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PhD in Biotechnology in USA: A Guide to PhD in Biotechnology in USA for International Students

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A PhD in biotechnology in USA is a rapidly expanding global industry with a variety of exciting job prospects. More and more applicants are now moving into creating a profession in the expanding sector of biotechnology.

The USA is the leading country that has advanced itself in practising biotechnology. Why  more and more students prefer PhD in Biotechnology in USA is because of the quality of education students get. There are many universities in USA for PhD in biotechnology that accept applications from international students. The cost, however, is frequently what keeps individuals from applying for a fellowship at their preferred universities in the USA. stay with us till the end to know all about the best universities for PhD in biotechnology in USA, and a lot more!

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Why Study PhD in Biotechnology in USA?

At present, there are more than 190 top universities in USA for PhD in biotechnology that provide more than 300 courses including PhD. From certificate programs to Ph.D. programs, these universities offer a variety of degrees.

Among the prominent fields at biotechnology universities in the USA are bioinformatics and biotechnology management, both of which are offered by universities there. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, earning a higher education from one of the biotechnology colleges in the USA would open up approximately 87,600 career prospects for you in the near future. Students can pursue fully-funded PhD programs in Biotechnology in USA that cover the cost of the study and stay. Some more reasons to pursue PhD in USA in biotechnology are-

  • In the USA, more than 60% of biotechnology experts have a yearly salary of around USD 90,000 (INR 71,86,275).
  • Students are offered with fully funded PhD programs in biotechnology in the form of grants by universities.

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Best Universities for PhD in Biotechnology in USA

There are a number of universities in USA for PhD in biotechnology offering quality education in the form of practical and theoretical methods. Below are the best universities for PhD in biotechnology-

Let us get into the details for all of these universities in USA for PhD in Biotechnology:

Harvard University

Harvard University, which was founded in 1636, is the oldest American university and a member of the exclusive US group of Ivy League Schools. Applicants to the PhD in biotechnology will learn about Biological Sciences in Public Health (BPH), dysregulation in complex diseases (such as obesity, diabetes, cancer), infectious diseases (such as malaria, tuberculosis, AIDS), environmental exposures (such as air pollution, asthma, and radiation), etc.



QS Ranking 2023


Program Offered

Doctor of Philosophy in Bioinformatics, Integrative Genomics- 4-5 years

Program Fees

USD 24,000 (INR 19,16,340)

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Stanford University

Stanford University, a private research university in Stanford, California, was established in 1891. Students pursuing a Ph.D. in biology receive instruction that is geared on assisting them in reaching the highest levels of success as teachers and researchers. In order to aid their growth, students collaborate closely with a designated adviser and attend regular meetings with a committee of academic members. The Stanford University Biosciences community, which also comprises doctoral programs in the fundamental scientific departments at Stanford Medical School, includes the Biology Ph.D. program.



QS Ranking 2023


QS Subject Ranking 2023


Program Offered

Doctor of Philosophy in Biochemistry- 4 years

Program Fees

USD 54,000 (INR 43,11,765)

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Johns Hopkins University

This private university, Johns Hopkins University was established in 1876. The institution has campuses in and near Baltimore, the District of Columbia, Italy, and China. The PhD in biotechnology program, which is intended for both part-time and full-time students, gives you the option to take classes online or on campus in the evenings and on weekends. The biotechnology labs at Johns Hopkins are where exciting things are taking place. You'll gain knowledge from professionals who are engaged in ongoing research, discovery, and publication in a dynamic field.



QS Ranking 2023


QS Subject Ranking 2023


Program Offered

Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D.] Biochemistry- Cellular and Molecular Biology 4-5 years

Program Fees

USD 42,000 (INR 33,53,595)

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University of California, Berkeley

The Computational Biology PhD program's major goal is to educate the next generation of scientists who are devoted to performing at a high level in both the computational and biological sciences and who are passionate about researching the interface between computer and biology. The program places a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary cooperation, and research. It also offers a flexible curriculum made up of two semesters of didactic coursework that is adapted to the individual needs of each student.



QS Ranking 2023


QS Subject Ranking 2023


Program Offered

PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology- 5 years

Program Fees

USD 564 (INR 45,033) per semester

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The George Washington University

This private research university George Washington University was founded in 1821. The university is home to a number of renowned research institutes and facilities, including the GW Cancer Institute, the Centre for Regulatory Studies, Centre for Advanced Study of Human Paleobiology, and the Biostatistics Centre. The Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering is intended to train future academics and researchers to apply engineering concepts to issues in biology and medicine, to comprehend and model the characteristics of living systems, and to combine biomedical systems and equipment to conduct novel research.



