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Bcom in UK: How to Receive a Bcom Degree from Colleges in the UK

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UK is one of the most sough-after study destination for higher studies. Be it graduate or undergraduate programs, the UK universities offer the best quality of education. Given the demand for the program, overseas students will undoubtedly benefit from choosing to pursue a bachelor's degree in commerce in the UK. Bcom in UK is a popular course that prepares you for a career in business, management or any commerce-related field.

In this blog, we will discuss the various benefits of attaining a degree in Bcom in UK and the list of Bcom colleges in UK, including their fee structure, eligibility, admission process and more.

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Why study Bcom in UK?

Let us begin our discussion by looking at some good reasons to study at Bcom colleges in UK:

  • Top Notch Education: The Bcom s colleges in UK offer the finest quality of education to their international students. Apart from the day-to-day classroom teachings, they make sure to provide the outside world exposure to them as well.
  • Best Universities Worldwide: It is a well-known fact that universities in UK are highly regarded and ranked on a global front. Many of the top universities in UK feature in the QS world university rankings 2023.
  • Funding Options: Studying in UK can be a costly affair, and Bcom being a 3 to 4 year course requires good amount of finances. There are multiple funding options in UK for international students like student loan, scholarships, part-time jobs etc. The government loan provided by the British government covers the entire cost of tuition for bachelor in commerce programs in UK.

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List of Bcom Colleges in UK

The list of top 5 British institutions where international students can opt for are:

  1. University of Wales, Trinity Saint David
  2. Plymouth Marjon University
  3. Ravensbourne University London
  4. The University of the West of Scotland
  5. University of Sheffield

Let us look into these universities for bachelor of commerce UK in greater detail:

1. University of Wales, Trinity Saint David

One of the top options for students interested in earning a Bachelor of Commerce degree in the UK is the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David. The students will be able to establish a firm foundation in economics and finance.

Type of University


Course Offered

Bachelor in Commerce

Average Fees for a Year

9,380 GBP


3 years


  • Three main campuses
  • Carmarthen
  • Lampeter
  • Swansea

2. Plymouth Marjon University

Plymouth Marjon University is regarded as one of the top schools for bachelor's degrees in commerce and is a well-known university in the UK for its teaching programs. The best professors teach the students and give them practical experience with business and financial ideas.

Type of University


Course Offered

Bachelor in Commerce

Average Fees for a Year

9,380 GBP


3 years


Plymouth, England

3. Ravensbourne University London

One of the top institutions in the UK that offers the top bachelor's in commerce programs to students from across the world isRavensbourne University London. covering all the key concepts and fields in business and economics.

Type of University


Course Offered

Bachelor in Commerce

QS Subject Ranking


Average Fees for a Year

9,210 GBP-11,510 GBP


3 years


London, England

4. University of the West of Scotland

The The University of the West of Scotland is undoubtedly one of the top alternatives for students looking to pursue a bachelor's degree in business in the UK. For those who are interested in accounting and finance ideas, it offers an excellent commerce program.

Type of University


Course Offered

Bachelor in Commerce

Average Fees for a Year

9,040 GBP


3 years


  • Within Scotland
  • Paisley
  • Blantyre
  • Dumfries
  • Ayr
  • Within England
  • London

5. University of Sheffield

One of the best universities that grant bachelor's degrees in commerce is the University of Sheffield. Students who participate in the program will learn various business principles and establish the groundwork for their future jobs.

Type of University


Course Offered

Bachelor in Commerce

QS WUR 2023


QS Subject ranking


Average Fees for a Year

16,000 GBP


3 years


Sheffield in South Yorkshire, England

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Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Bcom in UK

You must fulfill the requirements given by the UK's educational institutions if you want to study there. You must fulfill the following requirements to be accepted into the Bcom program in UK:

  1. Proof of High School Graduation
  2. English Language Proficiency Required
  3. Passport and Student Visa

Let's take a closer look at them:

1. Proof of High School Graduation

At least 60%-70% minimum of the potential points in the 10+2 class is required for higher secondary education at an approved school or board.

