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Is MIM Worth it: Is MIM Better than MBA?


A master in management is a postgraduate degree in business and related fields. According to Financial Times, MIM is no less than an MBA in terms of scope and salary benefits. This 1-to-2-year program is intended for recent graduates, covering the fundamentals of business while serving you to connect with future employers and shape the basis of a strong professional network.

According to the Graduate Management Admission Council's 2021 Corporate Recruiters' Survey, the median salary for MIM graduates currently is around $55,000. Top colleges such as LSE, Bocconi, LBS, and HEC, among others, offer the MIM program as one of their top courses, and the trend has been chosen by numerous US colleges such as Ross Michigan, Duke and several others. So, if you're in doubt thinking, “is master in management worth it?”, we have covered all the required information about the MIM program, its importance and the reasons to study the MIM program for international students below!

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What Makes the MIM Program Abroad Worth it?

When international students plan to study the MIM program, they usually think, is MIM better than MBA? Or is MIM worth it? Well, the program has an excellent status and is frequented by top companies from all sectors, including banking, consulting, marketing finance, etc. These companies actively employ the ranks of MIM students for entry-level or mid-level jobs.

Apart from it, there are some key pointers that international students can consider while planning for the MIM abroad program. Some of them are:

  • Getting an opportunity to determine various career options through detailed interactions with companies and 3–6-month internship programs.
  • A highly varied class and study atmosphere. Studying abroad is one of the best things to advance a more open mind and outgoing behaviour.
  • Excellent networking opportunities both with fellow MIM students and other MBA students.
  • MIMs programs could be done in a shorter time duration, one year.
  • MIMs are, owing to a healthier international mix of students and location in Europe, inclined to offer better experiences compared to Indian Business Schools.

Find Out Top MIM Colleges in World for International Students

4 Benefits of Studying Master in Management Abroad

By pursuing a MIM degree, international students advance plenty of leadership and managerial skills and contribute to either internship opportunities or practical experiences. The following benefits can prove the MIM degree worth it:

  • Get Insights from Business Leaders Globally

Due to universal partnerships between top business schools and corporations, some master’s in management programs provide the opportunity to increase international experience and travel to numerous countries to get insights from leading global experts.

  • Little or No Work Experience Required

For admission to top universities abroad, many MIM programs do not have work experience requirements or expect a maximum of 1 year of earlier employment. Masters in Management offer the foundation for a great career start and help fresh graduates discover a good job in a progressively young job market filled with high expectations.

  • Develop a Complete Set of Managerial Skills

A MIM degree will benefit your progress in great interpersonal skills, be a quick problem solver, and overall, you will know how to apply managerial philosophy to the real world of business. You will clearly understand how business functions considering the socio-economic atmosphere, and you will be able to achieve the challenges of global affairs.

  • MIM Degrees are Internationally Oriented

The rising popularity of the MIM program is supported by the fact that the program is designed for an international student audience, with courses offered in English. Some main subjects discussed during classes are organisational behaviour, management theory and other aspects of the business world.

Difference Between MIM and MBA

How MIM is Better than MBA Program?

The difference between a MIM and vs MBA is that the MIM program offers initial-career students the info they need to start their business career, whereas the MBA abroad offers most students the basis for career advancement or a transition.

Below we have tabulated the difference between MIM and MBA; going through the table, you can analyse is MIM better than MBA.


MIM Program

MBA Program

Duration of the Program

A Master's in management program is usually shorter, ranging from 12 to 18 months

MBA programs are 2 years long programs except for the executive MBA program


MIM has more courses compared to MBA.

It offers a progressive study of management, with an emphasis on the application of theory and research to the practice of management

The MBA program has more elective courses than MIM.

It offers an advanced study of business, with a concentration on the application of theory and research to the practice of business

Cost of Education

MIM tuition price is lower than that of an MBA program.

The MIM institutions globally charge between 28,000 – 50,000 USD per year

The MBA program is costly, and it charges somewhere between 40,000 – 130,000 USD per year

Work Experience Required

The MIM program asks for internship experiences and not full-time work experience

The MBA program needs at least 3 years of work experience and professional honours. 

Best Jobs after MIM for International Students

Once you’ve made up your mind about getting a MIM degree abroad, you would want to know “is MIM degree worth it” and which countries are the best to do so. So, to know more information about the MIM program and other required info. sign up on Yocket and clear all your queries!

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