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Study In Australia After 12th: Know Best Courses In Australia After 12th

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After completing the 12th grade, students are faced with the dilemma of selecting the best university for further education. Australia is a popular study abroad destination. After the United States and the United Kingdom, Australia attracts the most Indian students for higher education. There are approximately 22,000 courses available in various disciplines to study in Australia after 12th. Furthermore, there are numerous scholarships available for courses in Australia after the 12th grade. These scholarships enable students to obtain a world-class education at a minimum cost.

Studying in Australia also opens the doors to job opportunities through its renowned campus placements. Healthcare, IT, applied sciences, the arts, and the social sciences all provide a number of alternatives to study in Australia after 12th. Read further to learn more about the best courses in Australia after 12th, eligibility, cost and scholarships for Indian students to study in Australia after 12th.

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Education System of Australia After 12th

Australian education system promotes skills like communication, critical thinking, creativity and analytical thinking to name a few. The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) was founded in 1995. It is the backbone of Australian education. AQF is divided into ten levels that unite different schools, colleges, universities, and educational institutions in one national system. Australia's education system is three-tiered, including primary, secondary, and higher education.




Certificate I


Certificate II


Certificate III


Certificate IV




Advanced Diploma, Associate Degree


Bachelor Degree


Bachelor Honours Degree, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma


Master’s Degree


Doctoral Degree

Top 5 Benefits of Studying In Australia

The QS Rankings recognise the Australian universities for their academic excellence. Studying in Australia for Indian students after 12th can be beneficial for the following reasons:

  • While classes are in session, international students may work up to 20 hours per week.
  • There are over 22,000 courses and career-oriented programs available in over 1,100 universities in Australia.
  • Australia has five of the top 30 student cities in the world.
  • Universities in Australia use research and training methodologies that are highly regarded for their academic quality.
  • Through the scholarships available, international students can receive a world-class education at an affordable cost.

Application Requirements for Study Australia

International students can choose from a variety of courses in Australia after 12th. Depending on one's preferences, one can select a course from a number of streams such as arts, commerce, or science. Here's a preview of some of the most popular courses in each stream:

Popular Commerce Courses in Australia After 12th

  • Accounting and Finance
  • International Business
  • Law
  • Business and Management
  • Business and Commerce
  • Marketing
  • Human Resource
  • MBA
  • Accounting

Top Commerce Universities in Australia

The following commerce colleges are the best to study in Australia for Indian students after 12th for a strong foundation in the field of commerce and trade.


QS Rankings

Popular Courses

University of New South Wales


Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)

Business Analytics.

Business Economics.


University of Sydney





Monash University


Financial Econometrics



Top Courses to Study in Australia After 12th Arts

  • Philosophy
  • History
  • Literature
  • Foreign Language Communications
  • Bachelor of Creative Arts
  • Bachelor of Arts in Creative and Professional Writing
  • Bachelor of Arts in Art History
  • Bachelor of Media with Bachelor of Arts
  • Fashion
  • Graphic Arts

Top Universities After 12th Arts in Australia


QS Rankings

Popular Courses

The University of Queensland




English Literature

RMIT University


Diploma of Visual Arts

Bachelor of Arts (Photography)

Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art)

Australian National University


Bachelor of Visual Arts

Bachelor of International Relations

Bachelor of Music

Top Courses to Study in Australia Science (Medical) After 12th

  • Physiotherapy
  • Veterinary Science
  • Nutrition
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Nursing
  • Bachelor’s in Medicine
  • Engineering in Biotechnology
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy
  • Public Health
  • Environmental Health

Top Universities to Study in Australia Science (Medical) After 12th


QS Rankings

Popular Courses

University of Melbourne


Bachelor of Medical Science

Doctor of Medicine

The University of Adelaide


Bachelor of Nursing

Clinical Science

Medical Science

The University of Sydney


Graduate Certificate of Surgery


Bachelor of Pharmacy and Management

Top Courses to Study in Australia Science (Non- Medical) After 12th

  • Engineering (BTech / BE)
  • Architecture
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Computer Application
  • Airport Management
  • Pilot Training
  • Bachelor of Education (Primary)
  • Bachelor of Early Childhood Education
  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering
  • Bachelor of Environmental Science

Universities in Australia for Non-Medical Studies After 12th


QS Rankings

Popular Courses

Curtin University


Coastal and Marine Science


Agriculture Science

Griffith University


Applied Mathematics


Wildlife Biology

Monash University



Plant sciences

Earth Science

Diploma Courses in Australia After 12th

The following are renowned diploma courses in Australia after 12th:

  • Diploma in International Business
  • Diploma in Accounting
  • Diploma of Building and Construction (Building)
  • Diploma of Financial Services
  • Diploma in Business
  • Diploma in Marketing and Communication
  • Diploma of Leadership and Management
  • Diploma in Software Development

Eligibility Criteria for Studying in Australia After 12th

Students planning to pursue higher education in Australia have to meet the following eligibility criteria. The eligibility criteria can differ based on the courses, programs and universities. Nonetheless, the basic requirements are as follows:

1.  Percentage Requirement

To pursue education in Australia after 12th, students must have a minimum score of 60 -65% in the 12th grade in their respective stream. The diploma and other basic courses, on the other hand, have a lower score requirement.

