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Computer Science Courses in Canada: Guide to Best Universities, Eligibility, Fees, Career Opportunities & More

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As we are currently living in a world of the digital age, most industries rely on software programs and their data. Computer science and information communications technology impact everything from healthcare, scientific research to transportation, banking, etc. With the advancement of technology, the world has become faster, better, and more connected to each other.

Pursuing computer science courses in Canada offers you the right aptitude to work in various fields with the ever-growing technology. By studying CS in Canada, you will gain a thorough knowledge of software systems, human-computer interaction, computational modelling, and artificial intelligence. If you are interested in studying computer science degree in Canada. This blog will guide you to learn more about CS universities, the cost of studying, top scholarships, etc.

Let’s get started on the insights!

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Overview of Computer Science in Canada

Why Study Computer Science Courses in Canada?

There are various benefits of studying computer science courses in Canada, some of which are discussed below:

  • Research Opportunities in Canada: Strong focus of the computer science program on software development and scientific research is one of the most popular reasons to study CS in Canada. Further, the Canadian government also supports research in the disciplines of computer science specialisations.
  • Bright Opportunity: The demand for computer science or software professionals is far beyond the labour market supply between 2019-2028. There will be a projected demand for 27,500 computer engineers compared to 24,000 new job seekers in the coming years. This makes computer science a lucrative career option in Canada for international students.
  • Top Universities: Computer science courses in Canada are highly sought-after programs. It is significant to note that around 6 Canadian computer science universities rank in the Top 100 universities of the world in the QS World University Rankings 2022.
  • Networking: Studying at the best computer science colleges in Canada permits a student to cultivate their global network. With this course, they can collaborate with the top global minds and professionals worldwide. This will further help them understand and demonstrate their work experience to get a job after graduation.

Grading System in Canada

Now you know the benefits of pursuing computer science in Canada. Next, let us explore the top CS universities in Canada.

Top 10 Universities for Computer Science in Canada

Most universities in Canada offer numerous degree programs in Computer Science, such as a bachelor in computer science in Canada, an MS degree in Computer Science in Canada, and others. Check the list of top 10 universities in Canada for computer science with their QS World Subject Rankings 2022 in Computer Science.

  1. University of Toronto, 12
  2. University of British Columbia, 21
  3. University of Waterloo, 25
  4. University of Alberta, 104
  5. University of Calgary, 151-200
  6. McGill University, 44
  7. University of Montreal, 48
  8. Simon Fraser University, 114
  9. Queen’s University at Kingston, 148
  10. University of Ottawa, 201-250

Further, let's learn about the top 5 institutions with their university ranking in Canada for computer science.

1.  University of Toronto

The University of Toronto has been ranked as the best university for computer science programs by different rankings surveys. The computer science program offered here is designed for students seeking to be trained as researchers capable of creating original and internationally recognised research in the computer science field.

Type of Institution


QS World University Rankings 2022


QS World University Rankings by Subject in Computer Science 2022


Average Annual Fees

15,400 CAD to 24,000 CAD/ INR 9,24,160 to 14,40,249

Programs Offered

BASc in Computer Engineering

BSc in Computer Science

MASc in Electrical and Computer Engineering

MSc in Computer Science

PhD in Computer Science

2.  University of Waterloo

According to the US News Global University Subject areas rankings, the University of Waterloo is the top-ranked school for computer science and engineering programs in Canada. With an acceptance rate of 4.3%, CS is a highly competitive program at the university. Besides, its programs help students develop a broad understanding of the areas such as systems, networks, algorithms, and programming.

Type of Institution


QS World University Rankings 2022


QS World University Rankings by Subject in Computer Science 2022


Average Annual Fees

14,000 CAD to 23,000 CAD/ INR 8,40,145 to 13,80,239

Programs Offered

BSc in Computer Science

M.Math in Computer Science

PhD in Computer Science

3.  University of British Columbia

Established in May 1968, the UBC Department of Computer Science is among North America's top computer science departments. This internationally-renowned department offers various computer science courses, interdisciplinary faculty, innovative student enrichment, and flexible curriculum options for international students. So you can choose this university to pursue your education in CS.

Type of Institution


QS World University Rankings 2022


QS World University Rankings by Subject in Computer Science 2022


Average Annual Fees

16,000 CAD to 23,000 CAD/ INR 9,60,166 to 13,80,239

Programs Offered

BA in Computer Science

BSc in Computer Science

BCom in Business and Computer Science

MSc in Computer Science

MASc in Electrical and Computer Engineering

PhD in Computer Science

4.  University of Alberta

The University of Alberta provides admissions in a number of computer science programs that help students build foundational knowledge in Python and Java. This prepares them to study other software languages and domains like software engineering, computer organisation and architecture, databases and algorithms, etc.

Type of Institution


QS World University Rankings 2022


QS World University Rankings by Subject in Computer Science 2022


Average Annual Fees

26,555 CAD/ INR 15,93,576

Programs Offered

BSc in Computing Science

MSc in Computing Science

PhD in Computing Science

5.  University of Calgary

The computer science programs of the University of Calgary will provide you with a theoretical and practical understanding of topics that could be implemented to further combine creativity with mathematical logic and communications. This will help you build a career in problem-solving and system building. So choose this university to begin your CS course in Canada.

