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MIM in Singapore: MIM Colleges in Singapore Cost, Eligibility, Scholarships, Jobs

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Singapore is a top-tier educational hub that gives Indian & international students a worldwide perspective and a broad range of course options. Singapore provides an extensive educational system, ranging from a widely regarded state-funded educational system to world-class colleges.

The Master in Management is a postgraduate academic program that provides general administration and association information. Recently, the MIM Singapore has emerged as a viable alternative to the Master of Business Administration (MBA) for grad students from any disciplinary background with little or no practical business experience who aspire to pursue a management career. In this article, further you will find a brief about different aspects of the MIM course in Singapore: its eligibility criteria, admission process, jobs, etc.

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Why Study MIM in Singapore?

There are numerous reasons to pursue a master's in management program in Singapore, including the following:

  • To pursue a MIM course in Singapore students will not require work experience or other specific qualifications. As students can get admitted right after graduation, and can apply for this program in Singapore with as little as one year of professional experience if required by the universities.
  • Studying the MIM course in Singapore gives you a globally oriented program that emphasises global experiences and cooperation with the business market and networks.
  • MIM is one of Singapore's most well-known courses, as it provides severe theoretical classes with various elective options like business ethics or web-based business.
  • MIM Singapore courses aid students in gaining significant global exposure in the commercial sector.

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MIM Colleges in Singapore

International students planning to pursue a MIM program can look for different MIM colleges in Singapore. The MIM programs in Singapore help international students to tackle the challenges faced in the management world. Some of the following MIM universities in Singapore are:

  1. National University of Singapore
  2. PSB Academy
  3. Singapore Management University
  4. SIM University
  6. Nanyang Business School

So, these are some of the best Singapore MIM universities offering MIM programs to international students. Let’s discuss it in detail:

1.  National University of Singapore

The National University of Singapore is Asia's highest and most influential research university, providing a global approach to its education and exploration programs, focusing on Asian settings. NUS' practical approach in the MIM course blended with entrepreneurship enables the university to work closely with industry, government, and academia to address vital and difficult issues that affect Asia and the rest of the world.



QS Ranking 2024


QS Subject Ranking 2024


Program Offered

MSC in MIM for 1.5 years

Program Duration

2 Years

Program Fees

USD 45,000 (34,964,370 INR) yearly

2.  PSB Academy

PSB Academy, founded in 1964, is a highly regarded private advanced education institution in Singapore. It was initially known as the Management Services Supervisory Development branch of the National Productivity Board. The MIM course offered by the institute is finely constituted, offering students a complete insight into the management world.


Independent School

Program Offered

MSc in International Management

Program Duration

2 years

Program Fees

USD 17,999 (1,398,497 INR) yearly

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3.  Singapore Management University

Singapore Management University (SMU) is a private university founded in 2000. The Singapore government chose Ho Kwon Ping, a money manager, to assist in the formation and development of the college in 1997. The MIM course offered in the university carries a comprehensive curriculum that covers the current trends in business management, and provides a foundation for individuals with no prior business experience to successfully transition into the world of business.



QS Ranking 2024


QS Subject Ranking 2024


Program Offered

MSc in Management

Program Duration

18 months

Program Fees

USD 48150 (37,41,187 INR) yearly


INSEAD is the leading management institute in Singapore with the mission of producing leaders. This mission is carried out by the INSEAD Master in Management (MIM). This 14- to 16-month course combines an innovative learning style with a problem-solving focus. Its goal is to empower the next generation of inventive leaders wanting to face the challenges in the business world.



QS Subject Ranking 2024


Program Offered


Program Duration

14-16 months

Program Fees

USD 52,933.57 (INR 4,105,077.79) yearly

5.  SIM University

SIM University (UniSIM) is a private university in Singapore founded in 2005. It was once a private institution until 2017, when it was refurbished and brought under the Ministry of Education as the 6th independent college, Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS). The MIM program is finely conceptualised according to the current business standards. Students can choose elective modules including Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Change and Strategy, Organisational Leadership, and others.



QS Ranking 2024


QS Subject Ranking 2024


Program Offered

MIM course in different subjects

Program Duration

18 months

Program Fees

USD 19,482 (15,13,800 INR) yearly

6.  Nanyang Business School

The Nanyang MIM is a cutting-edge curriculum that will help you succeed in the global business world. Learn how the program's core characteristics can help you progress your career and set yourself apart as a forward-thinking leader.



