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RWTH Aachen University is a prestigious institution located in Aachen, Germany. Established in 1870, it has a rich history of excellence in education and research. The university offers a wide range of courses across various disciplines for students pursuing different degrees.

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For undergraduate students, RWTH Aachen University provides bachelor's degree programs in fields such as Engineering, Natural Sciences, Business, Social Sciences, and Humanities. These programs are designed to provide a strong foundation in the respective fields and prepare students for their future careers.

At the graduate level, RWTH Aachen University offers master's degree programs that cater to diverse interests and specializations. Students can choose from fields like Engineering, Science, Technology, Business Administration, Arts, and Humanities. These programs provide advanced knowledge and skills to enhance career prospects and professional development.

In addition to undergraduate and graduate programs, RWTH Aachen University also offers doctoral programs for students interested in pursuing research and academic careers. These programs provide opportunities to engage in cutting-edge research and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in their respective fields.

Overall, RWTH Aachen University is committed to providing high-quality education, fostering innovation, and preparing students for successful careers. With its diverse range of courses and strong focus on research, it offers a stimulating academic environment for students to thrive and achieve their goals.

Top Reasons to Study in the RWTH Aachen University

  • Academic Excellence: RWTH Aachen University is consistently ranked among the top universities in Germany and Europe. Renowned for its strong focus on engineering, science, and technology, RWTH Aachen offers a wide range of high-quality degree programs that provide students with a solid foundation for their careers.

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  • Cutting-Edge Research Opportunities: As a research-intensive institution, RWTH Aachen University offers abundant opportunities for students to engage in groundbreaking research projects. Students have access to state-of-the-art facilities and work alongside renowned faculty members who are leaders in their fields.

  • Industry Connections and Internships: RWTH Aachen University maintains strong connections with leading industries, both locally and globally. This enables students to benefit from industry collaborations, internships, and practical training opportunities, enhancing their employability and real-world experience.

  • International Environment: RWTH Aachen University attracts a diverse community of students and researchers from around the world. This multicultural environment provides a rich and vibrant learning experience, fostering cross-cultural understanding and collaboration.

  • Affordable Tuition Fees: RWTH Aachen University offers affordable tuition fees compared to many other top universities in Europe and the United States. This makes it an attractive option for international students seeking quality education at a reasonable cost.

  • Vibrant Student Life: The RWTH Aachen University boasts a lively campus atmosphere with numerous student organizations, clubs, and activities. Students have ample opportunities to engage in extracurricular activities, sports, cultural events, and social initiatives, creating a well-rounded university experience.

  • Excellent Career Prospects: Graduates from RWTH Aachen University are highly sought after by employers worldwide. The university's strong reputation and extensive industry partnerships open doors to promising career opportunities across various sectors.

Cost of Studying at RWTH Aachen University

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Admissions at The RWTH Aachen University

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How to Apply at RWTH Aachen University

To apply for the academic year 2023-2024 at RWTH Aachen University, follow these steps:

  1. Research Programs: Explore the programs offered by RWTH Aachen University and choose your desired program.

  2. Check Admission Requirements: Review the admission requirements for your chosen program.

  3. Online Application: Submit your application online through the official RWTH Aachen University website.

  4. Pay Application Fee: Pay the required application fee.

  5. Submit Documents: Prepare and submit the necessary documents, including transcripts, CV, motivation letter, letters of recommendation, and language proficiency certificates.

  6. Application Review: Your application will be reviewed by the admissions committee.

  7. Admission Decision: You will receive an admission decision from RWTH Aachen University.

  8. Acceptance and Enrollment: If accepted, follow the instructions to accept the offer and complete the enrollment process.

Be mindful of the application deadlines and ensure all documents are submitted on time.

Applying to RWTH Aachen University is an important step towards your academic journey. Follow these steps to increase your chances of admission.

Documents Required to Apply to RWTH Aachen University

Documents Required to Study at RWTH Aachen University for Academic Year 2023-2024:

Undergraduate Degree:

  • Secondary School Leaving Certificate (Abitur or equivalent)
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency (e.g., TOEFL or IELTS scores)
  • Completed Application Form
  • Letter of Motivation
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Letter(s) of Recommendation
  • Copy of Passport or Identification Document
  • Passport-sized Photographs
  • Proof of Health Insurance
  • Application fee ranges from 75 to 150 euros. varies by program
  • Financial Statement or Proof of Financial Support

Graduate Degree:

  • Bachelor's Degree Certificate or Transcript
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency (e.g., TOEFL or IELTS scores)
  • Completed Application Form
  • Letter of Motivation
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Letter(s) of Recommendation
  • Copy of Passport or Identification Document
  • Passport-sized Photographs
  • Proof of Health Insurance
  • Application fee ranges from 75 to 150 euros. varies by program
  • Financial Statement or Proof of Financial Support

Please note that the specific document requirements may vary depending on the program and level of study. It is advisable to refer to the official website of RWTH Aachen University and the respective program's admission requirements for detailed and up-to-date information.

