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High Paying Jobs In UK: Find Most Paid Jobs In UK in 2024

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Education Syatem of UK is the number one factor that draws the attention of multiple international students globally. Students who graduate from the top UK universities realize how well their careers will form in this country. International students can take advantage of tons of highest earning jobs in the UK.

With placement opportunities to normal job searches, there is plenty of most paid jobs in UK for international students to explore. With the recent news of the Graduate Route Visa, students can easily find and work at the top paid jobs UK for two years. So, if you, too, are on the lookout to find the best paid jobs UK, this blog covers all the relevant information required.

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Which Are The High Paying Jobs In UK?

Once you graduate from a UK-based university, there is a pool of career opportunities to dive into. Getting accepted at your dream company becomes easier based on your academic performance and the skills required.

For those looking for the highest paying jobs in UK for international students and those who wish to undertake a course based on the best paid jobs UK, here is a table listing the top high paying jobs in UK that you should consider for 2024-2025.


Average Annual Salary

Chief Financial Officer

£ 124,410

Executive Director

£ 121,345

Chief Technology Officer

£ 65,800

Senior Leader

£ 76,606

Medical Manager

£ 49,721

Highest Earning Jobs In UK: Recruiter Edition

Before you apply to any top recruiters in UK, you need to understand that the list is huge. Multiple well-established firms in UK divulge into various industries such as finance, medical, etc.

But from this huge list, you need to choose the best, which is why here are five such top recruiters that are a student favourite due to the highest salary jobs in UK they offer.


Average Base Salary


£ 121,759/ year


£ 108,128/ year

White & Case

£ 107,115/ year


£ 101,066/ year

Google Cloud

£ 99,677/ year

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Which Startup Offers Best Paid Jobs UK?

The top reason why multiple startups have flourished in UK is the stable economy UK has. International students can benefit from working with the top startups in UK as they too offer a fine high paying jobs in UK for international students.

These startups are working their way to make a global mark and are always looking for talents that can contribute to their brand growth. Thus here are five such startups you should consider when searching for a job in UK:


Average Annual Salary

Dassault Systemes Inc

£ 53,142


£ 53,300


£ 53,750


£ 53,811

Amdocs Inc

£ 54,199

Top Highest Demand Jobs UK After Studies

Once you complete your education in UK, based on your degree type, you have a range of job opportunities to choose from. Whether you completed an undergraduate or graduate degree, your job profiles and salary figures will vary according to your inherited skills, knowledge developed, and academic performance exhibited.

Apart from these factors, in UK, based on the university you graduate from, the offer for high-demand jobs UK is analysed. Thus to help you understand this better, here is a list of the most paid jobs in UK, university edition.

Job Role

Average Annual Salary

London Business School

£ 69,000

Oxford University

£ 54,000

Warwick Business School

£ 53,000

Cambridge University

£ 52,500

London School of Economics

£ 50,000

List Of Best Paid Jobs UK After Pursuing Stem Courses

STEM Courses have grown popular in UK, especially among international students. Pursuing any STEM courses in UK can lead students to work in reputed and highest salary jobs in UK. Upon completing this course, here are five career opportunities you can opt for based on the former.


Average Annual Salary

Civil Engineer

£ 67,100

AI Developer

£ 83,700

Medical Technologist

£ 58,600

Electrical Engineer

£ 70,100

Robotics Engineer

£ 75,700

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Which City Offers The Highest Salary Jobs In UK?

Another way to identify how well UK pays you is to determine what cities in UK can offer you. There is a reason why multiple students prefer to study or opt for a career opportunity in a particular part of UK. Based on the multiple cities list, there are a few of them that offer the highest earning jobs in UK. 

Here are the popular five cities that offer the most paid jobs in UK for women especially:


Average Annual Salary


£ 45,500


£ 37,800


£ 35,900


£ 35,900


£ 35,500

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How To Find Highest Earning Jobs In UK?

Now that you’re aware of the high paying jobs in UK based on several categories, it’s time to understand how one can find a job in the first place. Here are the top ways most international students find a job in UK:

  1. Job Portals
  2. Placements
  3. Internships/Part-Time
  4. Recruitment Fairs
  5. Alumni

Job Portals

You can start your job search by visiting multiple job portals or websites available. For instance, Linkedin, Indeed, Poststudy, etc. These places show you the various jobs available along with the brand name, job description, how you can apply, what is the salary expectations, etc.


You can find a job in UK via placements. During your final year of study, students can see many top brands coming into the university to hire fresh talent. If any of those brands cater to your academic and professional interests, you can attend an interview, and if selected, you receive the offer letter and can join them after you graduate.


Most students ideally take up part-time jobs or internships to earn an extra income to enhance their skills based on their academic course chosen. If you perform well, this part-time can easily get converted into a full-time work opportunity.

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Recruitment Fairs

If you check your universities website, most recruitment fairs takes place. This is similar to a placement opportunity where multiple types of companies will be on the lookout for talents that can fit their available job position. Students can attend the same and see if any of them matches their career interests.


Alumni is another great way to find a job in UK. During your study period, you can reach out to alumni’s to gain exposure about the course you’re studying and to see if there is an available job position that you could cater to. Alumni’s will have great contacts and work with reputed companies thus seeking their help can assist in your job search in UK better.

Wrapping Up….

UK has been a popular student choice for two major reasons to acquire the best education and to develop the right skills and knowledge needed to ace the interview for the high paying jobs in UK. Building your career in UK will expose you to a global market, enhance your skills and knowledge in the industry and help you earn a good salary figure. If you wish to learn more about the details related to highest paying jobs in London or around UK, speak to our Yocket counselors today.


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