QS Ranking 2024


QS Subject Ranking 2024


Program Offered


Program Duration


Program Fees

USD 28,381.86 (INR 2,200,868.60) yearly

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Eligibility Criteria and Admission Requirements for MIM in Singapore

MIM is a program designed for graduates who are keen to shape up their career and advance their skills. Over the last decade, pursuing the best MIM programs in Singapore has become a popular choice for those who do not intend to study an MBA.

Some of the eligibility criteria are:

  1. Academic Qualifications
  2. English Language Proficiency Test Scores
  3. Work Experience
  4. Standardised Tests
  5. Passport and Visa

So, these are some of the basic eligibility criteria for Singapore MIM for international students.

Academic Qualifications

International students applying for the MIM course in Singapore should graduate from a reputable university.

English Language Proficiency Test Scores

A good score in the English Proficiency test for the MIM in Singapore will be helpful. However, you need to check which university accepts any of the mentioned test scores:

Universities and business schools generally don't ask for work experience for MIM in Singapore.

Standardised Tests

Singapore universities don't ask for GMAT/GRE scores. It's a good idea to double-check whether a GMAT or GRE score is required by the college you're applying to.

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Documents Required For MIM In Singapore

To take admission in Singapore universities, international students are required to submit some additional documents for the MIM course in Singapore.

  • Academic Transcripts
  • Updated resume
  • SOP
  • LOR
  • Scorecard of the GMAT/GRE (if applicable).
  • Financial support documentation
  • Scorecard of the TOEFL or IELTS
  • Current Photographs (passport size)

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Admission Process for MIM in Singapore for International Students

The following is a step-by-step guide to take admission to MIM colleges in Singapore:

  • Research for the university in which you want to apply for the MIM programs in Singapore.
  • Go to the official college/university website and check all qualification and affirmation cycle information and see if the college recognizes your bachelor's degree qualification.
  • Upload required copies of the several required documents (Mark sheet, CVs, IELTS/TOEFL, GMAT/GRE scorecards) reviewed.
  • Complete the appropriate application process and pay the application fee.
  • After completing and presenting your web-based application format, you will be required to prepare for a University Interview.
  • After clearing the interview you will receive an acceptance letter from the selected university. The letter confirms your selection, following which you can reserve an admission at the desired college.
  • Pay your admission fee by agreeing to the college's terms and conditions and apply for a student visa for Singapore.

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Cost of Studying MIM in Singapore

The cost of studying a MIM course in Singapore varies according to the type of college and lifestyle you select. The costs can be further divided into two categories: tuition and the cost of living.

Tuition Fees

MIM programs in Singapore colleges have a variety of cost structures. The cost is also determined by the type of specialised course you select. Yearly, MIM Singapore expenses typically range from USD12,898 to 38,694/ (30,00,000 to 10,00,000 INR).


Cost (in USD)

Cost (in INR)

Public Universities


300,000 per year

Private Schools


2,714,071.62 per year

Cost Of Living

The cost of living in Singapore depends on the location and the lifestyle. You also need to check if you can afford certain aspects of the country.

Refer to the table that breaks out the essential expenses:


In USD (Per Month)

In INR (Per Month)


141 – 220

11,000 – 17,000


103 – 516

8,000 – 40,000

Bus Transport



Public Trains



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Top Scholarships for MIM in Singapore

Scholarship is the best way to ease the cost of living and studying in MIM colleges in Singapore. Just like other country universities/colleges, Singapore also offers scholarships for international students. Students can seek scholarships for MIM in Singapore. Some of the following scholarships are mentioned below:


Amount Granted

Hani Zeini Scholarship

USD 1,000/ (INR. 74,390)

Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship

USD 10,000/(INR 7,37,600)

Harvey Fellowship

USD 16,000/ (INR 11,90,240)

Jared J. Davis Grant

USD 1,000/ (INR 74,390)

Golden Key Graduate Scholar Award

USD 2,500/ (INR1,85,975)

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Jobs After MIM in Singapore

After earning your master's in management, you'll have a plethora of work options after MIM in Singapore. The MIM degree will prepare you for a rewarding career in a variety of fields, including investment firms, consulting, change management engineering, fashion technology, and retail. Several of these positions pay well and have promising future possibilities.

Job Prospects

Annual Package (in USD)

HR manager

74,785/ (INR 58 lacs )

General operation manager

42,550/ (INR 33 lacs )

Training manager

48,997/ (INR 38 lacs )

Sales manager

46,418/ (INR 36 lacs )

Social media manager

33,524/ (INR 26 lacs )

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Pursuing MIM in Singapore is quite promising and will open the gateway to success. We have covered all the major aspects of higher studies in Singapore which we hope will help you. To know more about the MIM course in Singapore and other related information contact a Yocket Professional to get doubts cleared.


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