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Student Accomodation In London: How To Find Accommodation in UK For Indian Students?

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When it comes to studying in the best cities in UK, London has always been a preferred choice. While all international students are aware of the academic standards in the city, not many know about the available choices when it comes to finding student accommodation in London.

For students with any budget, London offers a home that caters to every individual's interests. But how can you find accommodation in UK for Indian students? If a student opts to stay at the university, which is the best university accommodation UK should they choose? To find an answer to all your questions, read along.

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What Are The Options For Student Accomodation In London?

Why choosing a good student accommodation in UK is important?

The great thing about living in UK is the variety of choices available to find student accommodation in London. Based on the monetary budget, students can choose their comfort and privacy accordingly. Thus London offers four types of UK accommodation for international students, which are:

  • University Halls
  • Private Student Halls
  • Homestays
  • Private Flats

University Halls

These are one of the popular forms of housing that most first-year students opt for. Here students will have their bedrooms, but they do have to share a few spaces such as a kitchen, bathrooms or other common areas.

This type of housing is convenient, especially for students who have joined their first year at university. It is preferred to stay in university halls at the start of your academic year as you can learn more about your classmates and explore London together. Learn new cooking, shop together and build a good social relationship with other students.

Private Student Halls

Private student halls function similarly to university halls. The main difference here is that private companies take charge of student halls instead of the university taking over. Unlike university halls, students can have more privacy in private student halls. The former can even choose who they wish to share their room with.

Here as well, students will have to share spaces such as the kitchen, etc. Apart from this, students can also have their own private spaces for gardening, etc.

Cost of Living and Studying in London


Homestays, as we all know, is sharing a room space with a family. This is proven to be a good choice, especially for students who are new to the country or wish to save up more on student accommodation in UK.

Here you can pay affordable rent and have the family take care of your belongings, provide food and cater to any other specific needs. For someone new to London, staying with a local family can help you learn more about the city and how to live within it.

Private Flats

Private flats are one of the most common housing choices, especially among international students. Students who wish to live independently choose this type of housing. Once students are acquainted with the lifestyle of London, living alone in the city becomes one of their choices.

Here students have the convenience of choosing the area they wish to live in, have a private space all to themselves, etc. Most students who plan for private housing are primarily in their second years.

Top tips for finding the right home in the UK

How To Find Accomodation In UK For Indian Students?

You are now aware of what the are the different types of UK accommodation for international students. But with so many property choices available, how can you find the ideal one which suits your interests?

Here are four ways to locate suitable accommodation in UK for Indian students:

  • Websites
  • University Email
  • Agencies
  • Word Of Mouth


There are multiple websites online that can help you find good student accommodation in UK. To name a few are:

  • Spare Room- To help find private housing options
  • GumTree- To help find rental homes and furniture
  • Facebook marketplaces- To help find available sharing spaces or private housing options, etc

University Email

If you choose to stay at university halls or also known as halls of residence, you will receive details about it by your dream university via email. To learn more about this, it is suggested to get in touch with your university faculty team.


Agencies are one of the popular ways to find student accommodation in London. While they charge a high fee for their service, the former provides good housing options from the list. A few popular agencies to explore here are:

  • Zoopla
  • Unihomes, etc

Word Of Mouth

Another convenient way to find the right housing for you in London is via word of mouth. Speak to your classmates or a senior who knows London's available housing options. Their recommendations can help you choose a budget-friendly home more quickly.

Advantages/Benefits of Studying Masters in UK

Top Reasons To Consider When Choosing House For Rent In UK For Students

Now that you have the list of what type of homes to choose from and how you can find them, let’s move toward the important aspects. Before you pay any house rent in UK for students, you need to consider a few pointers before making the purchase. Here are the top 5 that require your attention:

  • Good Location
  • Affordability
  • Caters Your Needs
  • Deposit Security
  • Enquire

Good Location

Before you decide to live in any student accommodation in London, you need to answer the below questions:

  • Is this location safe?
  • What is the crime rate for this location?
  • How far is this location from your university?
  • How are the neighbours here?
  • Is this location easily accessible when finding the nearest groceries or transport?
  • Is a medical facility available near this location?, etc


The next factor you should consider is whether the housing fits your budget. While everyone loves to live in a lavish home, not all students can afford it. There are different ways to identify your affordability, such as:

  • Ensure the rent enquired fits your range
  • Check if any other amount you should pay such as water bills, etc
  • Make a note of your monthly expenses and the rent you should pay to see if you can survive here
  • Check other affordable housing and compare the prices
  • It’s fine to pay a little extra in case you find housing that is safe for you, etc

