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A Complete Guide on BDS Abroad: BDS Abroad Fees, Top Universities, Course Curriculum, Eligibility Requirements, Scholarships

Kashyap Matani

Earning an undergraduate degree in dentistry, also known as dental surgery or to study BDS abroad is the first step towards becoming a future dentist. Over the course of your undergrad program, you will learn orthodontics, oral medicine, radiology, paediatric, and other forms of dentistry. 

Completing your bachelor of dental surgery abroad has extended benefits. In India and other developing countries, as the rate of unemployment and overpopulation spikes, your 3 to 5 years’ BDS degree might not pay off as much or as well as your BDS degree from abroad would. In simpler terms, getting your BDS in abroad for Indian students is highly beneficial for ROI, job prospects, and more.  

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Table of Contents

If you’re someone who wishes to skyrocket their professional career from an early age and look forward to doing your BDS abroad, this article is for you. Stick around till the end of this article as we explore the top countries, universities, BDS abroad fees and scholarships other than many other things related to study BDS abroad. 

Why Study BDS Abroad?

The first question to begin with: why should you take the pains to study BDS abroad? Why not choose another stream or stay back in your home country? Well, we have the answers.

  1. Brilliant job opportunities: As you complete your BDS from abroad, you open a doorway to many employment and entrepreneurial opportunities with a brilliant turnaround rate. Dentists abroad make much more money than dentists in India. Thus, the BDS future in abroad is a bright shining light. 
  2. Great institutions: If you go out to study BDS from abroad, you have a whole new and upgraded range of colleges and universities to choose from. You have more exposure to colleges with better equipment and faculty.
  3. One of the best programs: Dental surgery is a win-win profession choice. It is both career-oriented and gives to society as well. Additionally, a BDS takes less time to complete than an MBBS and you learn in a field you enjoy. 

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Top 5 Countries for BDS in Abroad for Indian Students

When we’re talking about BDS in abroad for Indian students, there are many options to choose from. The country you decide to move to depends on the universities there, job prospects of the country, costs and scholarship, and other factors like the political and economical stability of the nation. 


Reasons to Study BDS

Top College for BDS


Booming industry

Gulf Medical University


Free medical education till grade 12 and English is the language of instruction. 

James Cook University


Most highly paid undergrad degree.

University of Plymouth


Academic excellence and brilliant immigration.

University of British Columbia – Faculty of Dentistry

New Zealand 

Excellent salary and working conditions. 

Auckland University of Technology 

Let us now have a look at the details about the top universities abroad to study BDS in foreign countries: 

Top Universities for Bachelors of Dental Surgery Abroad

After you have shortlisted the country you want to study bachelor of dental surgery abroad, go on to choose the best college for yourself. The table below summarises the top 10 dental surgery colleges worldwide that you should consider when applying for BDS abroad. 



Cost of BDS (in USD)

Program & Specialisation 

University of Queensland


49,676.02/ year

Dental Science (Honours) 

University of Adelaide


46,17,795.43: Total 

Dental Surgery

James Cook University



Dental Surgery

Charles Sturt University



Dental Implantology 

University of Liverpool



Dental Surgery

University of Plymouth



Dental Surgery

University of Sheffield


47,301.74/ year

Increases for years 2 to 5

Dental Surgery

Karolinska Institutet


1,73,554.02 : Total

(UK students exempted, no scholarship)

Dental Surgery

University of Hong Kong



Dental Surgery

Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA), Amsterdam the Netherlands


Endodontology: 19,362.87

Orofacial Pain and Dysfunction: 14,497.74

Periodontology: 26,095.53

Paediatric Dentistry: 14,497.74 

Prosthodontics and Oral Implantology: 24,913



Orofacial Pain and Dysfunction

Paediatric Dentistry

Prosthodontics and Oral Implantology

Now, you should also know the course curriculum of a typical BDS in abroad for Indian students. This information is essential to help you mentally prepare yourself. 

Course Curriculum of BDS in Abroad for Indian Students

The course curriculum comprises mainly two categories: the duration of your course and the core subjects in the same.


