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10 Best Student Cities In UK for International Students | Best Places to Study in UK

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Selecting the best city for your further studies is definitely a crucial decision for every student. Over the years UK has made its mark for being home to some of the best student cities in the world. As per the QS Best Studies Cities 2022 rankings, 14 UK cities rank under the top 100 student-friendly cities. Based on desirability, affordability and student reviews, London holds the top spot. Renowned for academic excellence, UK is a dream destination for study abroad aspirants.


Let’s explore a little more about best cities in UK for students and what they have to offer.


Top 10 Best Cities in UK for Students


It’s evident that studying in the UK is definitely advantageous for abroad students. But the question is, which city you should select for higher education in UK? Below, we’re mentioning the best UK cities for international students.


  1. London
  2. Edinburgh
  3. Manchester
  4. Glasgow
  5. Coventry
  6. Nottingham
  7. Birmingham
  8. Aberdeen
  9. Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  10. Brighton


Let’s learn more about these UK cities, and you select your best place to study in UK for yourself.


1. London


Some of the well-known universities for higher education are located in London, making it one of the best place to study in UK. With numerous employment opportunities and various scholarships for international students, London has a strong community of Indian students. In crux, London is one of the best student cities in UK for international students.


Best Universities In London



What Can International Students Do In London?


If you’re planning to pursue higher studies in London, you’ll be fascinated with the nightlife of London. London has the best local/Indian restaurants, beers, and food joints to make the weekends more entertaining.


As the transportation system of London is famous worldwide, one can explore the other best cities in UK for international students. Or else you can:


  • Visit the British Museum for free
  • Explore the world-famous Buckingham Palace
  • For some entertainment, visit the West End Theatre District
  • Explore a wide range of cuisines at Camden Market on weekends.


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2. Edinburgh


Edinburgh, also known as Dunedin and ‘City of Hills,’ is blessed with natural beauty. As a student, if you love to stay surrounded by natural beauty, Edinburgh has become the best city in UK for Indian students. The world-famous Edinburgh Castle, flavorful scotch whisky, and local festivals will keep your daily routine full of motivation and entertainment. Above all, Edinburgh is also one of the most affordable cities in UK for students.


Best Universities In Edinburgh



What Can International Students Do In Edinburgh?


Being one of the best cities to study in UK, Edinburgh has a lot for international students. Below, we’re mentioning some interesting things students should do while studying at Edinburgh


  • Learn the ceilidh dance
  • Try neeps, tatties, and haggis at Grassmarket
  • Climb at the top of Scott Monument
  • Visit the Royal Mile and try different Scottish whiskeys


3. Manchester


Manchester, also known as the second city of England is known for its diverse culture, vibrant street art, exciting nightlife and Victorian-era structures. The Mancunians (Manchester locals) are very friendly and love to interact with the international students. Overall, undoubtedly, Manchester is one of the best cities in UK for international students for higher studies and advancement of career.


Best Universities In Manchester



What Can International Students Do In Manchester?


Exploring Manchester alone is itself a different yet mesmerizing experience. Reminiscing the great Manchester Museum, cheering for the world-famous football teams at Old Trafford, and trying the Indian curries at Wilmslow Road will make your life full of fun and entertainment. Overall, Manchester is one of the best cities to live in UK for students. Some of the things you must do in Manchester while studying are as follows:


  • Exploring the Asian-owned restaurants and supermarkets at Chinatown
  • Watching live football matches at Old Trafford
  • Seeing the rarest dinosaur skeletons at Manchester Museum
  • Shopping and having fun with friends at the Trafford centre.


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4. Glasgow


Glasgow, also known as the world’s friendliest cities is full of architecturally impressive buildings. Besides being a perfect study destination, students who are enthusiastic Instagrammers and social media influencers will get good content to capture in Glasgow city. The education system in Glasgow follows the international standards is a plus point for abroad students. For music and natural beauty lovers, Glasgow is one of the perfect student cities in UK.


The Best Universities In Glasgow



What Can International Students Do In Glasgow?


As an international student, you’ll have many good experiences while studying in Glasgow city. Some of the exciting things you can do in Glasgow are:


  • Explore Glasgow Botanic Gardens
  • Get into the boots of a Glaswegian and try the Drygate Brewery
  • Wet your lips at Clydeside Distillery with single malt whiskey
  • Visit the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum
  • See the researches at the Glasgow Science Center


5. Coventry


Honestly, Coventry is actually one of the most underrated or overlooked cities in the UK. Yes, this statement might be surprising, but Coventry is the home to lush green spaces, Roman art galleries, and museums. If you love to surround yourself with friendly people and green spaces, Coventry is an ideal choice. Coventry University is the largest and most famous university of Coventry at #601-650 position in QS Global World Rankings 2022. As a result, Coventry has also become one of the best study destinations in the UK for international students.


The Best Universities In Coventry



What Can International Students Do In Coventry?


