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Reasons for Singapore Student Visa Rejection: What is Singapore Student Visa Rejection Rate?

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Singapore has premier institutions in Asia. According to a 2020 survey, Singapore is ranked the fifteenth best country in the world for education. For students, the good news is that the Singapore student visa is easy to obtain. Nonetheless, if a student fails to adhere to the country’s guidelines, it can lead to their visa rejection. But don’t worry, there is nothing daunting about the visa process. Read further to know what mistakes to avoid for a successful student visa in Singapore. 

Table of Contents:

  1. What is the Success Rate of the Singapore Student Visa Applications?
  2. Top 8 Rejection Reasons for Student Visa in Singapore
  3. Process for Reapplying for a Student Visa in Singapore

What is the Success Rate of the Singapore Student Visa Applications?

Singapore is a popular choice among Indian students wanting to pursue higher education. Around 65,000 international students studied in Singapore in 2018. On a positive note, if all of the prerequisites are fulfilled, obtaining a Singapore student visa is easier. The success rate for Singapore student visas is 90%.


Top 8 Rejection Reasons for Student Visa in Singapore

There are certain rules to be followed when applying for a student visa. Some of the common reasons for Singapore student visa rejection is due to non-adherence to these regulations. 

1. Non-Adherence to the Guidelines

Singapore student visa requires a set of documents along with a statement of purpose, CV, admission essay, and letter of recommendation. If any of the necessary documents are missing, fortified, or are not in order or as per the guideline, it can result in the rejection of the visa. Regional language documents will not be accepted. Therefore make sure to send translated versions of the same. 

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2. Sponsor Not Included

For a student to enroll in an independent, government-aided, or government school in Singapore; the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority requires a local sponsor who is a Singapore citizen or Permanent Resident. If the applicant does not have a local sponsor or does not fill out the forms accurately, the chances of getting a Singapore student visa rejection rate are higher.


 3. Unsatisfactory Language Requirements

As part of the language requirement for a Singapore student visa, students must submit their English Proficiency Test scores. In Singapore, the IELTS and TOEFL are two recognized English proficiency assessments. If the student does not meet the minimum requirements, the visa will be rejected.


4. Insufficient Funds

Sufficient financial support is necessary to avoid Singapore student visa rejection. The candidate must give evidence of sufficient funds in their account to cover their expenses while in Singapore.

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5. Invalid Passport

An expired or damaged passport with torn pages is one of the primary grounds for Singapore student visa rejection. The candidate will also be rejected if s(he) already has a Singapore visa and apply for another one.


6. Criminal Record,

Any candidate with a criminal history will face challenges in obtaining a visa. Involvement in any illegal activity or police records will impact the Singapore student visa rejection rate. 


7. Unsatisfactory Visa Interview 

If visa officials believe the student does not fit Singapore's culture or radiates no confidence in the purpose of the visit, the student will be denied entry. To secure the visa, students must have an adequate understanding of the course, university, and Singapore. 

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8. Intention to Return Back to the Country

Visa officials needs to know that after the completion of their education, the applicant will return back to their home country and would not be an immigrant in Singapore. Failure to demonstrate the intention to return back to the home country may result in rejection.


Process For Reapplying For A Student Visa In Singapore

Missing documentation or insufficient information are common grounds for refusing an application. One can usually fix these problems by submitting a new application. Nonetheless, an applicant can request their IHL to submit an appeal letter on their behalf if they believe their application was denied erroneously or unfairly. 

The appeal has to be filed within one month from the date of Singapore student visa rejection. The processing period for an appeal is 14 working days, depending on the intricacy of the case. Each appeal is considered and assessed separately.

You are one step closer to securing a place in the prestigious Singapore university. Together with the previous article on the Singapore visa application step by step guide, this process shall be a cakewalk for you! So, begin the visa process without the fear of rejection! Are you still unsure about your appeal and would like further personalized help? You can get in touch with Yocket consulates. 


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