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Why Study in UK? Top 10 Benefits of Studying in UK

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UK is a leading country in many areas of education, including science, art, engineering, design, law, finance, and business management. It attracts over 6,00,000 international students each year to a range of programs extending from English language courses to PhDs. The education system in the UK is well recognised and gives the freedom to combine courses from various areas of studies, so you can modify your degree as per your interest. But are these reasons sufficient to answer—why study in UK?

In this article, we have covered various perks of studying in UK. If you, too, are looking for an answer to why choose UK for study, go through the page and plan your move to UK for higher studies.

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Why Study in UK?

Why UK is better than other countries for study? QS Best Student Cities 2023 ranking includes 15 states of the United Kindom. This clearly states the importance of UK education among international and Indian students. Besides, the country offers 164+ universities, colleges, and b-schools. From which 89 of 1300 universities are ranked in the QS World University Ranking 2023 list.

Therefore, a student can plan to pursue their education in UK. Furthermore, the universities of amazing courses, campus life, quality of education, scholarship options, part-time job facilities, job opportunities after course completion, and more. Let’s check these perks and more in detail by exploring the advantages of studying in UK.

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Top 10 Reasons to Study in UK

From the world-class universities to the vibrant multicultural atmosphere, there are many benefits of studying in UK for Indian students. Here is a look at the top 10 reasons to study in UK for international students.

  1. Academic Excellence
  2. Flexibility
  3. Assured Quality and Recognition
  4. Research
  5. Post-study Work Opportunities
  6. Cultural Diversity
  7. Student Development
  8. Affordability
  9. Excellent Language Skills
  10. Free Healthcare Services

With these reasons you will know why study in UK for international students. Let’s dive right into them!

1.  Academic Excellence

One of the first things that comes to mind when someone asks why study in UK is because of its prestigious universities. UK universities like the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge are known across the globe for their academic excellence.

The quality of education in UK can be judged by the fact that as per the QS World University Ranking 2023, the UK is home to 89 of 1300 universities in the world. Besides this, there are many other universities in the UK that can help you attain top-quality education.

2.  Flexibility

Now, don’t wonder why did you choose UK for your studies or why should you? A major advantage of studying in UK for students is the flexibility offered by the educational institutions. The universities and other educational colleges/b-schools in the UK allow students to build their courses by combining subjects they are passionate about.

So you can combine even academic learning with vocational training to improve your chances in the job market. Students are thus allowed to be creative and develop a skill set as per their needs.

3.  Assured Quality & Recognition

If you choose to pursue higher studies in the UK, you can rest assured of the best quality. Each university is subjected to regular QAA (Quality Assurance Agency) inspection to ensure that the government-set guidelines for learning, research, and teaching are maintained efficiently.

It is due to these stringent checks that undergraduate and postgraduate study in UK is highly recognised in every part of the world. A degree from UK university is highly valued, and with that, your career prospects can improve instantly.

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4.  Research

The UK is one of the leading destinations in the world for producing high-quality scientific research. Universities in UK are known for their state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities that enable students to conduct valuable and life-impacting research in several fields, from life sciences to social sciences. Pursuing research-based programs is one of the top reasons to study in UK for international students.

5.  Post-Study Work Opportunities

The “New Graduate Route”  started on 1 July 2021, allows foreign students to stay back in the UK after their studies. International students can stay in UK for 2 years and look for jobs in UK after completing their undergraduate or graduate degree. For PhD degree holders, the time extension is 3 years.

Students wanting to take advantage of the Graduate Route need to apply for a new visa application and pay a visa fee of £700 plus the Immigration Health Surcharge of £624 annually.

6.  Cultural Diversity

If you’re wondering why choose UK for abroad study, one of the main reasons other than academia is to experience true cultural diversity. People from around the world have made UK their home, which is why it is a great place for students to get to know and meet people from different cultures. This country has a rich mix of different languages, faiths, cuisines, world-famous festivals, and many other things.

7.  Student Development

The study programs in UK universities are well planned and designed to ensure that students get the best learning. This system encourages creativity, develops multiple skills, builds confidence, and enables students to think critically.

Moreover, universities in UK assist students in developing useful connections/networks that can help them advance their careers further.

8.  Affordability

Another major advantage of studying in UK is that university education is affordable. This is because in UK it takes less time to attain a degree compared to other countries. Therefore, you pay less in tuition fees.

It takes only 3 years to complete an undergraduate degree and 1 year for a postgraduate degree in the UK. Whereas, in most other countries, it takes no less than four years for an undergraduate degree and 2 or 3 years to complete a postgraduate degree.

9.  Excellent Language Skills

Nowadays, every employer wants people with a grip on English. And there is no better way for a student to develop language skills than to learn them in the country of origin.

Students studying in UK can develop their English language skills. This  helps in enhancing their employment possibilities globally.

10.  Free Health Care Services/Insurance

One of the most important benefits of studying in UK is that International students in UK can avail excellent healthcare/insurance provided through NHS (National Health Services).

International students are eligible to get free medical treatment while studying in UK. To be entitled to these benefits, students have to pay additional Immigration Health Surcharge, along with the student visa fee.

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Now that you have enough reasons to choose UK for studies, you can move forward and take the next step towards your dream of studying abroad. As an international student, you can choose among the UK universities that offer a variety of courses.

However, once you decide the UK university, there are many other steps in the study abroad journey like selecting the course, filing the visa application process, applying for loans/scholarships, finding accommodation, etc. But worry not! Take guidance from our expert counsellors with 13+ years of experience by choosing Yocket premium service.


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