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Established in 1870, RWTH Aachen University is a research university located in Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany which proudly stands with 144 study programs and more than 42,000 of an enrollment. Being a historic university it has attracted a lot of students and connections with the companies around. With the huge amount of enrollment one can guess the popularity of the university, internationally.
Exams required:
RWTH is one of the most renowned institutions but it does not conduct any kind of examination for entrance unless it is required. The only exam you might be required to give would be to avail the visa, apart from that there’s nothing you need to prepare for, not even German language classes.
German language eligibility:
No, German is not compulsory as the students are international and professors know English fluently and also the courses are in English. But, if you are alone in the city then you might regret not learning German before going to RWTH. So, for a better side keep a basic knowledge of German by applying in some kind of crash course or a part time language course.



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Less population and small town, all you could expect is a roaming radius of 30km within the city. Aachen is a small student city, which means most of its residents are students and you can get anywhere in a matter of minutes. The city is located in the frontier between Belgium and the Netherlands, so you can easily travel between these countries. It's also located in the center of Europe, so you're basically at the same distance from any other country. Without much of a historic importance the city has maintained a population over a period of time. Tourist do not prefer going here as there is nothing much to roam around. It is a perfect “student city” where there are no distractions considering the difficulties of studies at RWTH.


RWTH Aachen University's 620-acre (250 ha) campus is located in the north-western part of the city Aachen, this is a marvelous campus if considered that it lies inside the borders of a city. There are two core areas - midtown and Melaten district. The Main Building, SuperC student's center and the Kármán Hall are 500 m away from the city Centre with the Aachen Cathedral, the Audimax (biggest lecture hall) and the main refectory are 200 m farther. RWTH Aachen is no campus university. Instead, its buildings are spread over some parts of the city. Especially in the Centre, all location can easily be reached by foot. Additionally there is a good bus network. Of course you can also use your bike, but Aachen is quite hilly.

Residing Options

Compared to other German cities, accommodation is not very expensive in Aachen. You will find a room for about 160 to 280 € (per month), depending on what you are looking for and a little bit luck. Meals in the refectory are available for 1.80 to 3.90 €. Expenses for food etc. usually will not exceed 150 € (per month).


Classy, learned and experienced are the proper words to define the professors at RWTH. They are of the best quality and the best professors you could get in that kind of fees. All the professors are considered to be good with the practical knowledge so students end up spending most time at Botanical Park instead of inside classrooms. The students have given positive thumbs up to them and have mentioned that they are helpful in all kind of situations.

Jobs and placements

Well, yes the university conducts in-campus placements. In fact it conducts a lot of in-campus placements in which you don’t get just one or two options, but a minimum of 10 options to choose amongst the firms that come inside the campus. Through this you can choose your kind of firm, the kind you want to work with.

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