2.  Language Proficiency

Since English is the medium of instruction at most colleges. International students must have a good grasp of the language. In order to study in Australia, one must have a high IELTS/TOEFL band score. For IELTS, the minimum score is 6.5 – 7 score bands, and for TOEFL, it is 75 – 90.

3.  Age limit

Before enrolling in a degree program, students must be at least 18 years old.

4.  Documents Required

The following list of documents is mandatory to study in Australia after 12th:

  1. Marks card of previous classes
  2. A valid passport
  3. Resume
  4. Statement of Purpose
  5. Letter of admission
  6. Application Form
  7. Bank Statements
  8. Portfolio (if applicable)
  9. Receipt of application fees paid
  10. Photographs
  11. Health certificate

What is the Course Duration for Studying in Australia?

International students can enroll in different types of courses after completing the 12th. The duration of some of these programs is mentioned in the table below:



Foundation Courses


Vocational Education and Training courses

6 Months -1 year

Undergraduate courses

3 years

Honors Degree

4 years

Australia Study Visa Requirements

Cost of Studying in Australia After 12th for Indian Students

Studying in Australia for Indian students after 12th grade is extremely beneficial for Indian students. In addition, Australia is indeed a very affordable country for students with world-class educational infrastructure. The annual fee structure differs for each university. A bachelor's degree might cost between AUD 15,000 and AUD 35,000 per year for international students. The table below shows the average cost of several courses in Australia:


Annual average fee


AUS$ 21,000 – AUS$ 39,000


AUS$ 24,000 – AUS$ 39,000


AUS$ 26,000 – AUS$ 39,000


AUS$ 21,000 – AUS$ 33,000

Scholarships for International Students to Study in Australia After 12th

International students who want to study in Australia at a reduced cost might apply for scholarships granted by the Australian government, public or private colleges, and higher education institutions to deserving international students. There are a considerable number of scholarships for Indian students to study in Australia after 12th. Some of the scholarships are as follows:

1.  Monash International Leadership Scholarship

Monash International Leadership Scholarship is for international students who are beginning their undergraduate studies at an Australian university. It covers the entire tuition cost.

2.  Australia Awards

The Australian Government offers distinguished international scholarships called Australia Awards Scholarships. It covers tuition fees, transportation subsidies, and a portion of monthly living expenses. Scholarships are available to outstanding Indian graduate students from selected high-performing institutions to study at one of Australia's world-class universities in priority disciplines like agribusiness, engineering etc.

3.  Australian National University Study Canberra Scholarship

It is awarded to Indian students enrolled in the institution's undergraduate or graduate programmes. Academic merit is used to award the scholarship, which can be worth up to AUD 10,000. This scholarship will be awarded to eligible applicants who have excelled in their final years of schooling or university studies in India.

4.  Griffith University Scholarships

Griffith University offers a Griffith Remarkable Scholarship to diligent international students studying undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes. It compensates for 50% of the tuition costs for the entire course of study.

5.  Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship

This scholarship is available to international undergraduate students at the University of Melbourne. This scholarship is awarded to over 1,000 international students each academic year. There is no separate application required, and for the three-year undergraduate course, a fee remission of either 100% or 50% is available.

Guide to Masters in Australia

Choosing Australia for studying after 12th is a promising prospect. The highly developed universities, research-based studies and focus on developing essential skills at Australian universities ensure that no stone is unturned to provide the best opportunities to the students. If you have any doubt, you can consult Yocket counsellors to get placed in an Australian University.

Happy learning!

Frequently Asked Questions About Education in Australia After 12th

Ques. What exams are required to study in Australia after 12th?

Ans. IELTS, TOEFL and GRE are the required exams to study in Australia after 12th.

Ques. Is Australia costly for Indian students?

Ans. Yes, Indian students find Australia to be a cost-effective place to study. Apart from the ability to work part-time, Australia provides great scholarship opportunities.

Ques. What is the cheapest course to study in Australia?

Ans. Australia offers several courses at an affordable price. However, the Diploma of HR Management, Diploma of Information Technology and Certificate III in carpentry are some of the cheapest courses available at an average cost of $ 1,300, $ 1,500 and $ 1,100, respectively.

Ques. What is the best to study in Australia?

Ans. The following are some of the best courses to study in Australia:

  • Agricultural sciences.
  • Architecture.
  • Biomedical engineering.
  • Core engineering.
  • Earth sciences.
  • Computer science and information technology.
  • Psychology.
  • Tourism and hospitality management.

Ques. Can a foreign student work in Australia?

Ans. International students with a student visa are permitted to work in Australia while pursuing their studies for 20 hours a week.

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