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The University of Bonn is a public institution founded in the year 1818 by the famous legend Fredrick William III. The university has a very large library that holds approximately 5million volumes. The University of Bonn is among Germany’s most prestigious institution of higher learning. The school has more than 13% of foreign students from around 10 countries. The University of Bonn provides a wide range of training and education possibilities. Being among the best universities in Germany and the whole world at large, it has provided students with a enabling environment and better learning system.

The university also has an outstanding reputation inside and outside Germany. The 2018-2019 world ranking placed the University of Bonn in position 115 while in the national ranking it was indicated to be position 6. In order to carry out responsibilities in research and teaching, the university has organized seven faculties which include; the faculty of Catholic Theology, protestant Theology, law and Economics, medicine, Arts, Mathematics and Natural Science and faculty of Agriculture.



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With five major hubs, the University of Bonn uses about 350 buildings in Bonn. The university is located in a city known as Bonn, Germany. This is an area where impressive sites and historic building are located. Students find Bonn to be an amazing city to live in since there are enough resources. The palatial building of prince-electors which is now a historical site for tourism is located in the heart of the city. Currently, the building is used as the home of Theology and Art faculties. The university’s centers, faculties, and facilities have formed a city within Bonn city.


Starting with the university’s library, learning and research facilities are available and accessible by the students. The University of Bonn has enough lecture halls that accommodate a good number of students. Research infrastructures are also available for the students to advance their studies, for example, scientific infrastructures such as the scientific library, information systems, and scientific instrumentation. More to that, there are enough lecture or rather academic staff who are professionals in their field of duty

Residing Options

If you have made an earlier arrival in Bonn to find accommodation, there are youth hostel and hotel which are a little bit higher in price. There are other housing options for students who are probably cheaper. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a house for the stay and one can search for a temporary place to sleep while on house hunting.


The university has a faculty to student ratio of about 1:12. The total number of students in the university is 35,619 including over 3000 as international students; total faculty staff is about 4537 from which 1200 is international staff.

Jobs and placements

Alumni from the University of Bonn have been able to obtain prestigious jobs for example at the universities in the United States, for example, Harvard, Penn, Michigan, UCLA, and Berkeley. Also, the alumni hold various jobs in many academic as well as nonacademic organizations. Note that this is one of the best universities in the world giving an advantage to its alumni. This translates to mean that getting a job will be much easier.

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