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MIM Without GMAT: Best MIM Colleges Without GMAT for International Students

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Are you looking to hone your leadership and managerial skills without an MBA? Do you want to explore business universities without taking the GMAT? Whatever the case may be, it is possible. You can pursue the Master in Management (MIM) course abroad and gain specialisation in finance, consulting, marketing, accounting, etc. Additionally, many b-schools/universities provide MIM without GMAT.

MIM is a popular management program opted for by many professionals instead of an MBA. After getting sufficient experience, a MIM student can work as an HR Manager, Training Manager, General Operations Manager, Area Sales Manager, or Business Development Officer/Manager.

But how and where can one apply for MIM without GMAT? This guide will help you understand the role of masters in management without GMAT, the best universities that offer MIM, the application process, etc. Without any further delay, let’s dive right in!

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Is GMAT Required for MIM Admissions?

GMAT is a globally standardised and trusted aptitude test that is used by all the b-schools to evaluate a candidate’s skill set. Although good GMAT scores don’t ensure the chances of selection but could slightly tilt the decision in the student's favour. In fact, 40% of MIM programs need a GMAT score.

However, every year, many candidates take the GMAT but are unable to secure the required scores and don’t have the time to reappear for the test. In this case, they can also apply for masters in management without GMAT. Even though GMAT score will amp up your application profile, one can get admission without taking the test. So it is required by some universities and waived off by others. You just have to check with your dream university. 

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Let's check the steps to pursue a MIM without GMAT. 

How to Pursue MIM Without GMAT?

Not all business schools and universities mandate it to provide GMAT scores as part of the application process. Instead, the final admission is based on interview performance, the candidate’s profile, and the following crucial documents:

  • GPA Score: If you wish to do MIM without GMAT, you need to score at least 70% above GPA, i.e. from 1.7 to 4 scale.
  • Essays: Many MIM universities ask for an admission essay from the candidate. A well-written and coherent essay can improve your chances of getting admission to the MIM course. Universities provide topics for a MIM essay, so understand the nuances of the asked questions and draft an essay within the word limit.
  • Letter of Recommendation (LOR): A well-structured 400 to 500 words LOR from old teachers and professors can increase your chances of getting selected. Many MIM universities abroad ask for a LOR from their candidates.
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP): A personal SOP document helps provide a reflection of your personality to the admissions committee and acts as a subjective aspect of your application.
  • Work Experience: For MIM admission, the universities do not require immense work experience. Therefore, a student can attain an edge over other applications with 1-year work experience. 
  • English Language Score (if applicable): If your native language is not English, then you might have to take the IELTS with no less than a 6.5 band score and TOEFL with a score between 90-100. A higher score will help increase your chances of admission.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV): A CV will help present your academic and professional history to the MIM universities abroad. So create a one-page resume and help the admission officers to validate your career.

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Next, let's explore the...

MIM Universities Without GMAT Abroad

One can pursue MIM programs without GMAT by selecting from these renowned universities/colleges. 

  1. NUS Business School
  2. The University of Edinburgh
  3. University of Sydney
  4. University of Illinois
  5. University of Bath School of Management

Let’s go through the top MIM colleges without GMAT list!

1. NUS Business School, Singapore

This world-leading comprehensive research university offers MIM without GMAT for a 1-year duration. The course provides graduates with a solid foundation in management focus areas and a firm grounding in business leadership concepts. So you can choose it to start your MIM study.

Type of University


QS World University Ranking 2023


Annual Fees

26,000 EUR (INR 21.41 Lakh)

Program Offered

MSc in Management

2. The University of Edinburgh, UK

This university offers a MIM course for a duration of 1 year. This course will give you an understanding of contemporary management issues in a constantly changing business environment. Besides, it will encourage you to apply your knowledge to real-life management challenges. So select from these MIM programs without GMAT and build a successful career.

