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LOR for MS in USA: What is the LOR Format for MS/MBA/UG in USA?

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The authenticity of people is not from the traits they claim to possess but rather their prominence in the eyes of others. For example, you might think of being confident, knowledgeable, wise, and helpful. But only your friends, family, and colleagues can tell if you really carry those qualities. Similar is the case with MS/MBA/UG universities in USA. Before giving a seat to a student, the universities crosscheck the candidate’s experience, accomplishments, expertise, and abilities through a letter of recommendation (LOR for MS in USA.)

But what is included in a letter of recommendation format for MS in USA or other programs? Is there a set standard to be followed? Is it compulsory in all universities? How many LORs are required for MS in USA?

Let’s get information about these and many other facets of a LOR for USA.

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Types of LOR for USA Univesity/Programs

Usually there are two types of LOR depending on the phase of life you are at on the time of admission. Let’s explore their meaning!

1.    Academic/Subject-specific LOR USA

If you are a student planning to apply to a master’s university in USA, get ready to submit an academic LOR. The UG students need to get this LOR written by their main subject teachers in the school. However, the MS/MBA students must get it written by their professors at the college.

In case the US universities ask for three LOR format for MS in USA or other programs; besides, the professors, you must choose a person you has worked with and knows all about your expertise. Certain universities also demand a subject-specific LOR showcasing your knowledge in a particular subject like business, science, history, etc.

Letter of Recommendation for MBA

2.    Professional LOR for USA

If you are planning to pursue your MBA/MS course in the US universities, you will have to submit a professional LOR. As the MBA/MS students require work experience for admission; therefore, this LOR should be prepared by managers, HODs, team leaders, or colleagues.

Note: The content of an academic LOR differs from a professional LOR in terms of achievements. The academic LOR covers students’ accomplishments in the bachelor's degree or 10th/12th class. Whereas the professional LOR depicts their career growth as an employee in an organisation, covering leadership, managerial, and time management qualities.

Sample Letter of Recommendation from MBA

Now you know the types of LOR for MBA in USA, sample LOR for MS in USA, and UG LORs. Whether you are getting a LOR written or structuring one based on your recommender's analysis, let’s check the format to be kept in mind.

Structure of an MS/MBA/UG Program LOR

Consider the given format while writing a LOR of MS in USA or other programs like MBA/UG.

  1. Begin with a brief salutation, date, and location from where the LOR will be dispatched.
  2. Give a crisp introduction about the recommender and their relationship with you. Mention any subjects they have taught you, in which year, the course name, the university/school name, the company name, their designation, etc.
  3. A quick summary of your academic/work achievements, required technical skills for the program, examination scores,
  4. A concluding paragraph on how this course in the US university will help you achieve your academic and professional goals.

Note: Please ensure to not make your sample LOR for MS in USA or another program an elaborated version of your resume.

: Sample Letter of Recommendation for Masters

Along with this LOR for MBA in USA and other course guidelines, let’s go through the requirements of top universities.

LOR USA Requirements of Top MBA/MS/UG Universities

This table provides information about the LOR requirements of top MS universities in the USA, MBA universities in USA, and UG universities in USA. The university list includes.

  1. Manchussets Institute of Technology
  2. Stanford University
  3. Harvard University
  4. California Institute of Technology
  5. University of Chicago
  6. Princeton University
  7. University Pennsylvania
  8. Yale University
  9. Cornell University
  10. Columbia University

University Name

UG LOR Requirements

MBA LOR Requirements

MS LOR Requirements

Manchussets Institute of Technology

1 LOR each from maths/science, humanities teacher, and school counsellor

3 LORs, 2 from academic

1 professional LOR

Stanford University

2 LORs from teachers

3 LORs, 2 from academic

2 professional LORs

Harvard University

2 LORs from teachers

3 LORs, 1 from academic

2 LORs from a supervisor, colleague, or people you collaborated to

California Institute of Technology

1 LOR each from maths/science, humanities/social science teacher

3 LORs academic or professional

Not offered

University of Chicago

2 mandatory LORs, with 1 from a teacher

3 LORs from a supervisor, colleague, or people you collaborated with


2 professional LORs, 1 from supervisor and other from colleague

Princeton University

2 LORs from teachers, 1 LOR from a counsellor

3 LORs

Not offered

University Pennsylvania

2 LORs from teachers, 1 LOR from a counsellor

2 LORs with at least 1 academic

2 professional LORs from supervisors

Yale University

2 LORs from teachers, 1 LOR from counsellor

2/3 LORs with at least 1 academic

2 professional LORs

Cornell University

1 LOR from counsellor


2/3 LORs with at least 1 academic

1 professional LOR from a supervisor, colleague, or client

Columbia University

2 LORs from teachers (for engineering), 1 from math/science teacher

3 LORs with at least 1 academic, and rest from current or previous supervisor

2 professional LORs with 1 from current supervisor

LOR Samples for Undergraduate!

Now you know the LOR requirements of the best US universities. However, to make it more impactful you can follow these significant tips.

Tips to Write an Impressive LOR USA

Even though all the renowned universities in USA have their LOR submission guidelines; still, the students and their recommenders can ensure that…

  • Professional LOR for a USA university should be from a manager, supervisor, or team lead unless mentioned by the university.
  • Information given in the LOR must verify the facts mentioned in the SOP for USA, academic transcripts, and resume.
  • Rather than stories and fancy words, present facts about who you are personally and professionally.
  • Ensure to support your skills and capabilities with examples, such as projects handled by you, clubs you are associated with, research activities, etc.

Letter of Recommendation Guide from MS/MBA

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