2. English Language Proficiency Required

It is a requirement for the majority of UK universities, albeit the test formats may vary. the English language competence tests for IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE. The required minimum scores for the various tests are listed below:

TOEFL- 70-110

IELTS- 6.0-7.0 (with no less than 5.5 per section)

PTE- 36-75 (average is 63 with no less than 59 per section)

3. Passport and Student Visa

You need a valid passport and a UK student visa to apply for a Bachelor of Science degree as an international student in the UK. Make sure you apply for the visa three months before the scheduled departure.

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Documents Required for Universities in the UK for Bcom

To get admitted to institutions in the UK, international students must fulfill the prerequisites and submit any further documents.

The following collection of documents can help you get accepted into programs at UK universities:

  1. Documentation of educational credentials (Highschool completion certificate)
  2. Results of English proficiency tests like the TOEFL/IELTS/PTE
  3. Letters of Recommendations
  4. Statement of Purpose
  5. CV
  6. Passport-size photographs
  7. Student Visa

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Admission Process for Bcom in UK

Here is a step-by-step process to apply for Bcom colleges in UK:

  1. To fulfill your dream of studying in the UK, you must first narrow down your selection of potential colleges.
  2. After you've selected your top universities, look over the eligibility requirements and documentation requirements.
  3. You can submit your university application using the UCAS system or the official university website. You should upload your high school transcripts, English proficiency exam scores, letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, and any other papers that were asked for.
  4. Submit after paying the application fee.
  5. Wait to receive your letter of acceptance. If you are selected for further consideration, the university directors will interview you.
  6. Once the interview is successful, pay your tuition and begin studying.

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Cost of living and Tuition fee

The cost that you will incur while obtaining a degree from the UK are:

Tuition Fees

The Bcom program's average tuition cost is around 9,772 GBP. The university where you pursue your degree will determine your tuition costs.

Cost of Living

The annual cost of living is about 6,374 GBP. This price includes the price of food, clothing, and other necessities.

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Scholarships for Pursuing Bcom in UK

Following are the scholarships available to Indian students wanting to pursue Bcom in UK:

Scholarship Program



Global Study Awards

10,821 GBP

  • The British Council launched it in 2015.
  • Merit-Based.
  • Single Payment.
  • There were two beneficiaries.
  • The university must accept IELTS.

QS Undergraduate Scholarship

3,935 GBP

  • Merit-Based.
  • One person was recognized.
  • The QS rating system must include universities.

Golden Key Graduate Scholar Award

1,984 GBP

  • Golden Key International Honor Society offers this course.
  • Members-only.
  • Single Payment.

Early Bird Discount

1,622 GBP

  • Institutional scholarship program.
  • Each university has a different policy.
  • Only for brand-new international students.
  • The sum is taken out of the net tuition costs.

Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan


  • CSC approves and awards the return airfare from your home nation to the UK.
  • The CSC covers the cost of tuition.
  • Except for London Metropolitan City, where the university where you are admitted pays a living allowance of £1,390 per month, all cities have a living allowance of £1,133.
  • Special funding is available in places with heavy snowfall to buy warm clothing.

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Other than these, universities also have their scholarship programs, therefore you must be fully aware of the scholarship possibilities that the university offers to its international students before applying to any university.

Job Opportunities After Bcom Degree in UK

List of professional careers one can pursue after completing a Bcom degree UK are:


Average Starting Pay Scale


23,520 GBP


24,580 GBP


40,910 GBP

Business Analyst

33,780 GBP

Sales Analyst

25,460 GBP


63,425 GBP

Insurance Broker

25,805 GBP


32,645 GBP

Tax Manager

38,860 GBP

Finance Analyst

27,380 GBP

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So that was all about Bcom in UK. After completing your Bcom degree you can opt for Mcom or MBA in UK to enhance your career prospects. So analyze the information above and make the perfect choice. For any further questions join Yocket Premium right away to chat with one of our counselors!



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