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Letter of Recommendation for MBA: How to Write Sample LOR for MBA Programs?

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A letter of recommendation for MBA is a critical element in your admission application because your other application materials, such as SOP and application essays are subject to bias. This is because it’s ‘you’ who write these essays. However, the sample LOR for MBA is a testimony to your work ethic, interpersonal qualities, and personality coming from an external perspective. This is why LOR plays a pivotal role in your MBA application.

What are the Types of Letter of Recommendation for MBA?

Universities require two professional letter of recommendation for MBA because work experience is an important factor in the assessment of admissions. However, in rare cases, universities require one academic LOR along with a professional sample LOR for MBA.

Most B Schools require online recommendation questionnaires to be filled out and submitted by a candidate’s chosen recommenders. A printed MBA recommendation letter sample on college/company letterhead might be required to be scanned and uploaded as a supporting document as part of the online recommendation form.

But how to ask for MBA recommendation letter? Let’s check!

How to Choose Your Recommenders to Write MBA Recommendation Letter Sample?

In your MBA recommendation letter sample, your recommender is your brand ambassador. So, choosing the right recommender is indispensable. The criteria for choosing recommenders differs from one B School to another. However, the common scenario is to choose the immediate reporting manager at work with the other recommender being a supervisor or a colleague. Besides, ensure the following pointers:

  • Your recommender is familiar with your current work.
  • Your recommender is supportive of your career aspirations.
  • Your recommender understands your innate capabilities and personality.
  • You have ample shared experiences at the workplace.

Along with these pointers also make them understand how long should MBA recommendation letters be, how to write a MBA recommendation letter for the university, etc.

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How to Write a MBA Recommendation Letter?

In an ideal scenario, your recommender will have to know how to write a MBA recommendation letter or fill out the recommendation form consisting of various questions related to the suitability of your candidature for MBA. This is because the recommendation letter sample for MBA applicant written by your recommender makes it real and authentic.

Therefore, if your recommender is willing to write a professional LOR for MBA, then it is best to share with him/her your talking points, resume, and any other relevant information that can help the recommender gauge your candidature. In any case, we recommend the following blueprint for writing a reference letter for MBA admission:

How to Write a MBA Recommendation Letter


Introduce the recommender and his/her professional experience and designation. What is the recommender's relationship with you? (immediate supervisor/reporting manager/team lead/project lead/senior manager). You can also ask sample letter of recommendation for MBA from manager.

Mention the recommender’s duration of association with you. What is your role in the organisation? Mention the name of your team/project/department you’re associated with, an overview of your career growth/progress in the company, and the recommender’s general impressions about you.

Very Important: The recommendation letter for MBA student should be written from the perspective of your recommender.

Body Paragraphs

  • What are the notable qualities to write in a recommendation letter for MBA student? State each quality in a different paragraph. Address these qualities in order of importance. Focus on two-three qualities, so you keep the body of the letter to two or three paragraphs.
  • Besides, in the MBA recommendation letter format you can use specific examples to show how each quality was observed. What were the specific incident/s–when and where were these qualities/skills/capabilities noted by the recommender. While mentoring you as the project lead or the team lead, or noting daily observations as your manager, supervisor, Head of the Department, or any other position of authority.
  • Mention the details of the tasks you performed and the tools you used. If you are writing about a project, elucidate instances that highlight your performance/contribution. Quantify your achievements at the workplace.
  • In the MBA recommendation letter format mention your engagement in or contribution to workplace extracurriculars if applicable, mention when and where these activities took place, and how the qualities you have demonstrated will help you in future undertakings.
  • Focus on any one of these qualities: hard work, dedication, sincerity, and proactivity. Explain with situations and examples-when and where these qualities were demonstrated.
  • You can also cover team management, time management, organisational abilities, leadership and initiative, communication skills, organisational abilities, and emotional maturity (mention only those qualities that are applicable but leadership is something that is essential when applying for MBA.) Each quality you mention needs to be supported with an example/situation—when and where this quality was demonstrated. You can also employ the S T A R approach to illustrate specific scenarios (situation, task, action, and result.)
  • Discuss your experience and how it helped you acquire relevant skills for an MBA. Elaborate on your career aspirations and interest to pursue MBA. Mention any other achievement/s at the workplace if applicable. When and how were these obtained, and how do these attest to your technical or interpersonal capabilities. You can ask sample letter of recommendation for MBA from professor.


Summarise your qualities as a desirable candidate for the program or ask sample letter of recommendation for MBA from professor. Add any other comments you feel appropriate. Encourage the reader to contact the recommender for additional information or questions. Conclude the letter with the proper business closing along with the recommender's signature.

Now you know the LOR format for MBA and what to ask in a sample letter of recommendation for MBA from professor. Further, let’s check the what university requirements need to be shared to get MBA recommendation letter from employer.

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LOR Requirements of Top Universities for MBA

Following are the top three universities for pursuing MBA and asking MBA recommendation letter from employer, along with their LOR requirements and guidelines.

  1. London Business School
  2. National University of Singapore
  3. Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Let’s explore them one by one!

1.    London Business School (LBS)

LBS requires one MBA recommendation letter sample to be submitted; it can either be from your current employer or from a previous employer or a client or someone from your professional journey who can vouch for your candidature. If you can not or do not wish to request LOR from your current employer, you can also take it from a colleague. LBS does not require an offline MBA recommendation letter sample.

2.    National University of Singapore (NUS)

NUS requires two recommendations to be submitted (one from your current employer and one from either a client you worked for or someone from your previous organisation.) The letter of recommendation for MBA should be submitted within two weeks from the date of initiation.

3.    Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Wharton requires you to submit two LORs endorsed by suitably qualified higherups from current or previous employers or a client you have worked for. The designation of the recommender is not as important as his/her knowledge of your personality, capabilities, and aspirations.

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Important Tips for Writing LOR for MBA

Following are crucial tips to be followed for writing an impeccable LOR for MBA.

  • Choose your recommenders cautiously as per specifications in your B School Application.
  • Communicate and stay in touch with your potential recommenders when you plan on requesting recommendations from them, well in advance. Networking is indispensable!
  • Discuss your career goals with your recommenders.
  • Submit the online recommendation forms well before the application deadline.
  • Target the purpose for which the letter is written clearly once at the beginning and once at the end.
  • Ensure that each LOR has distinctive anecdotes and qualities to showcase.
  • Assess your strengths/capabilities and present them candidly without exaggerating what is not true.
  • The letter should demonstrate the familiarity between you and the recommender. The recommender should have sufficient information to be able to substantiate such familiarity.
  • Share your resume, a scanned copy of the LOR, and essential talking points addressing the given questions with your recommender when an online recommendation form is required. This will help the recommender vouch for your candidature better.

You can ask your recommender to share questions on the online recommendation form so you know what talking points you should provide them.

Letter of Recommendation Guide for MS, MBA, and Others

We understand that writing a sample LOR for MBA programs can be challenging. But don’t worry, as Yocket is here to help you master the nuances to draft a succinct LOR for MBA abroad. You can avail of our end-to-end personalised services and connect with well-trained counsellors by subscribing to Yocket premium. They will guide you through the process making it easier than ever.

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