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Top Universities in USA Without IELTS or TOEFL for International Students

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“You need to give the IELTS or TOEFL for studying in top US colleges” - Well, Yocket is here to bust this myth!

There are several US colleges and universities that accept international students without IELTS but they need to take alternative exams depending upon the course a student wishes to pursue. As the education system can be diverse in India and the United States, many students from India need to give the IELTS to get admission successfully - but it is not a compulsion for many of the top universities in the USA.

Nearly every time, some demonstration of English proficiency is desired since a student will be studying in English. So, exams like TOEFL, Duolingo, or PTE are the most famous alternative exam scores accepted by universities and colleges in the USA without IELTS.

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In this article, you will be taken through some of the top universities in the USA and how to get admission there without IELTS. 

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How to Study in USA Colleges without IELTS?

While there are a lot of universities in the USA that seek proficiency in the English Language, an IELTS score is not always necessary for international students to be enrolled in them. So if you are planning to study in the US without IELTS, here are some basic requirements that you must fulfil:

  • IELTS might not be required if English was the official language in the country where you’ve finished your last education.

  • Universities in the USA without IELTS may insist on their introductory courses, like Intensive English Language Program (IELP).

  • While applying for master’s courses, you will require a letter from your earlier university stating that the graduate course you pursued was in English.

  • International students can also join some summer programs in the USA to advance their English Language Proficiency to study without IELTS or even TOEFL.

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List of Universities & Colleges in USA Without IELTS

We know exactly what you are here for, and we will take you exactly where you want to be! Here is a list of universities in the USA - offering admission without IELTS! 

US Universities without IELTS

Alternate exams to give in 2024

University of Dayton

PTE / Duolingo

Northwood University

EIKEN / IB/ Cambridge English Test / ELS / PTE Academic

University of Delaware

English Language for Internationals (ELI)

State University of New York

PTE / Duolingo / Cambridge English Scale

University of New Orleans (UNO)

English Language for Internationals (ELI)

University of Colorado


California University


Rice University


Drexel University

Joining the University Preparation Summer Program or FCBP Program

National Louis University


University of Iowa

TOEFL / On-campus English Proficiency Evaluation (EPE)

University of North Alabama


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Top 6 Universities in the USA Without IELTS or TOEFL

While we shared a list of colleges/universities in the USA where you can get admission without IELTS, here are a few select colleges that we believe are the best in case you don’t want to appear for IELTS or TOEFL:

1. Drexel University

Enrolling 26,000 students across 150+ programs, giving you the advantage of a higher acceptance rate, Drexel is a private university. The 2 ways international students can study at Drexel without giving IELTS or TOEFL are 

  • University Preparation Summer Program
  • The FCBP program 

To pursue a master’s degree at Drexel University, overseas students must have completed a year of undergraduate education.

2. University of Colorado Boulder

The University of Colorado Boulder is one of the best universities in the USA for higher education. To study at UCB without IELTS or TOEFL, the student has to demonstrate at least one of the following: 

  • They come from an English-speaking country
  • Have studied an academic year as a student in the USA 
  • Have finished two academic years in an English-speaking country

And as you read earlier, an alternate English proficiency exam for getting an admit in the University of Colorado is Duolingo.

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3. University of Dayton

Yet another university sitting in the list of ‘one of the bests', the University of Dayton offers many postgraduate, undergraduate, and doctoral-level programs. It also has an integrated course offering you a bachelor’s and a master’s degree together

To get admission at the University of Dayton without IELTS or TOEFL, students can take the (ELP) intensive English language program.

Apart from this, you can appear for PTE / Duolingo as an alternative for IELTS.

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4. California State University, Los Angeles

The California State University, Los Angeles, is reliably well-known for its academic excellence and contributions to the public good. TOEFL or IELTS score is not compulsory to be submitted by international students for admission to the University if they have appeared in secondary school and graduate school with English as their medium of instruction.

5. Rice University

Rice University is among the greatest schools in the USA; it uses a semester-based academic calendar. You can enrol at Rice University without submitting your IELTS or TOEFL scores if you have finished a degree from a university or college where English is the official medium of instruction. International students can request a waiver of these examinations by applying to the admissions office.

6. University of Iowa

Offering more than 200 majors, The University of Iowa is among the best universities in the USA enrolling deserving students without IELTS or TOEFL scores. They offer admission to international students who can understand English adequately as a medium of instruction.

So there you go, top US universities without IELTS or TOEFL scores. But what about your study visa? Yocket is here to tell you about that too!

Scholarship for universities in USA without IELTS

If you wish to take the IELTS or have already appeared for it and are looking to study in the USA for FREE, we have got you covered! 

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And if you wish to pursue your Masters in the USA without IELTS, don’t worry. Here are a few of the scholarships that you can look into and apply for:

  • Fulbright Scholarship: The Fullbright scholarship is fully funded by the Government of the USA and is offered to graduates and professionals alike. Around 4,000 students receive the Fulbright scholarship every year and study in America without IELTS.

While these are a few of the scholarships you can avail without IELTS, there are other scholarships that you can apply for. 

USA Study Visa Without IELTS for International Students

Cracking your USA study visa interview without IELTS is not easy, especially when you are an international student from one of the non-English speaking countries. It becomes a necessity since one of the important requirements in the USA visa application is that the candidate must be proficient in English - which these tests accurately portray.

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So, when you get admitted to one of the universities without IELTS in the US, you need an admission letter with excellent communication skills in English at the visa interview. Furthermore, in this case, here are some documents required to be submitted: 

  • Valid Passport Copy
  • DS-160 confirmation page
  • I-20 Form
  • Accommodation Proof
  • Resume or CV
  • Healthcare Coverage
  • Academics Transcripts
  • SEVIS application payment receipt
  • Passport size photograph

One thing to keep in mind is that while we have mentioned several ways to get admission to top US universities without IELTS, the eligibility criteria vary between the courses you opt for and even the universities you wish to go to. As a Premium Yocketer, you connect with over 1 Million aspirants across the globe. The community helps you with all the information, experience, and anecdotes you will need for a smooth and easy admission process.

From the desk of Yocket

Scoring higher on standardised English tests like IELTS or TOEFL assures universities in the US that you are capable of keeping up with their instruction language. Additionally, these tests and a good background in the English language prepare you for the life that you will live in and out of your university campus. Knowing the native language of the foreign land helps you connect and network with people - opening up many career opportunities for you! 

That being said, it is absolutely possible for you to get admission in one of the top universities in the USA without appearing for IELTS or TOEFL. These are NOT THE ONLY CHANNELS to prove your fluency in English as a language. Exams like Duolingo and PTE are equally relevant and important for testing your proficiency. And some of the best universities in the USA like the University of California, LA, and University of Colorado Boulder accept these language tests.

If you really wish to study abroad, Yocket is here to help you with everything you need.

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