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Masters in Interior Design in UK: Best Universities, Requirements, Costs & More for MA Interior Design UK

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Are you looking to upscale your interior design knowledge to a great height? To become a master in approaching and solving complex design challenges? Then pursuing masters in interior design in UK will empower you to reach your goals without a lot of hustle and bustle. The program within its stimulating, creative and a supportive environment, will help you to formulate an individual approach in interior designing.

UK research led practice and experimental designs, you will be able to demonstrate the expertise in your chosen field, showcasing your design outcomes and works that is an unique experience for yourself. So, if you want to launch yourself to potential higher level careers, this blog is the right fit for you. Here we have covered all information about masters in interior design UK along with its admission requirements, courses, career opportunities and much more.

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Why Study Masters in Interior Design in UK?

Masters in Interior Design provides an open platform to develop as an interior designer and other related areas of practice effectively. Furthermore, the UK is renowned for being the home of world recognised universities and colleges. Apart from this, some of the reasons why to study masters in interior designing in the UK are given below

  • Strong Position: As stated earlier, the UK is home of world recognised and top ranked universities across the world. There are many best universities for masters in interior design in UK, out of which most of them are highly ranked. According to QS Rankings, 32 UK universities are among the world' Top 250 best art and design subject rankings. And it is worthwhile to say that the top 2 are also located in the UK.
  • Career Opportunities: There are also tremendous opportunities for students to excel in the interior design in the UK. Demand for interior design graduates in the country is huge. Based on some research, it is predicted that there will be 13% growth of interior designer jobs in the coming years.
  • Exposures: Huge exposure in the related field of interior designing is also a major reason why to study masters in interior design in UK. As an interior designer, you get the opportunity to work with the creative minds in the designing industry. You get the knowledge and chance to meet the experts of architect, engineers in the field.

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Course Curriculum of Masters in Interior Design in UK

The interior design masters degree UK aims to unite the practical approaches for space design strategies with a context through practical-based focus that will engage you to live the industrial needs. The program integrates design practices, multidisciplinary work, research and analysis, and practice-based learning with an overall focus on sustainable interior design. The course curriculum of the interior designing masters in UK universities includes subjects like:

  1. Research Methods and Project Proposal
  2. Creative Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  3. Advanced 3D Digital Design
  4. Interior Design Major Project
  5. Creative Studio
  6. Interaction Designing

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List of Top Universities to Study Masters in Interior Design in UK

When it comes to getting admission to masters in interior designing in UK, choosing the right university is essential for every student. So to help you, here we have curated a list of the best universities for masters in interior design in UK for international students:

  1. Royal College of Art
  2. University of the Arts London
  3. Coventry University
  4. University of East London
  5. University of Huddersfield

Let's discuss each university in details below:

1.     Royal College of Art

MA interior design UK at Royal College of Arts is delivered across three terms and includes a combination of programme, School and College-wide units. The program engages you in the exploration and synthesis of principles and methods of critical ideas in interior space. It introduces you with ideas and the processes that will enable participants to synthesise thinking and research in the design of interior spaces.

QS World University Rankings 2023


QS Rankings For Art and Design


Type of College


Average Annual Fees

32,000 Euro

Program Offered

MA in Interior Design

2.     University of the Arts London

University of Arts London offers interior design courses with a bias toward research-led practice, encouraging you along a path of personal critical discovery, starting with an initial area of individual research interest. The program is offered in full-time mode and runs for 45 weeks over 15 months. To complete the program, you are expected to commit an average of 40 hours per week to your course, including teaching hours and independent study.

QS World University Rankings 2023


QS Rankings For Art and Design


Type of University


Average Annual Fees

22,660 Euro

Program Offered

MA in Interior Design

3.     Coventry University

Coventry University offers masters in interior design in UK designed to develop an advanced knowledge of the principles, application and practices of professional interior architecture and design. It is a one-year full-time degree program also available in two years for part-time mode. The program will engage you with all aspects of the design process from 2D conceptualisation, investigative enquiry, and prototyping through a studio-centric learning approach.

QS World University Rankings 2023


QS Rankings For Art and Design


Type of College


Average Annual Fees

16,950 Euro

Program Offered

MA Interior Design

4.     University of East London

Masters in interior design at University of East London is a 12-month programme to engage you in creative and experimental processes and to enhance your ability to grasp complex design ideas. It provides a clear hands-on approach which aligns with the 'making' ethos of the School. Its modules will be taught in the cutting edge workshops of the School, around round-table vivid discussions in the vibrant studio environment, with an opportunity to visit the International Exhibition Centre.

QS World University Rankings 2023


QS Rankings For Art and Design


Type of College


Average Annual Fees

14,760 Euro

Program Offered

MA in Interior Design

5.     University of Huddersfield

University of Huddersfield interior design masters degree integrates the practical application of 3D Design and encourages you to turn concepts into forms, and forms into real-world objects. It aims to expand your base by encouraging you to engage with more advanced and trans-disciplinary approaches to design development, material technologies, fabrication processes and manufacturing techniques.

