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Cost of Studying MBBS in Germany: Ultimate Guide to Germany MBBS Fees

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There are several benefits to choosing to study in Germany, including low-cost lodging and free education at public colleges. To talk of cost of MBBS in Germany, the fees for medical colleges in Germany for Indian students is around 6,270 EUR-13,794 EUR annually. The minimum cost of living in Germany, on the other hand, is around 700 EUR-750 EUR annually.

Although the Germany MBBS fees are reasonable as compared to other countries, the quality of education is equally high. Hence, it is one of the most preferred study destinations for international students. In this blog, we will discuss at length about the cost of MBBS in Germany for Indian students, which they will incur while living and studying in Germany.

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Factors Influencing Cost of MBBS in Germany

If you're seeking cutting-edge teaching methods, creative programs in the dynamically growing world of clinical disciplines, and exposure to a healthcare society with strong links, the MBBS in Germany is indeed the ultimate pick.

In addition to these benefits, studying in Germany offers several economic rewards, including cheap tuition, cheap transit for students, cheap housing, and internship chances with a hefty remuneration. After completing, relocating to the nation is also very expedient. The MBBS in Germany for Indian students fee structure is quite pocket-friendly and manageable.

The cost of MBBS in Germany is determined by factors like:

  • The type of college or university you choose has a huge impact on the MBBS in Germany fee structure. As we have already mentioned, the public universities in Germany are mostly free or charge a very minimal amount. The private universities in Germany are not free, but they are not as expensive as the ones in other countries.
  • Secondly, your overall lifestyle also comes into play while determining the MBBS in Germany for Indian students fees. Your accommodation, food, transportation, leisure activities, etc. come under this category.

MBBS fees in Germany for international students constitute a lot of expenses that you need to bear right from your home country till you land in the country. The cost of studying MBBS in Germany for Indian students can be divided into two categories:

  1. Pre-Arrival Cost of MBBS in Germany
  2. Post-Arrival Cost of MBBS in Germany

Let us take a look at the different Germany MBBS fees in greater detail below:

1.  Pre-Arrival Costs

The costs that one has to incur before they even set foot in Germany with their dream of studying at a German university and experiencing the culture of Germany.

Standardized Tests

Particularly when applying to study at any German university, international students must take and pass the required standardized tests for admission.

These are a few standardized exams that are required for admission in the MBBS course at German universities:


Test Fee


185 EUR


160 EUR


10 EUR-18 EUR

German Language Proficiency Test

120 EUR-230 EUR

Air Travel Costs

Flight costs between India and Germany are affected by two variables:

  1. The time of departure
  2. The airline of choice

Some airlines cost you more than others. Whether you are travelling business class or economy class, and if you booked your flight tickets long before you leave or just before you leave, all of these factors are responsible for your air-travel costs.

But the rough amount that you may need to pay will be around 250 EUR-627 EUR for a one-way ticket.

Student Visa Costs

Anyone who wants to study medicine in Germany is advised to submit a visa application three months ahead of time. The German student visa costs will be around 110 EUR.

Health Insurance Costs

According to German law, international students in Germany must maintain health insurance while enrolled in classes. To apply for a student visa and to enrol in German universities, you must show proof of health insurance. Either the required insurance or private health care is readily available to students.

In Germany, there are 2 kinds of health insurance:

  • The public health insurance system, also referred to as mandatory health insurance- A public health care provider will pay overseas students between 103 EUR and 111 EUR per month for health insurance that includes both long-term care insurance and basic medical care.
  • A private/personal health insurance plan- In Germany, private health insurance premiums start at about 33 EUR per month and rise based on the extra services you choose and whether your stay will reside longer than 18 months.

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2.  Post-Arrival Cost of MBBS in Germany

Once you are in Germany the second half of your expenses begin. They are as follows:

Tuition Fees

The cost of MBBS fees in Germany for Indian students varies by university. The cost of tuition for an overseas student to study medicine in Germany ranges from one university to another.

The following are a few of the top medical PG and Germany MBBS fees for Indian students:


Tuition Fees

RWTH Aachen University

No Tuition Fees

Lübeck University

No Tuition Fees

Freie University of Berlin

No Tuition Fees

Heidelberg University

1500 EUR per semester

Würzburg University

No Tuition Fees

University of Göttingen

310 EUR-385 EUR per semester

Leipzig University

18,500 EUR total fees

University of Bonn

Average 600 EUR per year

Technical University of Munich

No Tuition Fees

Goethe University Frankfurt

360 EUR per Semester

The table above represents the MBBS Germany Fees for private and public universities. . The average annual Germany MBBS fees for Indian students ranges from 1,500 EUR to 3,500 EUR.

Cost of Living

Next to the MBBS in Germany fee structure comes the living expenses. The cost of living in Germany can be very well managed if you plan your expenses wisely.

On average, the living expenses in Germany for international students are around 739 EUR monthly. They may differ based on a variety of variables, including:

  1. Where will you attend school in Germany?
  2. Which type of housing will you pick?
  3. What kind of lifestyle does one have?

The projected average cost of the typical living costs in Germany is as follows:



Rent and Utilities

323 EUR


168 EUR


42 EUR

Learning Material

20 EUR

Transit Expenditure

94 EUR

Phone, Internet, and TV

31 EUR

Leisure, culture, and sports

61 EUR

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The type of university you and lifestyle you choose in Germany, as well as your nationality, will have a direct impact on the cost of MBBS in Germany. It is advisable to opt for public universities and adhere to a simple way of living to cut on extra costs. To know more about MBBS in Germany cost or any study abroad-related query, do not hesitate to connect with our Yocket Professionals.

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