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Application Process for the Universities in Singapore

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The application process in Singaporean Universities differs according to the level one wishes to gain admission into. Primarily there are three levels international students are interested in after schooling: the Bachelor’s, Master's and Doctorate.

In Singapore the educational institutions are divided into six public institutions, five polytechnic institutions, about two art Universities and more than a dozen private Universities. These institutions accept applications from local students as well as international students.


Visit the official university website:

First and foremost, the primary step that must be taken to begin the application process in a University of your choice is to visit the official website of the university (mostly the application process is available in an online format). The online application process for a University is clearly given with easy instructions to follow. This is advisable when you are sure of your goals and are aware in which University you want to be in. Most online application processes will ask you to select your degree of choice and have ready all the documents that would be required for verification and administration purposes.

Note-worthy: Mostly government Universities in Singapore accept online applications. Private institutions are known to require offline applications as well from international students.


Language Proficiency tests required to study in Singapore:

If you are not a native speaker then it’s best to begin with brushing up on those English learning lessons. On the same not, remember to check if the University of your choice has an English proficiency test requirement, in which case you must also have the results of your TOEFL/IELTS tests handy (make sure you have the latest scores; usually six months after the taking of the test is considered to be the margin). This depends upon your University of choice. The Universities in Singapore are known to accept the results of the C1 Advanced exam also.

Added to that, the official languages of Singapore include Malay and Tamil languages besides English. Make sure to check if the University you are interested in has a policy which requires you to be proficient in any of the above mentioned languages other than English, or with combination with it.


Academic Profile/ GPA:

On a separate note, the results of your school or pre-University college also matter significantly in your application process. Have a strong GPA base ready by the time you are ready to apply.


Documents required to apply to Singaporean Universities:

It is essential that you double-check the required documents when you are applying at an international University. The documents that you will be required to submit might include-

  • Personal contact information

  • Academic qualifications reports

  • Certificates showing your extracurricular and co-curricular achievements

Other documents which would be asked for may include-

  • Identification documents

  • Academic transcripts/statement of learning/record of achievement. Acquiring the latter often takes time, especially if the office of your institution is closed. Be sure to possess them—duly stamped by your previous University on their letterhead—well within time.

  • SOP

  • LOR


University Application Process for Singapore:

Be aware that the actual application process for University begins much later than the preparation for it does.


The online application process would look something like this:

  1. Visit the official website of the University and look for the ‘Apply’ tab

  2. Fill in your login/sign-up details as may be

  3. Fill up the form with authentic and correct information

  4. Have the required documents ready in the prescribed format

  5. Upload the required documents


The offline application process for universities in Singapore:

In case you are applying offline, you would have to print out the application form and then deal with the hassle of couriering your documents with the application to the admission offices of the University of your choice. More often than not the Singapore University would have a concerned office in India or consultant offices; this is where your offline applications would go to. While some prefer the offline application procedure more it is always better to opt for the online application process when given a choice as that is largely error-free and can be dispensed with in one sitting within the comfort of your home.


University Application fee:

The application process is accompanied by a fee. It may differ according from University to University. For example, the latest rates for applying to the National University of Singapore lies between SGD 10.45 to SGD 20.91 (532.27 INR to 1065.65 INR).

After paying the fee, get a receipt if available. Keep checking the status of your application. It could be found online on the website of the University you have applied in. Keep an eye out for the deadlines. If you are not careful you might miss out on the University of your dreams. As long as we are on that point, you must ensure that you apply to more than one University. There is no certainty that you will get into the first University you apply in, unless your GPA is exceptional and so are your extracurricular credentials.


Remember, your SOP, LOR, Admission Essay, CV, Singapore Student Visa and education loans are an integral part of your application process. Prepare for the same multiple times, see the examples of previously submitted SOPs, etc. to understand the game.

Finally, double-check everything before you submit it online.

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