QS Ranking 2023


QS Subject Ranking 2023


Program Offered

Doctor of Philosophy in Biotechnology- 5years

Program Fees

USD 15,885 (INR 12,68,377)

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Course Overview of PhD in Biotechnology in USA

PhD in Biotechnology in USA lasts for 4-5 years and keeps students up to date on scientific advancements that are connected to biotechnology development. Students can choose from a number of specializations, ranging from molecular biotechnology to biochemistry.

Popular Course Offered

Doctor of Philosophy in Biotechnology

PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology

Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D.] Biochemistry- Cellular and Molecular Biology

Course Duration

4-5 Years

Top Universities

Harvard University

Stanford University

Johns Hopkins University

University of California, Berkeley

The George Washington

Average Tuition Fees

USD 24,000 (INR 19,16,340)

Minimum GRE Score

140 or more

English Proficiency Test Score



GRE- 140 or more

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Eligibility Criteria and Documents Required to Study PhD in Biotechnology in USA

Eligibility Criteria for PhD in Biotechnology in USA is given below:

  • Educational Qualification
  • English Language Proficiency Test Scores
  • Standardised Exam Scores

Let us check in detail:

Educational Qualification

  • Students need to provide the passing certificate of masters in Biotech and other relevant degree
  • A strong recommendation is to have an excellent academic record for both your undergraduate and graduate degrees (70 percent or B-).

English Language Proficiency Test Scores

Students while applying for the PhD in Biotechnology in USA need to submit the score of the English Language Proficiency test. However, the score may differ according to the university.

Standardised Exam Scores

You may be asked to give US entrance exam scores, such as the SAT/ACT for PhD in Biotechnology. These scores are rarely sought, but if you have already taken the test, keep them on file.

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Documents Required for PhD in Biotechnology in USA are:

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Application Process to Apply for PhD in Biotechnology in USA

To get the admission in any of the top ranked universities in the USA, students need to follow the admission process. Below are the steps-

  • Look for the university in the US offering a PhD in Biotechnology.
  • Examine the admissions requirements of the university. Determine which exam you must take and which documents you must submit.
  • Fill out the application form. You can avail the admission application online.
  • Ensure that all documents are submitted by the application deadline. Check the website to see how far your application has progressed.
  • If a student meets all of the prerequisites, the university invites the student to take the entrance exam.
  • The cut-off for the entrance exam is determined by the college administration. If an applicant performs well on the entrance exam and meets the cut-off, the next step is processed.
  • Once chosen, start preparing your budget and applying for a student visa

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Cost of Studying PhD in Biotechnology in USA

The cost of pursuing PhD in Biotechnology in USA varies depending on the type of institution you choose. Both the tuition fees and cost of living differs according to the city or state you are pursuing the course.

  • The overall annual cost of studying masters in agriculture in the USA is around USD 24,000 (INR 19,16,340).
  • The overall annual cost of living in the United States for an international student is around USD 20, 000 (INR 15, 96,950) per year. The amount depends on the location, the type of residence, and services you utilize while studying here.

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Scholarships Available for PhD in Biotechnology in USA

Universities and colleges offer state special financial grants for international students seeking PhD in USA in biotechnology. One can go for a full funded PhD in biotechnology in USA covering the study cost. Some of the grants offered are:


Amount (in USD)

Inlaks Foundation

Up to 100,000 (INR 79,84,750)

JNTata Endowment Scholarship

15,96,9500 (INR 2,00,000)

AAUW International Fellowships


Robert S. McNamara Fellowship Program

25,000 (INR 19,96,187)

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Job Scope After PhD in Biotechnology in USA

Students after completing their PhD and these in Biotechnology will have a great career scope. On an average, the annual salary of a PhD holder in the USA is around USD 70,000 (INR 55, 89,325).

Job Profile

Annual Average Package (in USD)

Bioinformatics Scientist

1,24,000 (INR 99,01,090)

Bioinformatics Technician

77,000 (INR 61,48,257)


89,000 (INR 71,06,427)


91,000 (INR 72,66,122)

Highest Paying Jobs in USA

There is a huge scope in terms of career for students completing their education from universities in USA for PhD in biotechnology. If you are looking forward to seeking admission or know any other information, Yocket professionals are ready to help you.


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