Coventry is one of the best city for students in UK, interested in having an adventurous life. In simpler words, abroad students won’t get bored while studying in Coventry. You can:


  • Enjoy weekend picnics with friends at Coombe Abbey Park
  • Take some inspiration from Herbert Art Gallery and Museum
  • Do bird-watching from Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve
  • Have a look at the oldest and rarest aircraft at the Midland Air Museum


6. Nottingham


Nottingham holds a special place in the British history books, being the hunting ground of Robin Hood. In addition, Nottingham city is the perfect combination of modernity and British culture. This is a city of culture and full of nightlife that doesn’t burn your pockets. Overall, Nottingham is a perfect study destination for international students.


Best Universities In Nottingham



What Can International Students Do In Nottingham?


International students studying in Nottingham are blessed to enjoy the calmness of the city and numerous tourist attractions. Students studying in Nottingham must:


  • Explore the interiors of the Wollaton Hall
  • Visit the old-themed Nottingham jail and court at National Justice Museum
  • Spend some romantic time with your chic at Highfields Park
  • Explore the Green’s Windmill, built by the father of George Green, one of the most popular mathematical physicists.
  • Get some inspiration by visiting famous poet Lord Bryon's ancestral home, Newstead Abbey.


7. Birmingham


Birmingham is one of the most desirable places to live in for international students. Also known as the ‘home of heavy metal,’ Birmingham grabs the attention of thousands of international students every year. The combination of modernity and British culture and a high-quality education system make Birmingham one of the best cities to study in the UK.


Best Universities In Birmingham



What Can International Students Do In Birmingham?


As an international student, most of your time after university will be spent exploring Birmingham city. If you’re planning to visit Birmingham for further studies, you must do the following things:


  • Try the local cuisines at the Michelin starred restaurants
  • Have a look at more than 1,000+ iconic motorcycles at National Motorcycle Museum
  • Explore the magnificent sea life at National Sea Life Center
  • Taste the world’s best types of coffees at Damascena Coffee House
  • Catch the Shakespeare Express and explore the city centre of Birmingham


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8. Aberdeen


With a high-quality education system and friendly lifestyle, hundreds of international students land in Aberdeen. For some entertainment, international students often go fishing because Aberdeen is the port city situated at the junction of the Dee and Don rivers. It’s evident that when you pursue higher studies in Aberdeen, you’ll indeed gather the best experiences of your life.


Best Universities In Aberdeen


What Can International Students Do In Aberdeen?


Some of the interesting activities students should engage in Aberdeen are as follows:


  • Visit the town of Ellon, home to BrewDog’s largest brewery.
  • Climb the dunes with your chic at Balmedie Beach
  • Confess all your wrongdoings at 21Crimes
  • Click some pictures and videos between the tropics of the Winters Gardens.


9. Newcastle-upon-Tyne


Famous for industrial heritage, exciting nightlife, and eponymous brown ale, Newcastle is also grabbing the attention of hundreds of international students every year. Undoubtedly, Newcastle has some of the best streets, having numerous art galleries, museums, street markets, pubs, clubs, theatres, etc. Like the other UK cities, you can expect top-notch quality education from the universities based in Newcastle.


Best Universities In Newcastle


What Can International Students Do In Newcastle?


Apart from studying, you can explore the following while living in Newcastle:


  • Explore the historical Tyne Bridges
  • Catch up with your friends and visit the Millennium Bridge
  • Visit Newcastle’s historical castle
  • Go shopping at Eldon Square
  • Explore the dinosaurs skeletons at Great North Museum: Hancock


10. Brighton

Brighton is one of the oldest cities of England situated on the Brighton’s coast of the English Channel. This city is one of the popular cultural hubs of England. In addition, the University of Brighton is ranked in the list of top 50 UK universities. Coming back to Brighton city, the ancient town flaunts the historical landmarks, and Brighton beach is one of the popular tourist attractions.


The Best Universities In Brighton


What Can International Students Do In Brighton?


Brighton is popular among the abroad students not only for education but for various other recreational activities too. Below, we’re mentioning the things international students should do in Brighton.


  • Catch up with your friends and visit Brighton Palace Pier
  • Do some cycling on the undercliff path near the Brighton Marina
  • Pick some excellent yet cheapest furniture for your accommodation from Era.
  • Visit Brighton beach on weekends with your friends.


Well, the cities mentioned above are the best to study in UK. The selection of the right city for higher studies entirely depends on your personal preferences. You need to consider various factors like preferred courses, tuition fee, specialization and cost of living in UK. while choosing your ideal study destination in the UK. By considering these factors and doing thorough research, you’ll be able to make the best decision for yourself and have a wonderful life as an international student in the United Kingdom.


Frequently Asked Questions About Best Cities in UK for Students


Which city is best for international students in the UK?

Ans. As per the QS Best Studies Cities 2022 rankings, London is the best city for international students.


  1. Are UK cities cheap for international students?

Ans. The affordability varies in each city in the UK. The cost of living for international students in UK cities might be somewhere between £500 to £1200 monthly.


  1. Do international students get scholarships in the UK?

Ans. Yes, the public universities in the UK do provide scholarships to deserving candidates.


  1. Which is the most expensive student city in the UK for international students?

Ans. London is the most expensive student city in the UK for international students.


  1. Which is the cheapest city to study in the UK for international students?

Ans. Aberdeen is the cheapest city to study in the UK for international students.

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