Caters Your Needs

The next step you need to consider is whether the housing you’ve chosen caters to your needs. When you find a home, there are multiple things that you wish your new student accommodation in UK should have, such as:

  • Well maintained home
  • Space size
  • Furnished (optional)
  • Budget-friendly rent
  • Doesn't have any extra or hidden charges
  • Simple paperwork process
  • Polite house owner
  • Good neighbours
  • Easy commute option
  • Pet-friendly, etc

Deposit Security

Deposit security is required especially when you live in any student accommodation in London. As per the Tenancy Deposit Protection, house owners should inform you where your deposit is located within 30 days. This puts you at ease that your deposit is in a safe place.


Apart from everything listed above, you should conduct your enquiry before settling down in a new place in London. The best way to do this is:

  • Speak to the residents nearby
  • Ask your classmates about the area
  • Explore the area details online
  • Speak to alumnis who may have stayed in the same area, etc

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What Is The Cost Of Student Accomodation In UK?

There are two ways of calculating the cost of accommodation in UK for international students, Off-campus and On-campus housing.

Based on where the student prefers to stay, the cost of student accommodation in London will vary accordingly. Here is a detailed list:

  • On-Campus Student Accomodation Cost
  • Off-Campus Student Accommodation Cost

On-Campus Student Accomodation Cost

Most on-campus housing is provided by the university, such as halls of residence. Thus here are the related costs.

University Name

Average Cost

Coventry University

£400- £600/month (inclusive of all bills)

University of Sussex


York Univerisity


Imperial College of London


University of Southampton


Total cost of living in UK

Off-Campus Student Accommodation Cost

Most of the off-campus costs are calculated based on the area you choose to live in UK. Thus here are the related costs:

Area Name

Average Cost


£148.66/per 41 weeks


£320- £530/month

Brighton (University of Sussex)

£556- £715/month



South Kensington (Imperial College of London)


Which is the best city to live in UK?

Pros & Cons Of UK Accomodation For International Students

Lastly, before you can decide to choose a UK accommodation for international students, you need first to witness the pros and cons each has. Thus to give you a better understanding, refer to this table below:

  • On-Campus Living
  • Off-Campus Living

On-Campus Living



The opportunity to meet new people, learn about their cultures and make friends

No privacy

The ability to study together and clear doubts instantly

The living spaces can be conjusted

Encourage more socializations

Wait times are more if you’re sharing any spaces such as kitchen, bathrooms, etc

Eliminates the need to pay extra bills, such as electricity, etc

More distractions with students around

The rent here is much cheaper when compared to staying off-campus

Living style is average

Off-Campus Living



Lets you find homes that suit your apt lifestyle

Difficult to find the right kind of housing

Encourages independent living

The rent is expensive

Provides complete privacy

Should be attentive when paying bills especially light, electricity, etc

Access to homely food (homestays)

Most students feel homesick quite often when alone

Teaches you to handle adulting responsibility

Laundry, cooking should be done regularly and can be chaotic if delayed for weeks

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Wrapping Up….

London has been a popular student destination for decades now. The high academic standards and affordable accommodation in UK for international students have captured the attention of the latter globally. Once you join university and make friends, finding student accommodation in UK becomes simpler. Thus, if you still wish to learn more about student accommodation in UK, our Yocket counsellors are here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions About Student Accomodation In London

Ques: Where is a good place for student accommodation in London?

Ans: There are multiple great places for student accommodation in London, such as Camden in North London, Tower Bridge in East London, Kings Cross in Central London, etc.

Ques: Where can you find cheap student accommodation London per month?

Ans:  There are many areas where affordable student accommodation in UK can be found, such as Sutton, HaveringRomley, Redbridge, etc.

Ques: How do find room rent in UK for students for cheap?

Ans: Multiple areas offer cheap house for rent in UK for students. The best way to find them is to check for affordable places online, speak to your classmates to understand if they know anyone, live with a family in London that is ready to share a house space, etc,

Ques: Is London a good place for students?

Ans: Yes, London is a great place for international students to study and live in. The country is home to multiple QS-ranked universities that offer excellent academic studies. Apart from this, there are multiple living options to choose from, such as student apartments UK or best university accommodation UK.

Ques: Can you pay house rent in UK for students monthly?

Ans: Ideally, monthly room rent in UK for students is required to be paid. However, it could differ based on the owner. The house owner can decide how the rent should be paid, such as monthly, annually or on a specified time period.

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