Generally, a BDS degree takes up to four to six years to complete. Most often, this includes the internship tenure too. The duration of the degree depends on the country to country and university to university. 

Core Subjects

  1. Dental Therapeutics
  2. Oral Microbiology
  3. General and Dental Pharmacology
  4. General Pathology
  5. Preclinical Conservative Dentistry
  6. Oral Pathology

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Now, let us go through the eligibility criteria you will have to fulfil to study BDS course in abroad. 

Eligibility and Documents Required for BDS Course in Abroad

As a medical student after your 10+2, there are certain eligibility criteria you need to meet to study BDS in abroad. 

  • A minimum score of 50% in your 10+2 examination with PCB as your core subject.
  • Qualifying marks in NEET 
  • Language proficiency tests as per your destination country 
  • Skills and talents certificates 

To prove these and other formalities, there are certain documents you’d have to submit at the time of application. 

  1. Official transcripts
  2. NEET scorecard
  3. Language proficiency scorecard
  4. ID proof
  5. Visa
  6. Passport
  7. Financial proof
  8. SOPs
  9. LORs

Note that this is a generalised list of documents and eligibility criteria mentioned. The exact requirements differ from university to university. Check your course’s official page for exact details.

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Admission Procedure to Study BDS Abroad 

The admission procedure to apply to study BDS abroad again differs from nation to nation. However, this is a generalised flowchart of doing it:

  1. Hover over to the official website of your college after shortlisting.
  2. Then, go to your course page.
  3. Then, fill out the application form and pay the registration fees.
  4. Support with required documents.
  5. Submit and wait for the results.

Done! Once you're shortlisted by the colleges, applying is not a difficult task. However, make sure to apply to places where you have a fair chance at acceptance. The registration fee isn’t very less.

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NEET Score to Study Abroad 

BDS Abroad Fees for Indian Students 

The most challenging aspect when it comes to studying BDS abroad is the BDS abroad fees for Indian students. This comprises the tuition fees and the cost of living in your destination country. The living cost depends on your country and your living standard. The same is the case for BDS in abroad for Indian students fees. 


Cost of Living (in USD)

Annual Tuition Cost (in USD)


707.87 to 1,061.80/month

24,026 to 34,304 






16,932.51 to 75,768.73 



1,94,968.88 Total 



11,400 to 84,630




The tuition costs can be heavily compensated by scholarships for bds abroad for Indian students. Note that this option is out of choice for some countries. 

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Scholarships for BDS in Abroad for Indian students

There are several scholarship opportunities for BDS in abroad for Indian students to assist in BDS in abroad for Indian students fees. The following table summarises the scholarship opportunities for BDS students abroad.




Emile Boutmy Scholarships For Non-EU Students At Sciences Po (Bachelors)

Sciences PO

Non-EU students 

Partial Funding 

President, Dean, And Faculty Scholarships & Trustee And Director Awards 2022

Taylor’s university 

Partial Funding 

Monash Humanitarian Scholarship

International students at Monash University 

Partial Funding 

Dalio Philanthropies Scholarship 2022

University of Queensland 

Partial Funding 

As we can see, these are a few scholarship opportunities available for Students wishing to pursue bachelors of dental surgery abroad. However, there are many more that escaped this list. It is advisable for all the applicants to go through a specific list of scholarships at their college to avail the benefits of scholarships and funds.

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Career and Jobs after BDS in Foreign Countries

Coming to the most important part of this article, what will be your career abroad after BDS? After you complete your bachelors in dental surgery, you can take up many different professions in abroad after BDS, starting from starting your own clinic to working in a hospital or going on to study abroad after BDS or getting into a research project. So, what is the ideal BDS future in abroad? 

Job profile

Annual Average Salary (in USD)



Dental consultant 


Dental surgeon




Oral Pathologist 


Clinical practice




More importantly, note that the demand for good dentists abroad has been on the rise for the past few years with the increase in awareness about oral health and cosmetic dentistry, resulting in a spike of jobs after BDS in abroad. A good college for your bachelor of dental surgery abroad can be useful as a gateway to better and higher-paying career opportunities. When you start well, your career is more likely to end well.

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