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PhD in Australia 2023: Know All About PhD in Australia for Indian Students

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Australia is a beloved country concerning the vast majority of the opportunities it offers for native and international students. Cities like Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, and South Wales attract a vast population globally for Ph.D. in Australia for international students by providing a research-intensive, multicultural environment that delivers a high employment rate of graduates and student satisfaction rates. 

PhD in Australia is among the widely reputed programmes due to the high accessibility of top universities, vibrant city culture with cultural events and activities, and incredible tourist places. 

But is PhD in Australia for Indian students worth it? How to get Ph.D. scholarships in Australia? Do Universities allow an opportunity to earn a stipend for PhD students in Australia? How many years PhD in Australia? This blog has all the answers to these important questions and many other necessary details on how to apply PhD in Australia from India. 

Education System in Australia

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Why Study PhD in Australia?

PhD in Australia is a popular programme among Indian students to study abroad. Australia has established itself as the centre to develop skills and knowledge, improving the chances of employment or finding better higher educational opportunities in the future. The Australian education system is ranked premier for its high-class equipment, facilities, university reputation, research experience, advanced laboratories, and renowned faculty members in academics. 

  • Advanced Teaching Pedagogy: PhD is a research-based degree completed in 3 to 3.5 years to analyse, collect, and submit the thesis. The faculty members assist the students throughout the thesis submission with analysis, intense research, collection, and development of information in an ingenious research project. 
  • Campus experience: The universities in Australia for PhD offer vast opportunities for personal growth through its organised education system, enormous campuses equipped with amenities like 24/7 wifi access, well-facilitated libraries, research centres, and institutes welcoming a vast number of international students every year. 
  • Better Career Prospects: PhD in Australia for Indian students opens up new entrances for students to work in multiple industries and fields with multiple opportunities for research projects. You can find employment in public and private enterprises with an average salary of 110,000 AUD (59,20,000 INR) per year, and even have an opportunity to earn a Ph.D. in Australia stipend to gain hands-on practical experience. 
  • Funding options and tuition fee waiver: The PhD universities in Australia provide affordable costs for studying PhD in Australia. The universities also provide endless funding options to eligible candidates like scholarships, financial bursaries, and internal and external funds from the universities or the government. 

Study Masters in Australia

How to Choose the Right University for PhD in Australia?

International students must consider the following factors before choosing the right university or institution for pursuing a Ph.D. in Australia:

  • Check the QILT Ranking for the preferred universities in Australia. QILT is a universally recognised indicator for Learning and Teaching by recording student satisfaction, graduation rate, placement rate, and employer satisfaction concisely. This allows students to assess the universities to make an informed decision. 
  • There are three types of university networking circles in Australia. They are Intensive Research universities committed to research and development in teaching capabilities, Australian Technology Network (ATN) includes universities producing industry-centred graduates and is one of the prime partners of top industries, and Go8 universities. 
  • Another crucial factor is the availability of different courses at higher education institutions. Check the type of courses, duration of the programme, tuition fees, and available PhD scholarship in Australia to make a decision or switch universities and courses if required. 
  • The location of the universities affects the overall cost of living and the time employed at various types of commutations. Universities in bigger cities require higher travel time and costs compared to universities in rural areas and smaller cities. Thus, you must include the overall cost of living as a factor to choose the right university in Australia. 

Best Cities to Study in Australia 

12 Best Universities in Australia for PhD 

The following is the list of the top 12 PhD colleges in Australia offering Ph.D. opportunities in a wide variety of fields. Some of the popular fields include banking, insurance, finance, energy, pharmaceutical, business, etc. The duration of the programme may differ corresponding to the chosen field of study.


QS Ranking 2023

Course and Duration

Australian National University


Ph.D. in Education, Policy Engagement, 2 years 

University of Melbourne


Ph.D. in Psychiatry, Psychology, and Social work, 3 years 

University of Canberra 


Ph.D. in Business and Economics, Forensic studies, 2-3 years 

University of Sydney


Agricultural and veterinary sciences, Biological sciences, Built environment and Design, 2-3 years

University of New South Wales


Banking and Finance, Economics, Management, Information Systems, and Technology Systems, 2-3 years 

University of Queensland


Biotechnology, Veterinary Clinical Science, Health, Agriculture, 2-3 years 

Queensland University of Technology 


Aerospace engineering, Chemical, and Biomolecular Engineering, Computer science, Civil engineering, 2-3 years 

