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Universities in Manchester UK: List of Universities in Manchester for International Students

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Manchester, the UK's most liveable city according to “The Economist,” provides something for everyone. There is a wide range of beauty, music, sport, and culture on offer, from quaint to cosmopolitan, in this city. Outside of London, Manchester has the largest economy in the UK, with a GDP of £134.59 billion. As a result of this strength, it has earned a stellar reputation among international students willing to study in UK. But which one to select from the 5 universities in Manchester UK?

Universities in Manchester are research centres of excellence and concentrated clusters of knowledge. They have a great academic past and are home to a plethora of world-renowned academics and professors, with 25 Nobel Laureates. So let’s discuss the major universities in Manchester and their key features to pick the best one!

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Why Study in Manchester?

As per the QS Best Student Cities 2023, Manchester has gained the 25th position. Besides music halls, sports, and fantastic nightlife, studying in Manchester is highly advantageous because of the following reasons:

  • Great Connectivity: The Magic buses running on Oxford Road, one of the busiest routes in Europe, are often a major highlight of Manchester city. This city is located around two hours away from London by train. On the other hand, its tram network is constantly expanding, making it easier for the students to reach their universities in Manchester on time.
  • Vibrant Festivals: Manchester is also known for monsoons, but dark clouds don’t disrupt the festivals of Mancunians. There is a ‘Pride festival,’ which is hugely celebrated for supporting the LGBTQ+ community. Manchester International Festival is also organised where leading artists show their best artworks. The local and abroad students can celebrate various festivals like Sounds of the City and Parklife.
  • Student-Friendly City: With such a vast population of international students, Mancunians are always ready to cater to their needs. The students can try different types of cuisines without burning their pockets. The street markets are available throughout the city, giving the best discounts to the students. There are certain areas dedicated only to universities in Manchester UK, like Oxford Road, which is home to Fallowfield, has three different universities and multiple residence halls for international students.

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How is the Life of International Students in Manchester?

As an international student learning about the Manchester colleges and universities, you’re undoubtedly thinking about cost-cutting. The cost of living in Manchester is very affordable for international students i.e. £1100 per month (without tuition fee.) Besides, in 2020, Manchester city was named the most affordable city for students in the UK.

As an international student, wherever you go, your primary expense would be the rent. The cost of accommodation in Manchester falls in the range of £408 - £596 per month. The international students can safely live and travel across the city. They won’t just have easy access to the countryside; Liverpool, Leeds, and Sheffield are all wonderful Northern cities within an hour's drive of Manchester.

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After having discussed the life of an international student in Manchester, let us now understand the classification of universities in Manchester city.

Different Types of Universities in Manchester City

There are two types of universities in Manchester, UK; public and private. Let’s get insights about them in detail.

Private Universities

The private universities aren’t run by the British government but are approved by the state government. The degree options in private universities are often vast compared to public universities in Manchester. Private universities often get funding from the government for scholarships to study in UK. On the other hand, the private universities in Manchester UK charge higher tuition fees than public universities.

Public Universities

As the British government runs the public universities, the study options are vast, and tuition fees are much lower than in private universities. On the other hand, public universities in UK often provide on-campus student accommodation, which is affordable and safe. Language isn’t a barrier because all the courses are with UK English language proficiency. As a result, the public colleges in Manchester have become highly suitable for international students.

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Next, let’s explore the best universities in Manchester city.

Top 5 Universities in Manchester City for International Students

What are the 5 universities in Manchester? More than 104,000 students are enrolled in top universities in Manchester, producing around 40,000 high-quality graduates every year. Some of the top list of universities in Manchester that international students should consider are:

  1. The University of Manchester
  2. Manchester Metropolitan University
  3. The University of Salford
  4. University of Bolton
  5. University Academy

Let us now take a look at this list of universities in manchester in detail:

1.  University of Manchester

Coming to the best universities in Manchester, the University of Manchester is topping the list. This is a public university established in 2004 after the merger of Victoria University of Manchester and the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology. This is one of the prestigious colleges in Manchester, situated in the city centre.

As per the QS World University Rankings 2023, the University of Manchester has secured the 28th position. Luckily, this university has the best-in-class amenities for international students like reputed staff, excellent infrastructure, placement assistance, etc.

Type of university


QS WUR 2023


Average annual tuition fee

£19,000 - £46,000

Popular courses

700+ courses like MSc Management, MBA, MSc Data Science, LLB

Study benefits

Exceptional amenities, affordable on-campus accommodation, 700+ courses available, and scholarships are provided.

