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The Ultimate Guide to Studying MBBS in UK for Indian Students

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Considered 2nd in medical research across the globe and the second-highest country to receive the highest number of Nobel prize awards for medicine, studying MBBS in UK is a wise decision. The UK is home to top medical colleges with world-class equipment and facilities—the reason it draws attention amongst medical students globally.

Besides this, UK universities also allow medical students to acquire professional experience during their studies. Thus, if you’re looking to study MBBS in UK, this article will guide you through the process. We have listed all the essential information required to pursue MBBS in UK for Indian students. Let’s begin!

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Why Study MBBS in UK?

MBBS duration in UK is a 5 to 6 years; offered as MB (Bachelor of Medicine) in BS, ChB, BCh, and BAO. All four are equivalent to each other and deal with three major areas of medical study i.e. medicine, surgery, and obstetrics. Students have to register at the General Medical Council (GMC) of the UK after completing MBBS from medical colleges in the UK to practise as a doctor.

But why should one choose MBBS in UK?

Let’s analyze why UK universities are the preferred destination to acquire an MBBS degree for international students quickly.

  • Top Colleges: UK is home to highly ranked medical colleges. There are close to 34 MBBS colleges in UK offering world-class medical education.
  • Influential Ties: UK’s leading medical colleges have powerful ties with the local and global medical industry. This increases placement and professional opportunities for international students.
  • Higher Salary: Compared to other countries, UK offers a 67% higher salary range, thus drawing international students to consider UK for MBBS.
  • Affordability: The UK MBBS fees are affordable. The tuition fee starts from £22,000 and can go up to £52,000. International students who wish to pursue MBBS on a tight budget should definitely consider UK for the same.
  • Diverse Scholarships: To help fulfil the dreams of international students looking to pursue MBBS in UK, the country provides diverse scholarship opportunities that aim to fund this education better.

What are the Top Scholarships in UK for International Students?

Let’s understand what international students can expect from an MBBS course in UK:

Overview of an MBBS Course in UK

The medical universities in UK are known for their extensive and in-depth teaching methods. The MBBS in UK for Indian students have a set structure, and here is a quick overview of the same:

Programs Offered

MB BChir, MBChB, BSc Medicine, MBBS Medicine, BMBS Medicine

Average Tuition Fees

 £22,000 -£52,000/ year

Course Structure

Year 1-3: ( Pre-clinical studies)

Year 4-6: ( Clinical Studies)

Course Curriculum

Year 1: Foundation of Medicine, Anatomy and Clinical Skills

Year 2: Advanced Infection, Musculoskeletal system, and Medical law and ethics

Year 3: Reproductive System

Year 4: Senior Clinical Practice

Year 5-6: Professional Practice

Study Duration

5-6 years

Guide to Education System in UK!

Know you know the course structure of MBBS in UK. Next, let’s check the best medical colleges to study MBBS!

UK is home to well-accredited and highly ranked medical colleges. These universities are known for their quality of education, research, and practical training.

We have listed the best MBBS colleges in UK below along with their QS World University Ranking 2023 and estimated tuition fees:


QS World University Rank 2023

Annual Tuition Fee for MBBS

University of Oxford



University of Cambridge



University College London



Imperial College London



King’s College London


£42,410 - £44, 540

University of Edinburgh


£32,100/ year (Year 1, Year 2 & Year 3)

£49,900/ year (Year 4, Year 5 & Year 6)

University of Manchester


£29,000 (Year 1 & Year 2), changes as per rates (Year 3)

University of Glasgow



Queen Mary University of London



University of Bristol



Top medical colleges in UK

Eligibility Requirements to Study MBBS in UK for Indian Students after 12th

To study MBBS in UK for Indian students after 12th there are a few eligibility requirements to be followed. Let’s explore the common requirements for MBBS admission in UK:

  1. A-Levels
  2. General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE)
  3. English Language Proficiency
  4. Medical Entrance Exam
  5. Visa & Passport

Let us look at the MBBS in UK eligibility for Indian students one by one!