Monash University


Architecture, Design, Fine arts, Communication Design, Art History, and Theory, 2-3 years

University of Western Australia


Arts and Humanities, Engineering and Technology, Health, 2-3 years 

University of Adelaide


STEM, Health, Defence and Space, Agriculture, 2-3 years 

University of Technology, Sydney


Science, Engineering and Mathematics, Physical Sciences, 2-3 years 

University of Wollongong


Engineering, Health, IT, Business and Commerce, Electrical Engineering, Finance, 2-3 years 

Course Curriculum for PhD Programs in Australia 

PhD allows students to explore their research capabilities and experience the new and interactive coursework. Students can select from more than 250 unities and use study methodologies of analytical methods, professional engagement, discipline-oriented approach, and professional engagement capabilities. 

The Ph.D. research degrees comprise training units and taught modules with the following course structure:

  • The PhD programmes in Australia require the candidates to develop an independent thesis with a collection of data from various fields and the contribution of original knowledge in the area. 
  • The majority of the time is spent on the review and evaluation of information, literature review and analysis, and collecting survey data to produce original research in the chosen subject area. ‘
  • The students are granted the mentorship and support of experienced faculty and peer members to build strong academic research. 
  • Ph.D. in Australia does not include viva as a part of the curriculum. The students have to submit an 80,000 to 100,000 words detailed and thorough research report and summarised thesis towards the end of the programme. 
  • The students are accessed by the examiners who award the doctorate to the deserving students, ask for necessary changes if required, or reject the Ph.D. in rare cases. 

:Visa Exclusive Scholarships for Australia 

Here are some of the highly popular specialisations for PhD in Australia for Indian students: 

  • Ph.D. in Humanities: Human thoughts, Policy development, communications, and analysis, Psychology
  • Ph.D. in Science: Astrophysics, Chemistry, Bioscience, Mathematics
  • Ph.D. in Commerce: Finance, Banking, Taxation, Economic Development, Accounting, Fiscal Policies
  • Ph.D. in Business Management:  Management, Business Analysis, Human Resource management 
  • Ph.D. in Law: Human rights, International law, Environment rights, Legal Studies, Law of various nations 
  • Ph.D. in Engineering and Technology: Computing languages, Operating systems, Industrial engineering, Computer Engineering

PR Courses in Australia

Eligibility and Documents Required for PhD in Australia

PhD in Australia allows flexibility and convenience for native and international students as they can start their degree at any time of the year. Although you must apply for four months to the desired university to ensure an efficient beginning.

Here is how to apply for a Ph.D. in Australia and the basic eligibility requirements required for admission:

  • A four-year integrated undergraduate degree in the desired or relevant field with an average score of 75% in the final year of subjects or equivalent qualifications
  • Professional experience and practical training in the relevant field
  • An experience of 1 to 1.5 years with a research component in the undergraduate degree 

Popular Universities in Sydney

The following are the basic documents requirements required by the universities and colleges in Australia for Ph.D. degrees:

  • Official transcripts of higher secondary and Undergraduate qualifications 
  • Letter of recommendation 
  • English languages proficiency tests scores like IELTS, TOEFL, and Duolingo 
  • Letter of Motivation 
  • Copy of introduction page passport 
  • Student visa 
  • Statement of Purpose 
  • Essay 
  • Previous works with work experience 

Australia Intakes and Deadlines 

How to apply for PhD in Australia from India? 

Here is the application process for a list of PhD programs in Australia after fulfilling the minimum eligibility requirements: 

  • Check the programmes and courses on the official website of the desired university to check the minimum eligibility criteria and ensure that the basic requirements for a research proposal are fulfilled. 
  • Draft a research proposal to submit with the application. The proposal must consist of a basic outline of experience, clearly portraying the ideas and opinions. 
  • Reach out to the Research examiner or the supervisor of the university and check their experience, expertise in the fields of study, and previous works. 
  • Check the document requirements and fill out the form with the support and guidance of the potential supervisor. 
  • The candidates receive a response within six to eight months. Make sure to include all the necessary documents and additional transcripts to improve the chances of enrolment. 