Type of Institution


QS World University Rankings 2022


QS World University Rankings by Subject in Computer Science 2022


Average Annual Fees

25,529 CAD/ INR 15,323,005

Programs Offered

BSc in Computer Science

MSc in Computer Science

MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering

MEng in Electrical and Computer Engineering

PhD in Computer Science

PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Study in Canada after 12th

Eligibility Criteria and University Requirements for CS Courses in Canada

International students who want to study computer systems maintenance, software languages, and computation, etc, at the best computer science colleges in Canada will need to show some documents. The list of the university admission requirements that international students must present are:

  • Academic Qualifications
  • English Language Proficiency
  • GRE or GMAT
  • Study Permit

1.  Academic Qualifications

The academic requirements for admission to the CS course will differ as per the program/ university selected by the international students. However, the basic qualification requirements are as follows:

  • For bachelor or diploma courses in computer science, students are required to clear their 10+2 level of examination in a relevant stream from any recognised institution.
  • If you have completed your bachelor degree and want to take admission to either PG Diploma or a masters in computer science, then you must have a bachelor degree in computer science or any relevant subject.

2.  English Language Proficiency

International students interested in getting admitted to colleges in Canada for computer science will have to clear the English Language Proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc. The minimum test score requirements are:

3.  GRE or GMAT

If you have completed your bachelors degree and have cleared the language test. The next step is to appear in the GRE or GMAT tests to confirm your admission to the colleges in Canada. However, some universities do not require it as a mandatory test score, so check it beforehand on your desired university’s website.

4.  Study Permit

To get admission to any university or college in Canada as an international student, you are required to apply for a Canada study permit at the embassy.

Visa Requirements for Canada

Next, let’s check the document requirements to pursue CS in Canada.

Documents Required for Computer Science in Canada

There are some additional documents that must be submitted at the Canadian Computer Science Universities as a part of the admissions application. These documents will enhance your admission application and profile. Let’s check the list.

SOP for MS in CS

With the requirements in place, next, let's go through the admissions process for CS in Canada.

Admission Process for Computer Science Course in Canada

The application for admission at the best computer science colleges in Canada is open in three intakes—fall, spring, and summer. The fall intake is the most popular and competitive intake among the three. Let’s check the steps to be followed:

  • First, shortlist the Canadian computer science universities and visit their official website to apply for computer science courses.
  • Check out the course curriculum, eligibility, and fee structure of your interested university and fill out the application form.
  • After submitting the admission form, collect all the essential academic documents and submit/ upload them along with the application form.
  • Once you receive any admission acceptance mail from the university, reply to the same mail by submitting the required tuition fees.
  • Now, after completing all the requirements, apply for the Canadian study permit at the nearest embassy.

How to Apply to Canadian Universities?

Next, let’s check the expenses involved in the CS admission process in Canada.

Cost of Studying CS Courses in Canada

Computer science is a highly demanded course, and studying it at the best university in Canada will be a boon for you. Note that the cost of studying computer science in Canada is affordable compared to other countries. Let’s check how?

1.  Tuition Fees

International students willing to study computer science courses in Canada will have to spend an amount on their tuition fees. The computer engineering fees in Canada vary from the university and your study level. For a bachelor degree in CS, it will cost around 16,750 CAD/ INR 10,05,174 per year, and for masters program, you have to pay between 14,563 CAD to 26,700 CAD/ INR 8,73,931 to 16,02,278 per year.

2.  Costs of Living

The cost of living of an international student in Canada depends on their lifestyle and expenses. On average, an international student will need to pay around 8,900 CAD/ INR 5,34,092 per year for on-campus accommodation. The other expenses include off-campus apartments—which will cost you between 700 CAD and 1,000 CAD/ INR 42,007 to 60,010 per month—food expenses of 300 CAD/ INR 18,000 per month, etc.

Besides, the average cost of living in Canada is around 10,000 to 20,000 CAD/ INR 6,00,000 to 12,00,000 per year.

Cost of Studying MBA in Canada

Now you know the cost of studying computer science in Canada. This information will surely help you plan your budget. Next, let’s explore the scholarships that one can apply for to study CS in Canada.

Scholarships to Study Computer Science in Canada

Scholarships can help international students reduce their study expenses and liabilities. Let’s explore the list of computer science scholarships to study in Canada.

  • Acres International Award
  • Albert Kwong Memorial Prize
  • McMaster University Engineering Honour Award
  • Andre Courtemanche Fellowship for Excellence in Computer Science
  • Y. Louie and Lohn Entrance Award
  • Concordia University Canada Scholarships 2022
  • University of Saskatchewan Canada Scholarships 2022
  • Montreal University Canada Scholarships 2022
  • York University Canada Scholarships 2022

You can also explore this video with budget-friendly Canadian universities with which you can pursue your education in Canada under INR 25 lakhs.

Further, let’s check the career opportunities one can pick after completing their CS from Canada.

Career Opportunities after CS Course in Canada

There are a number of career options for international students in the computer science engineering field. They can either start working for different companies as a freelancer/full-time employees or choose internships for the experience.

Some job opportunities for international students after completing computer science in Canada are given below.

Job Profile

Average Salary

Computer Scientist

69,968 CAD/ INR 41,98,808

Computer Networks Architect

63,962 CAD/ INR 38,38,386

Information Security Administrator

66,310 CAD/ INR 39,79,290

Software Engineer

78,423 CAD/ INR 47,06,196

Site Reliability Engineer

79,760 CAD/ INR 47,86,430

Part-time Jobs in Canada for Students

By know you know all about the computer science course in Canada. So if you are interested in domains like artificial intelligence, computer systems and networks, security, database systems, human-computer interaction, vision and graphics, numerical analysis, programming languages, software engineering, bioinformatics, and theory of computing, choose a CS course in Canada.

However, understand that the Canadian study abroad process includes various steps like the selection of course/ university, filling out/ submitting admission application, applying for a scholarship/ loan, etc. If you get confused at any point or need end-to-end expert guidance, connect with our counsellors by choosing Yocket premium. They will surely assist you at every step!

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