Exams Accepted By RWTH Aachen University

The RWTH Aachen University exams accepted for admission to undergraduate (UG), postgraduate (PG), and PhD programs. Here is a tabular format indicating the exams accepted at RWTH Aachen University and the corresponding score requirements for the academic year 2023-2024:

UG Programs:

Exam Score Requirement
Abitur Minimum grade of 2
SAT Minimum score of 1300 (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing + Math)
ACT Minimum score of 28
International Baccalaureate (IB) Minimum score of 32

PG Programs:

Exam Score Requirement
GRE (General) Competitive score in verbal, quantitative, and analytical writing sections
TOEFL Minimum score of 90 (iBT) or equivalent
IELTS Minimum overall band score of 6.5

PhD Programs:

Exam Score Requirement
GRE (General) Competitive score in verbal, quantitative, and analytical writing sections
TOEFL Minimum score of 90 (iBT) or equivalent
IELTS Minimum overall band score of 6.5

Please note that specific program requirements may vary, and it is essential to refer to the official RWTH Aachen University website or contact the admissions office for the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding exam requirements and score criteria.

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Rankings for The RWTH Aachen University

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QS World University Rankings

More rankings for this university

RWTH Aachen University consistently ranks among the top universities globally, affirming its reputation for academic excellence and research contributions. Here are the rankings for RWTH Aachen University:

  1. World Ranking: According to the QS World University Rankings, RWTH Aachen University is consistently ranked among the top universities worldwide. Its ranking may vary from year to year, but it typically falls within the top 150 universities globally.

  2. Global Ranking: RWTH Aachen University holds a prominent position in various global university rankings. It is recognized as one of the leading institutions for science, engineering, and technology-related disciplines.

  3. QS World Ranking: In the QS World University Rankings, RWTH Aachen University is highly regarded for its academic programs, research output, faculty expertise, and international reputation. It consistently secures a place among the top universities globally.

These rankings highlight RWTH Aachen University's commitment to academic excellence and its standing as a leading institution in the fields of science, engineering, and technology.

Students RWTH Aachen University


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Premium Yocketer profiles

Srijan Gupta

Srijan Gupta

Management and Engineering in Production Systems

Fall 2022

Abhishek Bhavirisetty

Abhishek Bhavirisetty

Management and Engineering in Structural Engineering and Risk Management of Industrial Facilities

Fall 2022

Parv Rustagi

Parv Rustagi

Management and Engineering in Technology, Innovation, Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Fall 2023

Srishti Chowdhury

Srishti Chowdhury


Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, and Computer Engineering

Fall 2022

International Students

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Alumni at RWTH Aachen University

RWTH Aachen University has a distinguished list of notable alumni who have made significant contributions in their respective fields. Some of the prominent alumni from RWTH Aachen University include:

  • Carl Bosch - Nobel laureate in Chemistry and co-founder of the chemical company BASF.

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  • Peter Grünberg - Nobel laureate in Physics for the discovery of giant magnetoresistance (GMR), which revolutionized data storage technology.
  • Karl Ziegler - Nobel laureate in Chemistry for his work on the development of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and the Ziegler-Natta catalyst.
  • Ernst Ruska - Nobel laureate in Physics for the invention of the electron microscope.
  • Rudolf Hell - Inventor of the Hellschreiber and pioneer in the field of electronic image processing.
  • Thomas Weber - Former CEO of Porsche AG and automotive industry leader.
  • Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard - Nobel laureate in Physiology or Medicine for her research on the genetic control of embryonic development.

Please note that the list is not exhaustive, and RWTH Aachen University continues to produce exceptional alumni who excel in their respective domains.

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Reviews for RWTH Aachen University

Campus life

Number of campuses the university has

Campus locations
North Rhine-Westphilia

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Transportation in the city

Transportation plays a vital role in ensuring convenient travel within and around the city for students at RWTH Aachen University. Here is some information about transportation options available in Aachen:

  • Public Transportation: Aachen has a well-developed public transportation system that includes buses and trams operated by ASEAG (Aachener Straßenbahn und Energieversorgungs-AG). Students can purchase tickets for single trips or choose from various discounted monthly or semester passes. These passes offer unlimited travel within specified zones and are cost-effective for regular commuters.

  • Bicycles: Aachen is a bike-friendly city with numerous cycling paths and facilities. Many students prefer using bicycles for daily commuting due to the city's compact size and bike-friendly infrastructure. There are several rental services available, allowing students to easily rent bicycles for short-term or long-term use.

  • Car Sharing: Car-sharing services like Flinkster and Cambio are available in Aachen, providing students with the option to rent a car for short periods when needed. This can be convenient for trips outside the city or for specific purposes such as shopping or recreational activities.

  • Taxis and Ride-Sharing: Taxis are readily available in Aachen, providing a convenient mode of transportation, especially for late-night or door-to-door travel. Additionally, ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft operate in the city, offering another option for on-demand transportation.

Here is a sample summarizing the weekly charges for public transportation passes in Aachen:

Transportation Pass Weekly Charges (Approximate)
Semester Ticket €100-150
Monthly Pass €35-45
Weekly Pass €10-15
Single Trip Ticket €2-3

Please note that the above charges are approximate and subject to change. It is advisable to refer to the official website of ASEAG or local transportation authorities for the most accurate and up-to-date information on transportation fares and passes.