Know More About Studying in Australia 

Application Requirements for Australia 

Australia Student Visa Requirements 

Universities in Australia Without Application Fees 

Studying in UK vs Australia 

Australia Visa Guidelines for International PhD Students

  • Students can apply for a visa by registering through an Immi account and applying, managing, and paying the application fee, etc. 
  • The temporary graduate visa allows the students to stay for two more years after the completion of their academics to earn the possibility of earning a Ph.D. stipend Australia and improve their chances of finding employment after education. 
  • The processing time for a visa application is around a month with the validity of the visa limited to the duration of the programme. 
  • The Student visa called Subclass 500 has been simplified by the Australian Immigration system. International students receive one VISA per student. VISA is a necessity for undergraduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. programmes in all the universities of Australia. 

Required visa requirements for an opportunity to enrol in a Ph.D. in Australia:

  • Funds and resources for funding by students: students are required to present bank statements, the existing funds, and the declaration of scholarships (If any) to be granted the visa by the Australian government. The government states the minimum total requirement of funds for pursuing a Ph.D. in Australia is 21,000 AUD (11,25,000 INR). 
  • Full-time programmes: International students must apply to a full-time Ph.D. programme to receive a VISA. The country does not offer visas for part-time Ph.D. students.
  • Admission Letter from University: international students must grant the authorities a recognised Offer letter from the university for acceptance into the Ph.D. programmes.

Guide to Australian Student Visa

Cost of Studying PhD in Australia

The cost of studying at top universities in Australia for PhD includes the total expenses borne by the students as the tuition fee, research resources fee, transportation fee, accommodation fee, meals, and dining expenses, stationery, and the tuition fee. 

The total cost of studying may differ from one programme to another and from university to university. 

Here is an in-depth analysis of all the possible expenses at the best universities in Australia for PhD. 

Cost of Living in Australia

The total cost of living in Australia may differ from region to region. There are many cities in Australia like Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne regarded among the top liveable cities in the world. 

Here are the monthly costs generally incurred by students pursuing a Ph.D. in Australia. 


Average Monthly Cost 

Application Fee

620 AUD (33,000 INR)


230 AUD (12,200 INR)


400 AUD (21,300 INR)


273 AUD (14,500 INR)

F-1 Student Visa

650 AUD (34,600 INR)

Flight Fare (one-way from India to Australia)

200 AUD (10,600 INR)


500 to 1000 AUD (26,000 INR to 53,000 INR)

Books and Supplies

50 AUD (2,600 INR)


50 to 100 AUD (2,600 INR to 5,300 INR)


200 AUD (10,600 INR)

Personal Expenses

1000 AUD (53,000 INR)

Health Insurance

160 AUD (8,500 INR)

International students can also work on paid projects to receive an Australian PhD stipend. The PhD stipend in Australia for international students also focuses on offering students work experiences and practical training. 

Cost of Living in Australia

Tuition Fees

The universities and colleges in Australia provide a vast list of PhD programmes in Australia. The annual fee structure varies from one discipline to another. 


Annual Fee 

Australian National University

39,000 AUD (21,00,000 INR)

University of Melbourne

39,000 AUD (21,00,000 INR)

University of Canberra 

20,000 AUD (10,65,000 INR)

University of Sydney

10,000 AUD (5,32,000 INR)

University of New South Wales

23,000 AUD (12,25,000 INR)

University of Queensland

32,000 AUD (17,00,000 INR)

University of Technology 

21,000 AUD (11,20,000 INR)

Monash University

37,000 AUD (19,72,000 INR)

University of Western Australia

28,000 AUD (15,00,000 INR)

University of the Adelaide

9,000 AUD (4,80,000 INR)

University of Technology, Sydney

22,000 AUD (12,00,000 INR)

University of Wollongong

26,000 AUD (14,00,000 INR)

The average tuition fee for Ph.D. in Australia ranges from 18,000 AUD to 42,000 AUD (9,60,000 INR to 22,38,000 INR) per year. PhD colleges in Australia involve independent research and a well-researched thesis. 

