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Goethe University Frankfurt

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Goethe University was first founded in the year 1914. The university is located in Germany, named as the citizens’ university. This means that the university was funded and founded by those who were known as the wealthy liberal citizens from Frankfurt. Being a famous school worldwide, it has been ranked as position 149 best university in the world and position 9 in the national rank.

Goethe University Frankfurt in Germany has16 faculties which includes law, Economics and Administration, social sciences, Educational Sciences, Protestant Theology, Roman Catholic Theology, Philosophy and History, Faculty of Linguistics, cultures and Arts, Modern languages, Geosciences and Geography, Computer Science and Mathematics, Physics, Biochemistry, Chemistry and Pharmacy, Biological Sciences and finally Medical Science. The school is well disciplined and most preferred due to its high-quality level of education.



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The university is located in the largest city of the German state of Hesse known as Frankfurt. The city has a deep history of the famous writer (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe). The development rate in the city has continuously brought people from various countries together making the place a nice city for those who go there to seek knowledge. Frankfurt is a financial and business center of this great country known as Germany. With its great infrastructure, the students seem to like the place. Frankfurt International Airport is known to be the largest in the country and among the largest in the world. The train station in Frankfurt is also among the largest in the world. This shows that there is the clear connectivity of operations making it a place conducive for education and business.


The school consists of library collections and reading rooms which are very quiet and conducive for studies. To access the library, you must have a Goethe card provided to you after one week of applying for your entry. The university also has several computer stations which are readily available for students to access. The lecture rooms are large enough to hold quite a number of students. Dwelling on the appearances, the university displays a symbol of beauty and modern architecture which attracts people from a distance.

Residing Options

The University of Goethe Frankfurt in Germany has ensured that there are no difficulties finding accommodation for those who come from far. There are student’s dorms or halls of residence that offers single rooms or a one-room apartment that has a cooking corner and a bathroom. Due to a large number of students joining the school, the rooms are not enough to accommodate everyone. Make sure you apply earlier to grab yourself a room for the stay. The rooms are comfortable and very clean.


The University of Goethe Frankfurt Germany has a total number of 46,961 students with a balanced faculty to student ratio of 1:13. The number of the staff is as follows; 3,521 academic staff and 1,935 administrative staff.

Jobs and placements

With the high number of graduates each year, it has been noticed that large companies have been going for students with graduate degrees from Goethe University. The education offered has a great advantage to the graduates since they are on demand to many companies.

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