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All About Intakes & Deadlines for UK Universities

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The UK is one of the most favoured study abroad destinations, where thousands of international students move every year to pursue higher education. The degrees awarded by the UK higher education institutes are recognized worldwide for their academic excellence and research. Students wanting to get admitted to UK Universities for international student degree programs have to choose between three different intakes in UK – Winter, Autumn, and Summer.


So, if you're the one who dreams of getting into a UK university, let's understand each UK intake 2022 for international students, the differences between them, and how to choose the best one.


Table of Contents:

  1. UK Universities Intakes:  January Vs September Vs May Intakes
  2. Understanding September Intake in UK
  3. Understanding January Intake in UK</span
  4. Understanding May Intake in UK
  5. Which UK Intake to Choose as an International Student?

UK Universities Intakes:  January Vs September Vs May Intakes


There are two main intakes offered by UK universities - Spring intake (January/February) and Autumn Intake (September/ October). Apart from these two intakes in the UK, there is also an additional intake for some selected programs offered by UK universities - Summer Intake (April/ May).


Let us understand the differences between them:

January Intake

September Intake

May Intake

Winter/Spring Intake in UK

Fall/ Autumn Intake in UK

Summer Intake in UK

Secondary Intake

Primary Intake

Offered by selected few universities

Less number of programs offered

Universities/ colleges offers their main programs

Least choice of programs

Lesser applications

Receives maximum number of applications, therefore intense competition

Very few applications with least competition

Sessions begins from January

Sessions begins from September

Session begins from May

Application open: September to November

Application open: December to July

Application open: October to November

Admission: June and September

Admission: February and May

Admission: January and February

Limited availability of Scholarships & aids

Maximum availability of Scholarships & aids

Least availability of scholarships & aids


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Now that you understand the difference, let us analyse each UK intake 2022 for international students in details:


Understanding the September Intake in UK


The September intake in UK is considered to be the main or Primary intake for all the universities. During this intake, all the universities in UK offer admissions to a broad number of courses and receive a huge number of applications.


The application process for September intake in UK Universities begins 8 to 16 months before the session.



The UK September intake 2022 deadline for postgraduate programs varies with the university and the program so check these dates at the university’s official website. For most undergraduate courses the deadline for application through UCAS is usually around 30th June.


Top Universities for September Intake UK


All top universities offer undergraduate and postgraduate programs during September intake UK. Some of these top universities are



Admission Journey to September Intake in UK 2022


The admission journey for UK universities offering September intake has already begun. Here’s a look at the timeline for the admissions-



April to September 2021

Shortlist the universities and gather information on requirements, deadlines etc. from university websites.

June to December 2021

Prepare for standardised tests like GMAT, GRE, TOEFL or IELTS, etc depending on the requirements of the program at the chosen universities.

August to December 2021

Start preparing the SOP for UK. Also start collecting other documents like transcripts or letters of recommendation etc.

December 2021 to July 2022

Fill out and submit the application form for the chosen universities. Send in the required documents.

April to July 2022

Wait for the universities to revert.  Accept the offer from the selected universities and choose the one you wish to attend.

Apply for education loans & scholarships

June to August 2022

Apply for a UK student visa with the offer letter of the selected university.

July to August 2022

Book your flight tickets and plan your Journey to UK


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Let us now move  on to discuss the January Intake in UK-


Understanding January Intake in UK


The January Intake in the UK is a secondary intake where students in UK and abroad seek to apply to their chosen institutions. It is not so popular because there are a limited number of vacancies in universities and programs across the country.



The UK Jan intake deadline is usually between June and September and will differ from various courses and institutes. Therefore, make sure you check the deadlines for UG programs at UCAS and that of the PG programs at the official website of the university.


Top Universities for January Intake in UK


Being a secondary intake, not all universities participate in the January intake. Some of the popular universities for January Intake include:



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Admission Journey to January Intake in UK 2023


The admission process for January 2022 intake has already been closed so,let us understand the the month by month timeline for January Intake in UK 2023



April to June 2022

Shortlist the universities and gather information on requirements, deadlines etc.from university websites.

June to September 2022

Depending upon the degree and program, the students are required to take a standardised test (GMAT, GRE, TOEFL or IELTS, etc.)

August  to September 2022

Fill out the application form and send in the required documents to submit in the preferred university

October to November 2022

Revert back to the emails within the given deadline and appear for the selection process.

Accept the offer from the selected universities and choose the one you wish to attend.

October to December 2022

Apply for scholarships or loans to fund your education.

With the offer letter of your desired university, apply for a UK student visa.

December 2022 to January 2023

Book your flight tickets and plan your Journey to UK


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Understanding May intake in UK


It is an additional intake provided by a few institutions in UK, and the number of students taking admission in May Intake is very small. During this intake, the competition is reasonably less, and students have more chances of getting into the University. However, the number of programs offered during the May intake is limited.



The deadline to apply for May intake in UK is usually from October to January. However, make sure you visit the official website of the university you wish to attend for the exact dates.


Top Universities for May Intake in UK


Only a very few universities offer May or Summer intake in UK. Here are a few of them:



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All About May Intake in UK 2022


If a student wishes to go for May Intake in UK, they need to apply during the initial days of the release of the application forms. Also, there are some important things for students to keep in mind while applying for Summer Intake in UK:


  • Make a list of all the universities contributing to the April/May intake and the courses offered by them.
  • Make sure you keep yourself aware of the deadline and start date of the application forms. Keep visiting the Universities website for the update.
  • Attempt all the essential qualifying examinations well before admission starts.
  • Apply as early as possible when the applications open up.
  • After completing the application process, wait for the confirmation letter and apply for a student visa, straight afterwards.


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Having understood the intakes in UK, the next question arises - how to choose an intake ? Let us find answers to this question below:


Which UK Intake to Choose as an International Student?


Most international students prefer to take September intake in the UK, which is better in terms of courses offered. However, January and May intakes are also good for some of the courses. It depends upon students in which course and UK universities intakes they prefer to take admission.


Here are a few factors need to consider before choosing the UK intake for pursuing a degree program:


  • Confirm the availability of the chosen program in a particular intake
  • Factor in the time required to collect the essential documents to take admission in UK
  • Find out the acceptance rates of the university during that intake
  • Availability of Entrance exam scores -such as GRE/ GMAT/ IELTS/ TOEFL
  • Availability of scholarships and aids during the particular intake
  • Assess your readiness to join the university during the chosen intake.


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The universities in UK offer quality education, unparalleled research opportunities and plenty of scope for personal growth. If you are planning to move to UK for higher studies, make sure you acquaint yourself with all the essential information. You can also seek help from  our Yocket Professionals, who will ease the admission process for you!

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