Biotechnology in Australia Guide

Scholarships for PhD in Australia

PhD in Australia can be supplemented with scholarships. A wide variety of universities supports and provides Ph.D. scholarships in Australia to eligible and deserving students. These are some of the Ph.D. scholarships in Australia offered by the universities: 



Amount Covered

Australian National University (ANU)

ANU Ph.D. Scholarships

28,000 AUD (15,00,000 INR)

University of Melbourne

Graduate Research Scholarship

Full tuition fee waiver, PhD Stipend in Australia 

University of New South Wales

Tuition Fee Scholarship (TFS), Research Australia PhD Stipend

28,000 AUD (15,00,000 INR), tuition fee coverage 

University of the Adelaide 

University of Adelaide Research Scholarships 

28,500 AUD (15,20,000 INR)

University of Queensland

Graduate School Scholarship

28,500 AUD (15,20,000 INR)

Monash University

Maxwell King Ph.D. Scholarship

35,000 AUD (18,65,000 INR)

University of Western Australia

The Dean's Excellence in Arts, Business, Law, and Education Ph.D. Scholarships

33,000 AUD (17,60,000), Research stipend of 5,000 AUD (2,66,000 INR)

University of Technology Sydney

International Research Training Program Scholarship (IRTP)

Standard overseas student health insurance coverage, Tuition fee coverage 

University of Wollongong

PhD Scholarship in Australia Opportunities as per various faculties

28,000 AUD (15,00,000 INR)

Want to know how to get PhD scholarship in Australia? Speak to our Yocket Counsellors

Internship Opportunities while Studying PhD in Australia 

Australian universities and colleges provide Ph.D. internships in various disciplines around the world. Students can apply for two or more internships during the duration of the programmes. 

  • There are numerous short-term and long-term internships for international students in public and private enterprises and organisations. 
  • Students can work 20 hours a week during working days on campus and 40 hours a week during holidays. 
  • The average PhD stipend Australia 2022 for an intern is 68,000 AUD (36,00,000 INR) per year. 

Masters Universities in Australia

Career Opportunities After Completing a PhD in Australia

The job opportunities for PhD in Australia for Indian students are on the rise. There is a high demand for individuals with deeper knowledge, and critical and research skills. The majority of Ph.D. holders find employment in academic areas as professors or a scholar in universities. However, more than 51% of Ph.D. holders in Australia enter public enterprises and businesses once they graduate. 

  • The top recruiters for Ph.D. graduates in Australia include sectors like Banking, Financial Services & Insurance, Mining, Oil & Energy, Computer Software & Information Technology, and Management Consulting & Accounting with the highest placement package of 180,000 AUD (95,00,000 INR) per annum.
  • The average salary of a student after completion of PhD in Australia ranges from 80,000 AUD to 160,000 AUD (42,29,000 INR to 85,00,000 INR) per year.

Here are some of the popular career choices after completing a PhD in Australia for Indian students: 

Job Opportunities

Average Payscale (Annual)

Banking and Finance 

100,000 AUD (52,86,000 INR)

Information Technology and Computers 

75,000 AUD (40,64,000 INR)


100,000 AUD (52,86,000 INR)

Mining and Oil 

180,000 AUD (95,00,000 INR)

Accounting and Management Consulting 

75,000 AUD (40,64,000 INR) 

Medical and Pharmaceutical 

125,000 AUD (65,00,000 INR)


110,000 AUD (58,14,000 INR)

Academic Professors 

150,000 AUD (80,00,000 INR) 

:Job Prospects in Australia for International Students

How to Find a Job and Internship for Phd in Australia? 

To improve the chances of finding ideal internships and jobs for Ph.D in Australia:

  • Tailoring the Resume: Finding employment requires Ph.D graduates to show their experience to find the workforce. Market skills like persistence, patience, research, curiosity, and discipline leave a lasting impression on employers. The graduates must showcase their determination and confidence, their academic qualifications, research skills, problem-solving skills, etc. in the resume for potential employers. 
  • Developing Networks and Connections: Australia conducts various public events, seminars, job fairs, and industry events to learn and develop networks in the field of interest. It is one of the best ways to find a job with desirable employees. Make sure to send emails and conduct meetings. 
  • Find Opportunities Outside Academic Sector: To find employment or internship after PhD in Australia must showcase and develop valuable skills. 

Cheap Universities in Australia

Indian students are one of the largest resources for Australia and overseas working as trainees and specialist researchers. The engaging and interactive atmosphere in Australia with career-intensive practices and approaches to develop individuals into valuable and enthusiastic assets working at prestigious positions globally. For more information on studying in Australia, do get in touch with our Yocket Counsellors


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