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MS in Germany Cost: Living Costs & Fees for MS in Germany

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Germany is a major attraction for many international students wanting to pursue a Masters degree. The quality of education, top ranked universities, research-oriented teaching are some reasons why Germany is fast becoming the most popular choice among students. Another and most important feature that attracts students to Germany is the affordable education. While the public universities in Germany charge minimal or no tuition fee, the fee structure of private universities is higher but still less than other European countries. So, in this blog let us find out all about the cost that you will be incurring while studying Masters in Germany.

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What is the Cost of Studying MS in Germany?

Since the majority of colleges are state-funded, there are rarely any tuition costs. And therefore, studying in Germany is more affordable than studying elsewhere in the world. However, if you need a ballpark figure, it might be anything from 3,000 EUR to 17,000 EUR per annum. The living costs in Germany range from 5,000 EUR to 8,000 EUR per annum, and so the total cost can be estimated to be around 75,000 EUR to 100,000 EUR per annum

Tuition Fees for MS in Germany: Public Vs Private Universities

While deciding on a university to pursue Masters in Germany, an important consideration is the cost. Universities in Germany are broadly divided into public and private universities. While public universities charge minimal fees, private universities are more on the expensive side. 

Let us take a look at the tuition fees for MS in Germany for some of the top universities, both public and private:

MS In Germany Cost For Public Universities:

Most public universities in Germany do not charge any tuition fee for their masters programs, even from non-EU students. The zero tuition fee norm is true for most public universities except for those in the state of  Baden-Württemberg. Here non-EU students are required to pay a tuition fee of 1500 EUR per semester.

Let us now take a look at the fees for MS in Germany at some of the top public universities along with the popular programs offered by them:


Tuition Fee/ Semester

Popular Programs

University of Freiburg


1500 EUR

M.Sc. Embedded Systems Engineering

M.Sc. Microsystems Engineering

M.Sc. Sustainable Materials

M.Sc. Biochemistry And Biophysics

Heidelberg University


M.Sc. Computer Engineering

M.Sc. Economics

M.Sc. Biochemistry

M.Sc. Scientific Computing

Technical University of Munich


M.Sc. Management

M.Sc. Computational Science And Engineering

M.Sc.  Aerospace Engineering

Technical University Berlin


M.Sc. Information System Management

M.Sc. Architecture Technology

M.Sc. Computer Science

University of Tubingen

1500 EUR

M.Sc. Education Sciences And Psychology

M.Sc. Cognitive Science

M.Sc. Managerial Economics

M.Sc. Bioinformatics

It is important to remember that, even with are no tuition fees, the cost of doing MS in Germany at public universities is not zero. Students are still required to pay some fee in the form of administrative or semester charges that may range between 100-350 EUR per semester.

Top 10 Public Universities in Germany

MS In Germany Cost For Private Universities:

Although public universities are the most sought-after in Germany, some of the private universities are pretty good as well. These universities charge a high tuition fee but promise to deliver the best quality research and education.

Let’s take a look at the MS fee in Germany for popular private universities:


Average Tuition Fee

Popular Programs

WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management

34,000 EUR

M.Sc. Management

M.Sc. in Finance

M.Sc. International Business

SRH University of Applied Sciences Berlin

24,000 EUR

M.Sc.  Computer Science

M.Sc. Supply Chain Management

M.Sc. Digital Transformation Management

GISMA Business School

30,000 EUR

M.Sc. International Marketing

M.Sc. Strategic Business Management

Jacobs University Bremen

20,000 EUR

M.Sc. Data Engineering

M.Sc. Data Science For Society and Business

M.Sc. Supply Chain Management

Witten/Herdecke University

34,000 EUR


M.Sc. Psychology

M.Sc. Strategy And Organization

Although the Masters in Germany cost for private universities is high, this is still one of the lowest as compared to other European countries.

Top 10 Private Universities in Germany

Apart from the university fees, as a student you will have to bear other expenses too. These may be categorised into Pre-Arrival and Post-Arrival costs. 

Masters in Germany Cost: Pre-Arrival

The journey to the college or university of your dreams starts way before you land there. A brief idea of the  pre-costs and requirements is discussed below:

Nature of Expense

Approx. Cost

IELTS Registration Fee

160 EUR

TOEFL Registration Fee

166  EUR


185 EUR

Student Visa Application

75 - 85 EUR

All You Need to Know About German Student Visa

Masters in Germany Cost:  Post-Arrival

After you sort out the university of your choice and all related matters, the next step is to move to the city and make arrangements for your living. You will be paying for your rent, food and other utilities.

Here’s a quick look at some basic costs that all students need to bear post arrival in Germany:


Monthly Expenses (Approx.)

Rent and other utilities

400 EUR

Transportation costs

200 EUR


350 EUR

Health Insurance

80 - 110 EUR

Books And Stationary

50 EUR

Recreational Activities

25 EUR

The costs given above are the  standard costs. These may vary in accordance with your personal expenses and lifestyle.

Cost of Living in Germany for International Students

Total Annual Cost of Studying Masters in Germany

After having carefully looked into the various cost, let us see the approximate total cost of studying masters in Germany:

Expense Type

Public University

Private University

Tuition Fee


14,000 EUR

Other administrative Costs

300 EUR

600 EUR

Pre-Arrival Costs

430 EUR

430 EUR

Post -Arrival Cost

12,000 EUR

12,000 EUR


12,730 EUR

27,030 EUR

It is evident from the table that there is a huge difference in the total MS in Germany cost at the public and private universities. The private universities cost more than twice of the public universities.

The total annual cost of MS in Germany for Indian Students will be around 11 lakh INR for public universities and around 23.5 lakh INR for private universities.

MSc Biotechnology in Germany

Ways to Reduce Your MS in Germany Cost:

It is human tendency to look for easy and less costly ways of sustainability. To talk of total cost of MS in Germany, there are ways to executive all your aspirations in a cost effective manner.  Some of ways to reduce cost of doing MS in Germany are:

  • Public Universities: If money is the obstacle in your case, try making it to the public universities that offer MS courses with no or minimal fees.
  • Student Accommodation: Germany being a student friendly country has made all provisions for the safety of their students. There are many student quarters available at reasonable prices.
  • Internships/Part-Time Work: Germany has ample paid internships and part-time job offering for students. Apart from earning yourself extra pocket money, you will also get exposure and experience.
  • Student Loan: Many students have second thoughts while applying for a student loan. You can take care of the loan after the completion of your course. Germany provides opportunities in the form of free 18 months job search visas to all its international students.
  • Personal Expenses: Some costs are inevitable, but you must master the skill of managing your knick knacks.

Top Universities in Germany for Masters

Frequently Asked Questions About Cost of Doing MS in Germany

Ques. What is the MS in Germany Cost?

Ans. The Master in Germany fees depends upon factors like the university or the subjects you choose. For public universities it is almost free and affordable. Private universities may charge a fee of upto 35,000 EUR for their MS programs.

Ques. Is MS in Germany free of cost?

Ans. At most public universities, master in Germany fees are nominal as students don't have to pay any tuition fee. Students are just required to pay small amount of administrative and semester charges.

Ques. What is the MS in Germany cost in Indian rupees?

Ans. The MS in Germany cost in Indian rupees can  be anywhere between 11 lakh to 24 lakh INR. The cost of MS in Germany for Indian students will depend on the choice of the university and cost of living.

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