2.  Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)

MMU is a public university, the home to artists interested in filmmaking, graphic designing, and illustration programs. Initially, MMU had seven campuses, which later merged into Birley, All Saints, and Cheshire. Since 1824, this university has maintained its heritage, and around 40,000 students are enrolled at MMU. There are international students from 120 different countries studying at this university.

In terms of placement, this is one of the best universities near Manchester. MMU has also become one of the best universities near Manchester for placements because it has tied up with major giants like Nike and DHL.

Type of university


QS WUR 2023


Average annual tuition fee



Popular courses

MArch, MSc International Business Management, BSc (Hons) Computer Science, MA Animation, MA Multimedia Journalism, etc

Study benefits

50+ courses available, placement assistance is provided, and scholarships are available for international students.

3.  University of Salford

In 1967, the University of Salford was established as a non-profit public university that picks certain students based on their previous academic grades. In the Manchester universities list, this is the only university giving much importance to sports, with 35 sports clubs spread across 160-acre land.

Besides, the Clifford Whitworth library of the University of Salford is famous because it has many books and digital resources used for learning, researching, and teaching purposes. The campus of the University of Salford also has the Salford Museum and Art Gallery, the first free public library in England.

Type of university


QS WUR 2023


Average annual tuition fee

£14,700 to £18,990

Popular courses

MBA, MSc Biotechnology, MSc Aerospace Engineering, MSc Public Health, etc

Study benefits

Has the best campus, multiple social clubs for international students, and placement assistance

4.  University of Bolton

The University of Bolton is situated in Greater Manchester. Back in 1825, this was an open university named Bolton Mechanics Institute. In 1995, it received university status and became eligible for offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Among the best universities in Manchester for masters, the University of Bolton is topping the list because it provides a conducive learning environment focused on small student groups.

At Bolton University, the study programs are curated according to the latest market trends. This university also supports sports and allows students to participate in the BUCS league.

Type of university


Average annual tuition fee


Popular courses

MSc Civil Engineering, BA (Hons) Animation & Illustration, MSc International Management, BSc (Honours) in Business Management, etc

Study benefits

Multiple social events, affordable tuition fees, inexpensive on-campus student accommodation, conducive learning environment, etc

5.  Royal Northern College of Music

The Royal Northern College of Music is situated in the heart of Manchester city, very famous for providing study programs in classical music and arts.

The teaching staff is of 320 members from 120 different nationalities. It has grabbed the attention of various international students interested in learning classical arts and music. Overall, this college provides exceptional training to artists, students, and teachers.

Type of university

Public (Conservatoire)

Average annual tuition fee


Popular courses

Bachelor of Music, International Artist Diploma, European Chamber Music Master, Master of Philosophy, Master of Performance

Study benefits

Access to all major courses of classical music and art and affordable tuition fee

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Document Requirements and Application Process of Universities in Manchester City

If you wish to study at the universities in manchester city, then ensure to achieve an overall standard 12th grade of 65% for graduate and 80-95% for undergraduate courses. Check the official websites of universities in manchester for international students for exact eligibility requirements.

Document Requirements

Next, let’s check the list of documents to be presented along with the application form.

  • Coloured passport size photographs
  • A valid passport
  • The Confirmations of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) reference number along with other documents required to obtain CAS
  • Proof of financial stability
  • Assessment documentation
  • Details of your travel plans and where you are about to reside
  • Health checkup report
  • English Proficiency Test scores

Application Process

Following is the application process of universities in Manchester.

  • Create an account on the UCAS portal, and you will be provided with a username and password.
  • Sign in and fill out all the details.
  • Select the desired university and degree after proper research.
  • Complete filling your education history with all the qualifications.
  • Fill in the details of your employment history.
  • Attach your documents as and when required.
  • Fill in your statement of purpose (SOP).
  • Submit the application form by paying the mentioned fees by the university.
  • Wait for the universities reply for 6-8 weeks.

Breakdown of the Cost of Living in UK for International Students

For the abundance of reasons mentioned above, Manchester has an outstanding reputation among international students. As you’re now aware of the best universities in Manchester, learn more about other admission requirements to study in UK, the student visa process, and more. However, if you get confused at any step or need end-to-end expert guidance, subscribe to Yocket premium. Our counsellors will surely make your study abroad journey a success.

Best of luck with your career!

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