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Post-graduate Courses after Mechanical Engineering

Pratik Mane

In a previous article, specializations in Mechanical engineering were discussed. A few more specializations under Mechanical engineering do exist and although courses at a masters level do not fall into definite brackets of parent courses, there are some courses which can be classified as logical follow ups after streams pursued at the undergraduate level. Mechanical engineering graduates have several such option listed below.

In today’s fiercely competitive job market, it’s quite evident that your skill set has to be updated if you want to stand out or be competitive. If graduates bother to look, there’s plenty of motivation out there to do Masters program after your graduate studies. Skills garnered by pursuing a postgraduate degree will strengthen your profile and definitely make you stand out among those haven’t obtained a Masters degree. Securing a good graduate job is more likely and the possibility of attracting a higher salary is increased. Time and money you invest will definitely be worth.

MS in Mechanical Engineering in USA

Fields for MS in Mechanical Engineering are,

  1. Masters in Mechatronics
  2. Masters in Nanotechnology
  3. Masters in Robotics
  4. Masters in Advanced Manufacturing
  5. Masters in Aerospace engineering

Popular destinations for Masters after Mechanical Engineering are Canada and USA

Most of the Mechanical Master programs are job oriented courses after mechanical engineering in abroad begin with basic foundational courses in mathematics and science and continue with specialized courses. Some of masters in Mechanical Engineering specializations are,

Masters in Mechatronics

You can probably say this is the most prominent field today in mechanical engineering. As the name indicates, it's an amalgam of mechanical and electronics engineering whose conflation has done some serious contribution for adding value to techno. After acquiring a Master degree in Mechatronics, you will have opportunity to work in Automated Industries in Automotive, Food, Components, Renewable Energy fields, Metalworking industry (Mechanical production, Construction of Mechanical and Mechatronic Systems), Scientific Consultancy of industrial companies; Software industry automation and simulation, Research and development units (R & D) in Mechatronics equipment. Get in touch with peers pursuing Mechatronics and join the discussion.

Popular Universities:

MS in Mechanical Engineering in Germany

Masters in Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is an upcoming field of technology related to materials and devices with dimensions in the nanometrical magnitude. The employment in this area is sprinting remarkably and is expanding in a number of technology sectors and related industries. Based on foundation of materials science, metallurgy, solid state physics, the course targets to build an understanding of size-sensitive materials, machines and properties of systems and how these properties can be altered by a predetermined manipulation of the nanostructure, down to the atomic or molecular level. So in a nutshell, it aims for a thorough understanding of various nanoscale devices as well as their applications and fabrication methods.

Popular Universities:

Masters in Robotics

Robotic technology is exceedingly being used in various applications, such as industrial machines, automobiles, electric industries, air transport and aerospace industries. The Masters in Robotics programme basically includesthe optimal application of robots and the designing and construction of new robotic systems.

Interconnecting various engineering disciplines, MS in Robotics offers students a multidisciplinary education so that they will be able to develop an innovative,intelligent and efficient robotic solutions and systems that would meet today's most defying global challenges in various fields like industrial, energy, environmental, health care, and mobility services. 

Popular Universities

Masters in Mechatronics in Germany

Masters in Advanced Manufacturing

This is a field that has been persistently prominent in mechanical engineering for obvious reasons. MS in advanced manufacturing course provides students with an understanding of advanced and emerging manufacturing technologies that would significantly cut the time and labor required as compared to conventional methods. Students learn to implement innovate these technologies and methods in modern global and local industries efficiently.

Popular Universities:

Masters in Aerospace Engineering

Masters in Aerospace engineering

Many of us have dreamed of being pilot and exploring space in our childhood. In this program, you would be covering specialty in aerodynamics and fluid dynamics, heat transfer, combustion and propulsion, or aerospace structures and materials. There would be an in-depth study of propulsion, mechatronics, robotics, flight mechanics and control, computational methods, and hurricane and wind damage. The employment market for aerospace engineers is strong and will remain so for the future. The space sector is quite dynamic and evolving.

Popular Universities:

Also explore best universities in Canada for MS.

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