Type of University


QS World University Ranking 2023


Annual Fees

27,355 EUR (INR 22.44 Lakh)

Program Offered

Master of Science (MSc) in Management

3. University of Sydney, Australia

This is an open research university that offers 2 MIM courses without GMAT. Their duration is 13-18 months. Besides, the institute has experienced faculty members, quality of education, and practical exposure. So you can choose it and begin your MIM without GMAT journey.

Type of University


QS World University Ranking 2023


Average Annual Fees

30,000 EUR (INR 24.76 to 26.37 Lakhs)

Programs Offered

Masters of Management, Masters of Management (CEMS)

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4. University of Illinois, USA

This university offers the MIM course that provides flexibility and practical training. Besides, it will help you specialise in areas like data analytics, marketing, global business, or finance. The course duration is 9 months. So you can choose it for your Master in Management study.

Type of University


QS World University Ranking 2023


Annual Fees

35,000 EUR (INR 28.57 Lakh)

Program Offered

Master of Science Management (MSM)

5. University of Bath School of Management, UK

This university offers the MIM course for a duration of 1 year. The program will help the students acquire immense practical and theoretical knowledge. Besides, it provides a strong introduction to management subjects with specialisation in marketing, operations management, finance, human resource management, and corporate social responsibility. So you can explore the details and make a final call.

Type of University


QS World University Ranking 2023


Annual Fees

27,000 EUR (INR 22.31 Lakh)

Program Offered

MSc in Management

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Now you know the universities that do not require GMAT for MIM. Next, let's explore...

What is the Application Process for MIM Colleges Without GMAT?

Usually, all top MIM colleges without GMAT have the same admission process. Therefore, let’s dive right into the steps.

  • Firstly, ensure that your undergraduate degree is complete.
  • Select your preferred university/college that offers MIM programs without GMAT.
  • Check with the selected university whether or not you need professional work experience.
  • Complete the required English Language Score test (IELTS or TOEFL).
  • Universities want to know your financial strategy, so have a clear and organised finance plan. You can apply for scholarships, loans, or grants beforehand.
  • Fill out your application form online and upload the required documents/transcripts. Upon selection, submit your MIM course fee and apply for a visa.

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Focus Areas to Pursue MIM Without GMAT

The top MIM colleges without GMAT demand a few focus areas. Let’s go through the list and submit a robust application. 

  • Write an Impressive SOP: It is critical to write an impactful Statement of Purpose as it can help achieve an edge over the other candidates. So write a 500-1000 word SOP with no plagiarism; keep it conversational and submit it in a PDF format.
  • Influential LOR: Letter of Recommendation can back a MIM seat easily if framed correctly with your academic and personal achievements. So select a recommender who knows your achievements and aspirations.
  • Well-designed Resume: It is important to read the university instructions/requirements before constructing a CV. Remember that it isn’t a job resume, so add dates, the exact time spent in a position/degree, and work/internship experience.

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Now you know the MIM colleges without GMAT and the critical documents required in their admission process, so fill out your applications with concentration. However, if you get stuck at any step or need end-to-end expert guidance, connect with our trained counsellors by subscribing to Yocket premium.  

Frequently Asked Questions about MIM without GMAT

Ques. Is MIM without GMAT better than MBA?

Ans. The difference between a Masters in Management without GMAT and an MBA is that the MIM equips early-career students with knowledge of the business. At the same time, the MBA provides students with a basis for career acceleration or change. So you can choose between the courses as per your preference.

Ques. How much do MIM degree holders earn?

Ans. The average weighted salary of MIM degree holders from the top 10 b-schools ranges from INR 58,08,765 to 88,29,322 yearly.

Ques. In which countries is the MIM degree most popular?

Ans. MIM is most recognized in Germany, France, the UK, Italy, and Spain.

Ques. Is a MIM degree cheaper than an MBA?

Ans. Yes, MIM is cheaper than MBA in the case of most international universities.

Ques. What does the course structure include in MIM colleges without GMAT?

Ans. The course structure in MIM colleges with and without GMAT is the same. It includes subjects like business ethics, economics, corporate and business strategy, finance, entrepreneurship, engineering management, etc.

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