Services offered by the university

Services Provided at RWTH Aachen University:

  • Academic Advising: RWTH Aachen University offers academic advising services to assist students in selecting the right courses, planning their academic path, and addressing any academic concerns or challenges they may encounter.

  • Library Services: The university provides access to extensive library resources, including books, journals, online databases, and research materials. Students can borrow books, access e-resources, and receive assistance from librarians for their research needs.

  • Career Services: RWTH Aachen University offers career counseling, job placement assistance, and guidance for students seeking internships, part-time jobs, and full-time employment opportunities. Career fairs, workshops, and networking events are organized to connect students with potential employers.

  • Student Counseling: The university provides counseling services to support students' mental health and well-being. Trained professionals offer confidential counseling sessions to address personal, academic, or emotional challenges that students may face during their studies.

  • International Office: The International Office at RWTH Aachen University assists international students with various services, including visa and residence permit support, orientation programs, intercultural training, and information on scholarships and funding opportunities.

  • Sports Facilities: RWTH Aachen University has excellent sports facilities, including fitness centers, sports halls, swimming pools, and outdoor sports fields. Students can participate in a wide range of sports activities and join sports clubs and teams.

  • Student Organizations: The university supports a vibrant student life through numerous student organizations and clubs covering various interests, such as cultural, social, academic, and sports activities. These organizations offer opportunities for personal development, networking, and extracurricular involvement.

These services provided by RWTH Aachen University aim to enhance the overall student experience, support academic success, and foster personal and professional growth. Students can take advantage of these services to enrich their university journey and make the most of their time at RWTH Aachen University.

Student life at RWTH Aachen University

Student Life at RWTH Aachen University:

  • Campus Life: RWTH Aachen University offers a vibrant and dynamic campus life, providing students with a stimulating environment to learn, socialize, and engage in various activities. The campus features modern facilities, green spaces, libraries, cafeterias, and sports facilities, creating a conducive atmosphere for academic and personal growth.

  • Student Club Organizations: RWTH Aachen University boasts a wide range of student club organizations catering to diverse interests and hobbies. These clubs offer opportunities for students to connect with like-minded individuals, pursue their passions, and engage in extracurricular activities such as music, arts, sports, entrepreneurship, and cultural events.

  • Cultural and Social Events: The university hosts numerous cultural and social events throughout the academic year. These events include festivals, concerts, art exhibitions, theater performances, and international student gatherings, fostering cultural exchange and creating a sense of community among students.

  • Student Representation: RWTH Aachen University values student participation and provides platforms for student representation. Student representative bodies and organizations give students a voice in decision-making processes and allow them to contribute to the development of university policies and initiatives.

  • Networking Opportunities: The university encourages networking and professional development through various events and programs. Students can attend career fairs, workshops, seminars, and guest lectures, where they can interact with industry professionals, alumni, and potential employers, enhancing their career prospects.

  • Sports and Fitness: RWTH Aachen University promotes a healthy and active lifestyle among its students. The university offers a wide range of sports activities and facilities, including fitness centers, sports halls, swimming pools, and outdoor fields. Students can participate in sports clubs, recreational leagues, and fitness classes to stay physically active and make new connections.

  • International Community: RWTH Aachen University welcomes students from around the world, creating a diverse and inclusive international community. International students can benefit from support services, cultural integration programs, language courses, and intercultural events, enhancing their study abroad experience

Student life at RWTH Aachen University is dynamic, diverse, and enriching, offering students a holistic educational experience beyond the classroom. The university's emphasis on extracurricular involvement, community engagement, and personal development enhances students' social, cultural, and professional growth during their time at RWTH Aachen University.

On campus accomodation at RWTH Aachen University

RWTH Aachen University provides on-campus accommodation options for students, ensuring a convenient and supportive living environment. Here is some information about on-campus accommodation for students:

  1. Room Types: The university offers various types of rooms to suit different preferences and budgets. These may include single rooms, shared rooms, or apartments with private facilities. Each room is equipped with basic amenities such as a bed, desk, chair, wardrobe, and internet connectivity.

  2. Facilities: On-campus accommodation at RWTH Aachen University typically includes access to communal facilities like common kitchens, laundry rooms, study areas, and recreational spaces. Some accommodations may also offer additional amenities such as gyms, sports facilities, and social spaces for students to interact and engage in extracurricular activities.

  3. Weekly Charges: The weekly charges for on-campus accommodation may vary depending on the type of room and facilities provided. It is advisable to check the official website of RWTH Aachen University or contact the university's housing department for the most up-to-date information on accommodation costs.

Living in on-campus accommodation offers several advantages to students, including proximity to university facilities, easy access to academic resources, and the opportunity to build a strong community with fellow students. It provides a supportive and inclusive environment that enhances the overall student experience.

Students interested in on-campus accommodation at RWTH Aachen University are encouraged to apply early as availability may be limited. It is recommended to visit the university's official housing website for detailed information on the application process, deadlines, and any specific requirements.

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