Griffith University, Brisbane

Griffith University, Brisbane

Queensland, Australia | Public


Griffith University is a public research university established in 1971. Courses in environmental Sciences and Asians Studies became fully fledged from 1975 and this is one of the universities in Australia, which is extremely Indian friendly. Moreover, Griffith University has the reputation of being a verdant university, which currently offers undergraduate, postgraduate and research degrees in various fields like information technology, planning and architecture, science and aviation, law, education, humanities and languages, among others.




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It is situated in South East part of Queensland. Since Queensland is densely populated and the second largest state in Australia, you will never find yourself alone in the literal sense. In addition, if you are a beach person this is the ideal place for you since you can frequently escape to the beaches, Airlie Beach and Whitehaven Beach.


Most of you will probably be studying in the Nathan Campus because it is the one where you get to pursue most of the degrees. Besides the Nathan Campus, you also have four other campuses named Gold Coast Campus, Logan Campus, Mount Gravatt Campus and South Bank Campus. The Mount Gravatt Campus is the home of research centres focusing on important social issues like suicide. You will find the library building in the Nathan campus, connected to various other buildings through walking paths. Recently Nathan Campus opened the Sir Samuel Griffith Centre, which is known for operating on its own without taking the help of electricity.
While South Bank Campus is the centre of activity for creative acts, Mount Gravatt is the one where you will find outdoor recreation spots, basketball and netball courts apart from the newly modernized aquatic and fitness centre.

Residing Options

You have the option of staying on-campus here, and it is usually recommended to other students too because you get to experience student life first-hand and make friends who come from all walks of life. Although the rooms are small as compared to the rooms you get off-campus, it is worth it since you have the opportunity to mingle with both international and nationals students. But the cleaners come every 6 weeks which is the cause of annoyance for many students. If you are going to the Mount Gravatt Campus, it is best that you opt for the off campus accommodation since this one is isolated.


Griffith University’s presence is highlighted in the national teaching awards and citations of Australia. The fact that Griffith University has won seven awards for excellence in teaching speaks volumes about its faculty. You will see that the teachers here are both professional and friendly at the same time. At times, if you are unlucky you will come across certain unapproachable and unhelpful teachers.

Jobs and placements

Plenty of placement options are available here for students pursuing degrees in Paramedicine, Physiotherapy, Social Work, Applied Psychology, Exercise Science, etc. The best parts that you can also get to experience international placements which means that you will get to experience a whole new culture and develop skills like adaptability, patience and resilience which will definitely take you far ahead in life.

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