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How Much IELTS Score are Required for UK? IELTS Requirements for UK Universities, Student Visa, & Courses

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How Much IELTS Score are Required for UK? IELTS Requirements for UK Universities, Student Visa, & Courses Image

Now that you've decided to study in the UK, it's time to make sure you have everything you'll need for a successful university application! To support your admission as an international student, you must demonstrate a good IELTS score for UK. But how much band required for UK IELTS?

IELTS band required for uk differ depending on the university and program. To study in UK, you'll need a Tier 4 Visa, which you can only get if you fulfil the minimum IELTS score for UK student visa. Discussed below are complete requirements for IELTS passing score for UK. Let’s begin!

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Minimum IELTS Score Required for Courses in UK

IELTS score for UK depends on various factors like university type and degree level. Most of the universities accept an IELTS score of 6.0 and 6.5. Let’s further understand the minimum score for UK IELTS, according to the different courses in UK.

Minimum IELTS Score Required for Courses in UK

1.  Bachelor’s Degree

You can complete your bachelor’s degree in UK within 36 months. For a bachelor’s degree, the IELTS passing score for UK is usually 6.0 or 6.5. However, if you aim to seek admissions to top UK universities like the University of Oxford, the IELTS score requirements will be 7.0.

IELTS score requirement

6.0 or 6.5

Other requirements

10+2 pass from authorized school/college.

The average passing percentage should be 70% and above.

2.  Pre-Masters

Pre-Masters is basically for local and international candidates interested in improving their language and communication skills ahead of a master’s degree. For pre-masters, most universities accept IELTS passing score of UK somewhere around 5.0 or 5.5.

IELTS score requirement

5.0 or 5.5

Other requirements

Completion of your undergraduate degree from any reputed university

3.  Master’s Degree

The duration of masters in UK is somewhere around 12-24 months. You can go for a master’s after completing your undergraduate or pre-masters. If you’re coming to UK for master's, please check the IELTS score required for masters universities in UK.

IELTS score requirement

6.0 or 6.5

Other requirements

Completing your undergraduate or pre-masters is a must from any authorized university

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Further, let’s check out this video that talks about the IELTS exam, the courses/degrees that require IELTS in UK, and cutoff/sectional IELTS score requirements of top UK universities.

What is the Minimum IELTS Score for Top Universities in UK?

The IELTS requirements for UK universities is stringent. We’re picking the top-rated UK universities and mentioning their IELTS score requirement for different courses. The UK universities often change the IELTS band required for UK in each course once every 2-3 years. Let’s check!

Name of University

IELTS score requirement

University of Oxford

Undergraduate: 7.0

Postgraduate: 7.5

Imperial College London

Undergraduate: 6.5

Postgraduate: 6.5

University College London

Undergraduate: 6.5

Postgraduate: 6.5

University of Cambridge

Undergraduate: 7.5

Postgraduate: 7.0

University of Edinburgh

Undergraduate: 6.5

Postgraduate: 6.5

King’s College London

Undergraduate: 7.0

Postgraduate: 7.0

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Next, let’s check out how much IELTS score required for UK student visa!

What is the Minimum IELTS Score Requirement for UK Student Visa?

First and foremost, interested candidates should check the UK band requirement of the UK student visa. The UK student visa comes under Tier 4 (General), and B1 is required CEFR level. The minimum IELTS score for a UK study visa is 4.00 and above (for all the skills). Nevertheless, this is the minimum band requirement for UK study visa; you shouldn’t actually consider it.

Above all, the IELTS score you generate will be valid for 24 months. You can check out the updates on official student visa website.

Note: The general IELTS and IELTS for UKVI are generally the same, with no significant differences. The syllabus and exam patterns are also the same. As a result, please check the UK IELTS band requirement 2022 of your desired universities.

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Can Candidates Study in UK without IELTS?

Without thinking about the minimum IELTS band for UK student visa, you can still study in the UK. Some of the well-known UK universities like Birmingham City University, University of Bolton, Brunel University, University of Northampton, University of Geneva, Swansea University, University of Greenwich, University of Plymouth, and many more.

So if you fulfil these requirements, you don’t need to check the IELTS band for UK.

  • You have 70% and above in English in Class 10th, 11th, and 12th.
  • Proof that you have studied from an English medium school.
  • Having an undergraduate degree in English (depends on the university).
  • You need to crack the online interview conducted by the university.
  • You may be asked to pursue a Pre-sessional English course at your university before commencing your study program.

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If you fulfil all the requirements mentioned above and your university provides the necessary documents, the rule of the IELTS band for a UK study visa isn’t applicable.

We hope this guide of the IELTS requirements for uk universities and study visa is helpful for you. Though one should keep in mind that getting a good IELTS score is just one aspect of your requirements to study in UK. Go through intakes and deadlines for universities in UK and appear for the required exams to make the admission process a smooth sail. If you get stuck at any step or need end-to-end expert guidance, subscribe to our Yocket premium service. In this, our counsellors will surely guide you to make your study abroad dream come true!

Frequently Asked Questions on IELTS Score for UK

Ques. Can I study in UK universities without IELTS?

Ans. Yes, you can study in UK universities without IELTS. You need to provide proof of your ability to speak, read, write, and listen to English properly. For more details, you should contact your respective universities.

Ques. Is 6.5 a good IELTS score for admission to UK universities?

Ans. Yes, 6.5 is a decent IELTS score and is accepted by numerous UK universities. 

Ques. What is the minimum IELTS score required for UK study visa?

Ans. You're eligible for the UK study visa if you've scored 4.00 in all the skills.

Ques. Is the IELTS UKVI a difficult examination?

Ans. No, IELTS UKVI is a straightforward examination. If you prepare well, you can score higher grades on the first attempt.

Ques. Does IELTS scores matter for UK visa?

Ans. IELTS score in UK is accepted by UKVI at band scores 4.0 and above, equivalent to CEFR level B1.