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Singapore Student Visa Requirements: Know Age, Language, Financial Requirements for Singapore Student Visa

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Singapore is emerging as the next global educational hub with its top-notch universities which provide affordable education.  One should know that there is a separate document, known as a Singapore student visa or student pass, that an applicant requires to study in Singapore. It is a prerequisite for international students enrolled in a full-time course lasting more than 30 days. Singapore is gradually becoming popular among international students. This blog is a single-stop solution to prepare for the visa proceedings, so you can take off easily to your desired university. 

Are you also aiming to join the National University of Singapore (NSU) or Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) this admission season? While you are busy with the exam preparations, we have assembled the Singapore study visa requirements for our Indian students. 

  Table of Contents:

  1. Singapore Study Visa Requirements
  2. Singapore Student Visa Age Limit
  3. Singapore Student Visa Financial Requirements
  4. Singapore Student Visa Language Requirements
  5. Singapore Student Visa Requirements: IELTS Band

Singapore Study Visa Requirements

Once you receive the offer letter from the universities in Singapore you have applied for, start to put down these documents in place for a smooth process. These are some of the essential requirements for acquiring a Singapore student visa.  Keep in mind that most of these documents will be verified by the Singapore immigration and checkpoint Authority (ICA)


  • Student Visa application form 

The student visa application form will be registered by the Institutes of Higher Learning (IHL) on your behalf. You can add the details and fill the e-form 16 and V-36 from the Student’s Pass Online Application and Registration (SOLAR) platform.


  • Passport

Share an updated passport which shall at least have validity for the next three months. 


  • One Passport size photo

Keep the latest photo for the Singapore study visa application. 


  • Visa application fee

The application fee will be paid at the end of your application submission step. The visa processing fee is SGD 30 and visa issuance costs SGD 60. 


  • Bank Statements 

The original and latest bank statements are one of the necessary Singapore study visa requirements.  


  • Transcripts

This includes all the mark sheets from the standard tenth to the degree course. Keep your IELTS/ TOEFL/ GRE documents as well. 


  • Bank loan sanction letter (if necessary)

This is an essential student visa requirement for applicants funding their education through student loans. 

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Singapore Student Visa Age Limit 

Singapore student visa doesn’t have any fixed age limit. Despite this, the application process differs slightly depending on the applicant's age. Students below the age of 19 years attending a full-time course will get their applications processed by the ICA directly. 

Applicants over the age of 19 who are pursuing a non-graduate or postgraduate degree in commercial, language, vocational, or fine arts will be required to attend an interview with the Singapore embassy in order to obtain a Singapore student pass.

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Singapore Student Visa Financial Requirements 

As mentioned above, the applicant has to provide the recent bank statements for the purpose of the student visa. If a security deposit (SD) is necessary, the student will pay the SD in Singapore and ICA will collect it from them. The cost is SGD 5,000 in the form of a Banker's Guarantee or a Cashier's Order from any established bank in Singapore.

The tuition fee varies depending on the university and the courses you choose, however, it is estimated that the master's program will cost around SGD 35000 on average. The other costs that can be incurred during the academic period are as follows:




Approximately SGD 200 - 450


Approximately SGD 200 - 1500


Approximately SGD 40 -100

If unable to meet the requirements, it can lead to rejection of Singapore student visa.


Singapore Student Visa Language Requirements

For Indians, language is a significant requirement for Singapore student visa. There are four official languages namely English, Malay, Mandarin, and Tamil recognized by the Singaporean government. Most IHL will be offering courses in English, hence, working on English proficiency while applying for the student visa is advisable. On the other hand, if you opt to study in a non-native language, you would have to demonstrate your language proficiency before applying. 


Singapore Student Visa Requirements - IELTS Band 

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is an English language proficiency test required for work, education, and migration across the world. It has four components namely reading, writing, speaking, and listening. IELTS score will be required by registration agencies representing healthcare professionals in Singapore, including nursing, medicine, and pharmacy. If an international medical graduate's basic medical degree was received from a medical school where the medium of instruction was not English, the Singapore Medical Council requires them to produce evidence of English language ability. 


IELTS Band Requirements of Singapore Institutes

The following are a few renowned institutions of Singapore. To secure admission to these institutions, one might need a decent IELTS score to be considered. Here is a list of a few most famous institutions with their IELTS band requirement:


Minimum IELTS Band Score

National University of Singapore


Nanyang Technological University


Singapore Management University


The famous tourist country, Singapore, is gradually becoming an educational hub for higher education. The smooth study visa process is a cherry on the cake for the applicants. If you are also aspiring to study in Singapore, you can reach out to Yocket consultants to receive in-depth information about the colleges and processes of Singapore universities. 


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