two-year practical training window for hands-on experience. As the industry embraces data-driven decision-making, an MS in Business Analytics not only equips professionals with sought-after skills but propels them to the forefront of innovation and success.

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