1.  A-Levels

A-Levels offers are applicable to international students. They need to have AAA that includes chemistry, biology, physics, or mathematics. Any three science subject combinations will be accepted as A level. However, ensure that none of those science subjects is similar in nature

For Indian students, it means having a score of at least 80% in your 10+2 in chemistry and biology.

2.  General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE)

International students need to receive either a 7 or an A in GCSE Mathematics or equivalent. Apart from this, 4 or a C in GCSE English or equivalent is required. Ensure the major subjects are covered, such as chemistry or biology, physics, psychology or maths, and other subjects.

3.  English Language Proficiency

If your first language isn’t English, you need to write and pass an English Proficiency exam. Here are the accepted exam scores:

  • IGCSE- Grade B or Second language- Grade A
  • IELTS- 7.0
  • PTE-65
  • Cambridge English- 185
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma- Score of 5

4.  Medical Entrance Exam

Students need to pass the UK MBBS entrance exam called the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) or BioMedical Admission Test (BMAT) as per the requirements of the applied college or university.

5.  Visa & Passport

Students also need to have a valid passport and UK student visa to be able to pursue MBBS in UK.

Make sure that you check the requirements of your desired program on the official website of the university. Once you are ready, you can begin applying to the universities via UCAS.

A Detailed Process of How to Apply to UK Universities


The admission intake in UK is between September/October and January/February. Ensure you visit the university’s official website to apply on time.

Suggested: Cost Of MBBS In UK

Cost of MBBS in UK for Indian Students

The cost to study medicine in UK for international students is determined by two factors; UK MBBS fees and cost of living. Let’s explore both!

Tuition Fees for MBBS in UK

The average cost of MBBS in UK ranges from £27,000 to £54,000 a year for international students, which includes the tuition fees as well as the application or other fees charged by the universities.

The tuition fee varies widely between the universities and the student's specialisations. The fees are decided based on the course year or divided semester years. The MBBS in UK fees in Indian rupees range between 22 Lakh to 52 lakh per year.

Cost of Living While Studying MBBS in UK

The average cost of living in UK can go up to £1300 a month. While transport facilities are cheaper, most of the expenses come from the accommodation, especially when international students prefer staying in private housing. The house rent ranges between £500- £700/per month.

Cost of Living in UK for International Students

Scholarships for MBBS in UK

There are multiple scholarships for MBBS in UK for international students. Here are the top scholarships to consider for undergraduate medicine programs.

Scholarship Name

Awarded To

Hull York International Medical College Scholarship

Students studying medicine at Hull York Medical College

Amount/Benefit- Covers 1/4th of the tuition fees in the UK during the first two years.

John Abernethy Scholarship

Students to pursue MBBS / BDS programs at Queen Mary University of London

Amount/Benefit- £5,000 for each of the five years of the course

King University Scholarship

Students pursuing Bachelor programs in medicine at King’s College.

Amount/Benefit- Partial Funding and applicable for any courses offered by University

Education Future International Scholarship

Students for Bachelors and Masters programs

Amount/Benefit- Partial Funding and applicable for all courses applied by Indian students only

Brunel University London International Excellence Scholarship

Pursue Bachelors and Masters courses

Amount/Benefit- Partial Funding and applicable for any courses from any international country.

All-about the Chevening Scholarship UK 2022

Apart from the above-mentioned scholarship options, there are many other universities in UK that offer scholarships to international students to pursue MBBS. Make sure you visit the official website of your chosen university to find out more.

Job Opportunities after Pursuing MBBS in UK

Once you complete the 5-6 years MBBS duration in UK, you can start working thereafter. Here is the list of the top job opportunities after graduating from MBBS in UK:

Job Roles

Average Salary/Year



Hospital Doctor




Clinical Scientist




What is the Cost to Study Masters in UK?

The UK has always been a preferred student destination to study acclaimed subjects which in this case is MBBS. With the information shared above, ensure that you analyze it well and make the right decision. However, if at any step you get confused and wish to seek end-to-end expert assistance, subscribe to Yocket premium. With this, our counsellors will help you from the selection of the MBBS university to the procurement of visa applications.

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