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Job Opportunities For International Students In Australia

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Australia has been widely recognised for its academic excellence. Today, the number of international students has increased due to the country's diverse academic opportunities. But did you know that these same students go on to extend their visas here after graduation? The top reason is the great work opportunities offered here.

International students get to work with the top brands in the market. An experience here can help shape their career better. Apart from this, the ideal salary is paid based on a student’s skills and knowledge. So, if you’re considering job opportunities for international students in Australia, this blog will guide you through the process. 

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Benefits Of Working While Studying In Australia 

There are several jobs for international students in Australia. When you choose the right job, you will gain valuable experience that will be helpful through your course of study. We’ve listed all the benefits of working while studying in Australia below.

  1. Skill Enhancement: You will gain exposure to different working methods that will broaden your skillset. 
  2. Build Communication: You will be exposed to working with people of diverse backgrounds, wherein you can build cross-cultural communication.
  3. Network: Global networking opportunities will be open to you. You can build and establish a strong network.
  4. Earn Additional Income: You can earn additional income to cover your living expenses. You will also be able to utilize such funds for exploring tourist destinations in Australia during your stay as a student.
  5. Part-Time Work Opportunities: If you secure a part-time job relevant to your field of study, you will gain work experience while you study. This will allow you to implement the concepts you study at your college in real time.

Part-time jobs in Australia

Job Opportunities For International Students In Australia With Student Visa

When you avail Student Visa (Subclass 500) for Australia, you can work part-time in any industry during your course stay in Australia as a student. You can work up to 40 hours in two weeks while your classes are going on. When your university declares study breaks, and you do not have to attend college, you can work for an unlimited number of hours in graduate jobs in Australia for international students. Currently, the Government of Australia permits you to begin working even before your course begins at your university. 

How to work while studying abroad?

Job Opportunities For International Students In Australia

After you obtain a study visa for Australia and fly there, you can use the job opportunities for international students in Australia. The Government of Australia permits international students to work legally throughout their stay. Two types of part-time jobs for international students in Australia are on-campus and off-campus. We've detailed them below.

On-campus job opportunities

Australian universities offer part-time work for international students in Australia within their campuses. It can be both academic and non-academic jobs. Academic jobs are assisted jobs such as library assistant, research assistant, lab assistant, etc. Whereas non-academic jobs are standalone, such as dining hall workers, servers, etc. The most-opted job roles and the average salary are mentioned in the table below. 

Job Role

Average Salary

Library Assistant

27 AUD/hour


22 AUD/hour

Dining Hall Worker

25 AUD/hour

Off-campus job opportunities

Off-campus job opportunities for international students in Australia allow you to work part-time in any role and industry. You can work in any role based on your interests to gain exposure and experience and earn monetarily. If you gain work experience relevant to your field of study, it will enhance your resume by the time you complete your course in Australia. Some off-campus job opportunities for international students in Australia are listed below.

Job Role

Average Salary

Office Assistant

30 AUD -35 AUD/hour


20 AUD-26 AUD/hour


22 AUD - 25 AUD/hour

Methods To Find Jobs For International Students In Australia

As an international student, there are several ways to find a part-time job in Australia. They are,

  • Your university's career services
  • Personal network
  • Professional network
  • Job portals

Use Your University’s Career Services

  • Attend job-related events organized by your university, such as webinars, workshops, talks, and career fairs.
  • As a student, you might need help with writing your CV or how to talk with professionals. 
  • Career-related events may help you start and even build a network. 

Personal Network 

That foreign land will soon be your home once you start talking to people and building a network. Stay connected to your professors, friends and seniors. You must know people from your part-time job experience as a student. If you cannot get your hands on a job, seek contacts in your network for assistance.

Professional Network 

People say it's a virtual world. But platforms such as LinkedIn can be compelling to connect with professionals and know their interests. You can join relevant groups and forums to stay updated with industry news.

Job Portals 

There are multiple job sites in Australia. Sign up on the job portals using your active e-mail address and mobile number. Keep your profile updated and actively search for jobs. Some of the frequently used job portals in Australia for part-time jobs by international students are, 

  • LinkedIn
  • jobs
  • Indeed Australia
  • ArtsHub
  • Careerjet
  • Glassdoor
  • Job Australia

Getting a job in Australia as an international student

The first step in finding the right job through any method is conducting thorough research. Use the following steps to do your research.

Dedicate your time to understanding the following:

  • Know how Australians recruit, i.e., what is the recruitment process.
  • Job market and the trending jobs
  • Employers in your target industry, e.g., name of organizations hiring management graduates
  • Before interviewing, go through an organization's website and read its values.
  • Use platforms such as Factiva and Fair Work Ombudsman to know business-related in-depth information.

Know Your Selling Points

Recruiters want to be assured that you will be able to adapt to their companies. Have a look at these:

  • You are an international student and adapted to a foreign land
  • You have interacted with people from different nationalities, ethics, and whatnot during your coursework.
  • You have developed communication skills
  • You are culturally sensitive

Also, you can utilize selling points on your academics.

Graduate Jobs Australia For International Students: Post-study Work Visa 

After completing your course at an Australian university, job opportunities in Melbourne for international students are immense. After graduation, you can apply for a Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485) for graduate jobs Australia for international students. Under this visa, you can stay and work in Australia for 2-4 years based on your qualification. Your immediate family can stay with you in Australia under this visa permit. 

Cost for Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485) – starting from 1,730 AUD

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Wrapping up

Now that you know about the job opportunities in Australia, it is time to take the next step. It begins with choosing the right course and an Australian university to pursue your education. Part-time jobs will supplement you with experience and monetary value during your course stay in Australia as a student. If you need guidance or support in choosing the right degree or university as per your interest, feel free to reach out to our Yocket counsellors anytime.



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