LOR Samples for MS in Biotechnology: How to Write Letter of Recommendation for MS in Biotechnology?

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Writing a Letter of Recommendation (LOR) is essential, along with your statement of purpose and resume. A resume gives a summary of your entire journey. In contrast, a statement of purpose or personal statement primarily focuses on the detailed journey of your academic and professional life. So what is the necessity of LOR? LOR samples for MS in biotechnology or any other program let the admission committee know you as a person as they get to know about your qualities. So while writing or having written a LOR, keep in mind to highlight your skills, qualities, and interests.

In this article, we will focus on the type of LOR for MS in biotechnology, tips to write one, the university requirements, etc. Let’s begin!

Types of LOR for MS in Biotechnology

Mainly the institutions/universities accept two types of LORs, where one is your academic LOR and the second is your professional LOR. Many colleges ask for two professional LORs if you have been working for more than three years and only one academic LOR. Counsellors in Yocket are well trained to guide you beforehand about the number of LORs you must submit for a particular university. Their guidance will give you ample time to work on the LOR and get it signed by the respected recommenders.

How to Write a LOR for Biotechnology?

If you are confused about framing professional or academic LOR samples for MS in biotechnology course, consider these lucrative steps.

  • Introduction

This is your introductory paragraph. Here you need to introduce the recommender and establish your relationship with him. Like if he is your professor, then mention the subjects he taught, the year of your association, etc. If your recommender is your project guide, then mention the name of the project and the designation of your project guide.

  • Body Paragraphs

In these paragraphs, write or ask the recommender to explain how they remember you.

  1. Try to divide your body into three paragraphs.
  2. Address these qualities in order of importance.
  3. State each outstanding quality in three separate sections and back them up with a good example.

Paragraph 1: In the first paragraph of your body, write a line about how the recommender remembers you; the qualities you possess. Use specific examples to show how each skill was observed by the recommender. Like during the project, if you have demonstrated your leadership quality, then explain how and when you did it.

Paragraph 2: If you did a project under your recommender, mention the project name and the skills you acquired. You do not have to load your LOR with all your qualities without proper anecdotes to back them up. So, please write a few of the notable attributes and then back them up with appropriate anecdotes to grab the admission committee's attention. You can show the journey of how you acquired one skill while working on the project, and the recommender noticed it.

Paragraph 3: If you have any paper publications/seminars under this recommender, you can write about them. Then write about the qualities you portrayed. You can also write about any co-curricular activities that you have participated in the college if the recommender is aware of it. A similar pattern you have to follow for your professional LOR. Only here, you need to write about the projects you did during your work period under that particular recommender.

Please note to write a LOR in the third person; it is the recommender who is explaining everything about you to the admissions committee.

  • Conclusion

Confirm that you would be a perfect student for that particular university by highlighting your notable qualities. Encourage the admission committee to contact the recommender for any additional questions.

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LOR Requirements of Top Biotechnology Universities

The list of below-mentioned universities, along with their LOR requirements/guidelines, includes:

  1. University of Cambridge
  2. University of Pennsylvania
  3. Columbia University

Let’s explore them!

  1. University of Cambridge

If you plan to pursue your MS in biotechnology at Cambridge University, you must keep the following things in mind.

  • Provide two academic LORs if you are still in your study period or are less than three years away from your academic life.
  • Submit two professional LORs if you have over six years of working experience.
  • You need to provide one academic and one professional LOR if you have left the education for more than three years.
  • Please provide the institution email address of the recommender at the end of the LOR and make sure that they are ready to answer for you when the university committee contacts them.
  • Make sure you mention in your LOR your potentiality for the biotechnology course you are applying for.
  • Try to select your supervisor or tutor as a referee for your academic LOR. However, for the professional LOR, choose your employer or manager who can testify to your abilities.
  1. University of Pennsylvania

Penn University requires three LORs from the student to complete the application procedure. If you are a first-year applicant, you need one letter of recommendation from your school supervisor and two other LORs from your school tutors.

  • For academic LOR for your biotechnology course, try to focus on the qualities you demonstrated in your academic performance. Please do not write about the same subject in both the academic LORs.
  • For non-academic LOR or professional LOR, ask your recommender to mention those sides with proper anecdotes not highlighted in your academic LOR.
  • Penn University allows you to submit one additional recommendation in video or audio format. In this supplementary material, you can also add your research proposal. However, make sure your application procedure may take time as you are submitting too many documents.
  1. Columbia University

Columbia University requires two letters of recommendation for a biotechnology course.

  • If you are a working professional, try to provide one academic and one professional LOR.
  • You need to submit your LOR on the application website in electronic format. The university may reject your application as they strictly mentioned on their website not to send a letter of recommendation through the mail.
  • Ensure to provide the recommender's email ID. They will receive an automatic verification mail when you submit the letter of recommendation. Before submitting the LOR in electronic format, verify it and inform your recommender about the procedure.

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Important Tips to Write LOR for Biotechnology

Following are the tips for writing an actionable LOR that gives you an edge over fellow candidates.

  • Maintain a professional or formal tone for your academic and professional LOR.
  • Cover essential attributes like team management, time management, leadership, cordial nature, organisational skill, and analytical & research skills to your biotechnology LOR.
  • Follow the common writing style as mentioned above unless the respected university provides particular prompts.
  • Do not mention in any part of the LOR that you plan to stay in a foreign country.
  • Do not repeat the same line in all the LORs.
  • Try to incorporate distinct qualities in different LORs, as the committee should not know that you are the writer of your three LORs. Instead, they should feel three different people have written the LORs. You can also ask your recommender to write a LOR.
  • Write about those qualities and projects that the recommender is aware of and substantiate them with examples.

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Writing a single LOR may seem an easy job. However, writing three different LORs for your biotechnology course from three people's perspectives can be difficult. Also, it might get difficult for the students to check the websites in detail to know if the university gives any particular prompt.

But worry not; Yocket has got you covered. Enjoy our end-to-end guidance or a customised service plan by choosing Yocket premium. With this, our well-qualified and trained counsellors will mentor you on every step of your study abroad ride, making it a success.

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