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Masters in Public Health in UK: Top Public Health Universities in UK, Admission Requirements, Cost and More

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Home to some of the best universities in the world, UK is internationally renowned for its Public Health programs. Public Health courses in UK are aligned with the World Health Organizations’ global advocacies and offer the best education in the field. The UK also offers multiple perks to students studying this field. From providing diverse job opportunities to covering all public health disciplines, pursuing Masters in Public Health in UK universities gives you the right skills needed to build your career in the field of Public Healthcare. 

Choosing to pursue a MSc Public Health UK program, is therefore definitely a sensible investment. In this blog we help you get started  by covering all the essential information you need to know about Public Health courses UK including top universities, rankings, fees, requirements and more for MAc Public Health UK.

Table of Contents:

Why Study MPH in UK?

Before we can get into the details of pursuing MPH in UK, let’s understand why public health courses UK are a preferred choice among international students. Listed below are some good reasons to pursue masters in Public Health UK:

  • Duration: The duration of MSc Public Health UK program is one year. This is less than the duration of the program in other popular destinations like the USA and Canada where it takes 2 or more years to complete the MPH program.
  • Develop Skills: You will be pursuing the public health course in UK from highly ranked universities. The course is designed to help graduates develop the right skills needed to pursue a successful career in this field.
  • Placement Opportunities: The best universities for MPH  in UK offer great placement opportunities, especially in the medical sector, as most universities are already associated with medical centers. Thus finding a job after completing masters in Public Health UK becomes convenient and hassle-free.

  • Highly Paid: Public Health workers or Public Health MSc in UK graduates are  highly paid. A MPH graduate can expect to earn an average starting salary of around £30,000 per year.

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Now that you are convinced about pursuing Masters in Public Health in UK, let us look at its course structure:

An Overview of Masters in Public Health in UK

To give you a better understanding of Masters in Public Health in UK,  here is an overview of the program: 

Programs Offered

MSc Health, Master of Public Health, MPhil in Population Health Sciences, MSt in Population Health Science, MPH Public Health, Masters of Public Health in Dental Public Health (MDPH)

Course Duration

1 Year (Full-time)

Average Tuition Fees

17,200 GBP - 37,800 GBP a year

Type of Course

Full-time, Part-time, Online learning, Flexible

To apply for Masters in Public Health in UK, there are certain eligibility criteria and admission requirements that need to be met. Let us take a look at these below:

Eligibility Criteria and Admission Requirements for MPH in UK

The eligibility and requirements for pursuing MSc Public Health with placement UK differ based on the type of university and Public Health Courses UK you choose to study. However, there are a few standard requirements for all masters in Public Health in UK for international students which we have covered in this section:

  1. A Bachelor’s Degree
  2. Professional Qualification
  3. Work Experience
  4. English Language Requirements
  5. Passport & Student Visa

Let’s discuss each of these requirements for Public Health course in UK below:

Bachelor’s Degree

The first and forement criteria to apply for masters in Public Health UK universities is a bachelor’s degree. You require either an upper second class UG degree in a relevant subject from a UK university or equivalent standards or a 2:1 degree in one of the following subjects, Science, MBBS, Medicine, or Health sciences. 

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2. Professional Qualification

A professional qualification in a health-related area or equivalent standard is also a requirement for several MSc Public Health in UK universities.

3. Work Experience

Although work experience is not mandatory for all MPH in UK universities, having work, research, or volunteer experience can help your overall profile if your academic scores are low. 

4. English Language Requirements

You need to pass an English language proficiency test to apply for MPH in UK. Here are the exams you can take along with their expected scores:

  • IELTS:  7.0
  • TOEFL: iBT: 100 Overall
  • CAE- Grade A or B
  • CPE- Grade A, B, or C

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5. Passport & Student Visa

Obtaining a visa and passport are a must for international students who want to secure admission at best universities for Public Health in UK. To study at UK universities, you must have a US student visa for application. Make sure you can apply for the visa at least three months before traveling to the country. 

Benefits of Studying in UK

Make sure you check the MPH in UK universities official website to meet all entry requirements as they differ from one university to another. 

Documents Required for MSc Public Health in UK

Certain documents need to be submitted when applying for MSc Public Health in UK. Ensure the below are checked:

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Now that we have discussed all requirements for Masters in Public Health UK, let us understand the admission process:

Admission Process for MPH in UK

The admission process to study Public Health in UK  takes place in  two intakes. The first one is in January/February, and the second is in September/October. Make sure you double check the university’s official website for the exact admission deadlines. 

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Here is a quick look at the admission process when applying for MSc Public Health in UK:

  1. Find the university that offers the program
  2. Check the entry requirements for the program
  3. Fill the application form and pay the application fees
  4. Submit all relevant documents needed before the application deadline
  5. After receiving the confirmation letter from the university, apply for a student visa.

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Another factor to consider for admission to MPH in UK apart from eligibility and requirements is the cost of education.  Let’s take a look at it below - 

Cost of Studying MPH course in UK

The cost of studying an MPH course in UK is based on two factors, tuition fees and cost of living. Let’s understand the two one by one:

Tuition Fees

If you want to study MPH  in the top universities in UK, the tuition fee ranges between 17,200 GBP - 37,800 GBP a year. 

Cost of Living

The cost of living in UK depends on the area you choose to live and your lifestyle choice. On an average 1500 GBP a month should cover your cost of living in the UK. Certain choices can increase the cost even further. For example, if you prefer staying in private accommodation, the monthly rent can go up to 800 GBP. Also, if your lifestyle choice is expensive, the cost of living in the UK is bound to go up. 