QS World University Rankings 2023


QS Rankings For Art and Design


Type of College


Average Annual Fees

16,000 Euro

Program Offered

MA in Interior Design

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Eligibility Criteria and Admission Requirements for Masters in Interior Design in UK

In order to get into the interior design postgraduate courses UK program, you have to fulfil some of the eligibility criteria which may depend on each university and specialisations. Some of the basic requirements which every student must meet are given below:

  1. Bachelor's Degree
  2. English Language Proficiency
  3. Work Experience
  4. Student Visa

Let's discuss each requirement in details below:

1.     Bachelor's Degree

You need a 2:1 or above honours degree or an equivalent in 3D design or a related subject such as interior design, architecture, product and furniture design or any course with a graduate diploma in a 3D design course or an appropriate professional experience.

2.     English Language Proficiency

If you are an international student from a non-native English-speaking nation, you need to meet the language requirements for admission. The tests are mandatory, and you need to submit the official scores in your application. The minimum scores required are:

3.     Work Experience

Having a portfolio of your work experience that reflects your experience and working skills in 2D and 3D is essential. Students with relevant professional or vocational training experience are also preferred.

4.     Passport & Student Visa

A UK student visa is mandatory for admission to masters in interior design UK for international students. A copy of your passport is required to apply for the visa. Make sure to apply for it at least three months prior to the date of your travel.

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Documents Required for Masters in Interior Design in UK

Once you are eligible to get enrolled at your preferred university, you are required to submit some crucial documents. Based on university, the document's requirements may change. Some of the basic documents are:

  1. Official High School Transcripts
  2. Bachelor's Degree
  3. Language test scores
  4. Personal Essay
  5. Statement of Purpose
  6. A letter of recommendation
  7. Resume or CV
  8. Work experience certificate (if any)
  9. Proof of your financial resources
  10. Copy of your passport

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Admission Process to Study Masters in Interior Design in UK

After completing the above-mentioned requirements, the next step for you is to apply for admission to the masters or MA interior design UK universities. Here are some of the steps you can refer to for the application:

  1. First find all the universities offering the course and make a list of the best universities for masters in interior design in UK.
  2. Browse their official website and check whether you meet the entry requirements or not.
  3. Fill up the application form of your desired university along with the fee payment.
  4. Submit all the documents asked by the university and wait for the decision.
  5. You will get an interview link from the officials and appear in the interview.
  6. If you get selected by the university, acknowledge the acceptance letter by paying the depositary fees.

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Cost to Study Masters in Interior Design in UK

The cost of attending the UK universities is certainly an important factor for international students. One must need to have a rough understanding of the costs associated with the masters degree in interior designing in the UK. The majority of your costs mostly goes for your tuition fees and the living costs.

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees for masters in interior design in UK  mainly depend on the type of university. The average tuition fees will range from 18,200 Euro  to 37,000 Euro per year. However, the fees may slightly vary with the type of masters degree i.e. MA or MSc program.

Cost of Living

Your living costs are also an important factor of the cost of studying for MSc interior design in UK. On average, this should range from 800 Euro to 1,700 Euro per month. A major part of the living expenses is spent on your rent, location, food, materials, transportation etc.

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Scholarship for Masters in Interior Design in UK

After considering the costs of studying, the majority of international students take a look at their expenses and whether to afford them or not. To help you in that, UK universities offer various scholarships to students to manage their studies in the university. Some of the other sources, like government or external, also provide financial aid for students to continue their higher education in the UK. Here is a list of some of the scholarships you can refer to study MSc interior design in UK universities:

Scholarship Name



International Academic Excellence Award

Coventry Entrepreneurship Award

Students must have at least 70% or equivalent in their last academic education on the basis of admission for your applied course.

2,000 Euro

International Scholarship, University of East London

Those students who have submitted completed their application. Must be assessed based on their internal criteria.

Upto 5,000 Euro

Merit-based scholarships, University of Huddersfield

Students with a good academic record and have a grade First (Hons) Equivalent from a recognised institution.

4,000 Euro

UAL Home Postgraduate Scholarships

Full time international students pursuing a master's degree in the university and have good academics.

5,000 Euro

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Career Opportunities After Completing Masters in Interior Design in UK

Post completing your masters interior design UK, you will develop both advanced design skills and the experience that will develop yourself with advanced creative design methods and processes. The program will get you ready to work as an interior designer and in a wide range of design-related industries such as stage set design, exhibition design, retail design, etc.

Some of the job profiles of interior design graduates are:

Job Profile

Average Salary

Interior Designer

46,455 Euro

Kitchen Designer

42,773 Euro

Design Manager

59,770 Euro

Architectural Designer

48,000 Euro

Landscape Artist

35,538 Euro


32,493 Euro

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Therefore students will open up a lot of opportunities in the field of designing earning a masters degree in interior design in UK. The universities are linked with external partners, organisations and galleries to organise exhibitions for their student work in prominent venues in the country. If you are interested and looking for any assistance in deciding on the best universities, connect with our Yocket Professionals now.

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