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Why Study Masters(MS) in USA? Top 11 Benefits of Doing MS in US

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With the whole world opening up for education, most Indian students are spoilt for choices. The thought of stepping out of the country for education is liberating for sure, but it is important to find a match that will empower you for the long run.

Each country comes with its own package deal. However, the advantages of doing MS in US make the country a top destination for students from around the world.

So, let’s find out why MS in the US is a preferred choice for most international students.

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11 Unparalleled Benefits of Doing MS in USA

The US being one of the most developed nations in the world, comes with several advantages that roll the game in its favour as the top destination for students wanting to pursue a Master’s degree.

Let us look at the reasons why Masters in USA is amongst the best in the world one by one:

1. World’s Best Universities are in USA

The foremost reason why masters in the USA is so sought after is because some of the best universities in the World are located in the United States. These universities offer a wide range of degrees and programs that are top-notch.

As per the QS World University Rankings 2022, 5 out of the 10 best universities in the world are situated in the United States. These are:


QS World Ranking

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


Stanford University


Harvard University


California Institute of Technology (Caltech)


University of Chicago


2. Well Established and Recognized Academic Standards

Academic leadership of the United States is driven by its evolving study system, which attracts almost 30% of students who study abroad each year. At the Master’s level, developing subject matter expertise is of extreme importance.

Good teachers ensuring well-rounded development, including theoretical and practical exposure, makes the USA a promising option. The universities in USA are known for employing renowned faculties and focus on experiential learning i.e., applying theoretical knowledge into real-world scenarios

3. Enriching Classroom Culture & Experience

Let’s now look at why the USA for MS is a quality choice in terms of student experience. Studying in American universities provides an ideal atmosphere for students to learn through flexible methods of education in all streams. Pushing oneself out of their comfort zone is efficiently prompted while helping students strengthen their basics.

Academic aids at the universities including laboratories, libraries, and practice areas have excellent infrastructure. They give students access to the latest technology and most modern classroom experience. Top universities such as California Institute of Technology, MIT, Cornell University, etc. lead the way in high-tech research & tech innovations. One of the most important benefits of doing MS in the USA is that you will be immediately acquainted with a new way of learning.

This video will help you identify not one but many reasons to pursue an MS in the US.

4. Inclusive Milieu and Healthy Competition

Inclusiveness is an essential aspect of all academic programs in the US. You will find people of all kinds and geographies.  You can imagine the kind of diversity just by the fact that there were over 1.1 million international students in the US in the year 2019-20.

The screening processes of universities are top-notch and you will get a chance to interact with talented students from all streams surrounding you. This creates a healthy atmosphere for students to gear up and work harder.

5. Promising Post-Degree Work Opportunities

A pressing reason why the USA for MS is a popular choice is that you will get access to the best post degree work opportunities. While pursuing your masters in the US universities, you will get a chance to attend workshops and events that help you find the best opportunities in your chosen field.

Competent students passing out from US universities are easily placed by the university in respected companies. Many STEM courses also have a buffer time of visa validity for students to look for jobs. Most students easily find well-paying jobs and are able to recover the cost of their education in a span of 3 to 4 years.

6. Convenient Support Facilities for Foreign Students

University students can easily find aid and assistance with matters ranging from food and accommodation to Visa extensions, scholarships and internship opportunities. Colleges do all they can to make the transition, of moving to the US, comfortable to students of all backgrounds.

Most universities in the USA have an international student office that helps foreign students to get accustomed to a new college life. You can reach out to them for any kind of questions including academic, social queries or any other problems you might be facing in adjusting to the new lifestyle. 

7. Vibrant Campus Life

Another reason why MS in US is the pick among international students is because it gives students a chance to be a part of the vibrant student life. Your campus life will not only be about academia but a ton of exciting activities. You can choose to be a part of a number of university experiences by joining sports teams, clubs, volunteering, and many other student organizations.

Apart from this, you also can travel to neighbouring states and cities and explore different cultures, meet new people and broaden your horizon.

8. Academic Flexibility

US universities offer MS degrees across a wide range of fields and specialisations. While some are quite well-known including MS in Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Automobile Engineering, etc., others are emerging MS specialisations with a bright future.

Along with this a reason why masters in the USA is so well regarded is because of the academic flexibility the programs provide. A student can customize the course to suit her/his academic goals. You can freely pitch in ideas for carrying out research in your desired field as well.

9. Excellent Research Opportunities

Since the coursework for certain masters’ programs requires students to write a thesis, students get a chance to pursue in depth research work in their field of interest. This research is supported not only by outstanding infrastructure but also resources, space and time made available to graduate students.

In addition to this, students can also assist professors in different research projects to help them     broaden their knowledge and skill set.

10. Best Networking Opportunities

When we speak about the United States for Masters, we can’t ignore the benefit these universities provide for networking. In US universities, it is easy for students to establish and maintain a network of professionals for several reasons.

Many universities have an alumni network encompassing students from different years. Students have a great opportunity to interact with them at events and conferences. This helps them build long-lasting professional connections that can help the advance in their career.

11. Learning Valuable Life & Professional Skills

The discussion on why MS in the US would be incomplete without talking about its repercussions on a student’s overall development. A student will not only learn academic skills but also learn several life skills along their masters’ programs including time & money management, attaining work-life balance, etc.

The diversity on campus, degree requirements and the overall environment is bound to strengthen a student’s competitive streak and aid their self-growth.

To sum it all up, the USA is an exciting choice for anyone looking at pursuing Masters abroad. If you are considering this as an option, and have university options in your mind, you must delve further into research.

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