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As is evident from the analysis, the cost of pursuing MPH UK can be high which is where scholarships can be really helpful:

Scholarships for MSc Public Health in UK

UK has multiple funding opportunities to masters in public health in uk for international students. Scholarships are one of them. These scholarships are either government-funded or offered by universities. We have covered the top 5 to consider:



Glenmore Medical Postgraduate Scholarship at University of Edinburgh

Funding for Postgraduate courses in Public Health

Amount/ Benefit: Comprises 21,200 GBP tuition fees, and anything surplus will be paid in the form of a stipend

Edinburgh Online Global Health Scholarships

Funding Masters Program in Public Health

Amount/ Benefit: Covers total tuition fees, summer school participation fee, internet expenses, material printing, and project costs.

Oxford University Fully-Funded Scholarships For Developing Countries in UK

Pursue the full-graduate study of Public Health

Amount/ Benefit: Covers 100% university & college fees, grants of up to 14,296 GBP

Imperial College School of Public Health Masters Scholarship 

Pursuing Masters in the field of Public Health

Amount/ Benefit: Covers scholarships up to 12,600 GBP

Glasgow Caledonian University Master of Public Health Scholarship in UK

Pursue Masters & Ph.D. degree in Public Health 

Amount/ Benefit: Covers tuition fees of all your Public Health studies

Now that we have covered all the prerequisites, costs and scholarships for admission, let us know about the best Masters in Public Health UK Universities:

Top 5 Public Health Universities in UK

There are multiple well-ranked universities for MSc Public Health in UK. We have covered the top 5 universities based on Masters in Public Health UK rankings, programs offered, and tuition fees. 

  1. University College London (UCL)
  2. Imperial College London
  3. University of Edinburgh
  4. University of Cambridge
  5. University of Glasgow

Let us talk about these universities one by one:

1.  University College London (UCL)

UCL’s Public Health course aims to help graduates develop the right skills needed in the Public Health sector. It covers multiple study areas such as health policy, program management, health inequalities, urban and environmental planning. You’ll also get the opportunity to work in teams in real-world scenarios. 

QS World Rankings 2023


Average Tuition Fees

29,400 GBP/year

Programs Offered

MSc Population Health

2.   Imperial College London

Imperial College of London offers a full-time course that includes multiple study areas such as epidemiology, biostatistics, health research methods, and public health skills. This course caters to medical and non-medical graduates. Students will study two modules- Health Economics and Health Policy, and Systems and Financing. 

QS World Rankings 2023


Average Tuition Fees

37,800 GBP/year

Programs Offered

Master of Public Health (MPH)

3.   University of Edinburgh

University of Edinburgh holds excellence in public health research and training. The university uses new approaches and thinking to cater to the contemporary public health issues of the present day. They offer an on-campus as well as online learning opportunity based on the student’s interests. 

QS World Rankings 2023


Average Tuition Fees

17,200 GBP/year

Programs Offered

Master of Public Health (MPH)

4.   University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge is a well-renowned and highly ranked university in UK. They offer two types of MPH programs for international students to choose from. The course is divided into five modules ensuring all Public health disciplines are covered. 

QS World Rankings 2023


Average Tuition Fees

16,206 GBP (MSt), 32,412 GBP( MPhil)

Programs Offered

MPhil in Population Health Science

MSt in Population Health Science

5.   University of Glasgow

University of Glasgow offers a flexible and innovative curriculum. The course has links with the NHS and multiple other medical sectors, thus helping graduates get well placed. The teaching method includes lectures, seminars, tutorials, and project work that enhances the learning experience. 

QS World Rankings 2023


Average Tuition Fees

24,540 GBP/year

Programs Offered

MPH Public Health

Apart from these, there are other masters in Public Health UK universities too that you may consider. They include:

University Name

QS WUR 2023

Average Fees Per Year

University of Leeds


23,000 GBP

University of Bristol


22,000 GBP

Newcastle University


30,000 GBP

University of Manchester


20,000 GBP

University of Nottingham


22,000 GBP

After you complete your MPH in UK universities, it’s time to step foot in your career options. Let us explore these opportunities below:

Career Opportunities after MSc Public Health in UK

The Healthcare industry  is one of the most booming industries not only in the UK but around the world. Therefore there is no dearth of job opportunities for Public health graduates. They find jobs in a number of medical fields including Government Health sectors, hospitals, NGOs, Companies, etc. 

For MPH graduates, there are several job profiles that can be targeted. We have covered the top five along with their estimated base salaries:

Job Title

Average Base Salary/ year


42,456 GBP 

Health and Safety Advisor

37,134 GBP 

Heath visitor

38,413 GBP 


41,414 GBP 

Occupational Hygienist

41,700 GBP 

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With a well-recognized educational system, affordable fees, funding opportunities, and highly ranked universities, pursuing MPH in UK is bound to help you prosper anywhere in the world. While this information is sufficient to help you make the right career decision, consult a Yocket counsellor today to receive expert assistance. 

This sums up everything you need to know about pursuing a Masters in Public Health UK. Before we end the blog, we have answered some of the commonly asked questions related to the subject  below:

Frequently Asked Questions About Masters in Public Health in UK

Which university is best for MPH in UK?

How much does Masters in Public Health cost in UK?

How many years is Masters in Public Health in UK?

What can I do with an MSc in Public Health in UK?

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