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Job Opportunities and Salaries after MS in Robotics

Vineel Chandra

Robots are replacing humans in labour tasks and automation is taking over. Inversely, design, implementation and management of these robots is employing humans on a great scale. Safe to say that robots are still controlled by humans (not so much in the future, according to Elon Musk). Robotics is a booming industry; it includes specialisation subjects like Nano-robotics, Space robotics, Bio-Cybernetics, Artificial Intelligence machines, legged locomotion- the list goes on.

Students applying for MS in Robotics or the Robotics track to universities such as MIT USA, CMU etcgenerally have a background in Mechanical Engineering, Automobiles, Computer Science or Computer Engineering, or Electronics. However, those from other backgrounds can be seen applying for it as well.

Best universities to pursue MS in robotics and related specialisations:

These are the top US universities for MS in robotics and all the related programs. Joining anyone, would surely enhance your job prospects and help you acquire the best skills demanded in the industry.

Career Prospects after MS in Robotics (MSR)

The career opportunities in the field of robotics attract jobs such as:

1. Career as a Robotics Engineer: 

Robotics Engineer broadly design and test robots using knowledge about mechanical and electrical engineering skills. They are engaged research and development of autonomous robots for new applications in industry. They also employ computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) as well as computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) systems to manufacture, test and configure robotic systems. Robotics engineers are recruited in a vast multitude of industries, such as military, private robot manufacturers, medical industry, gaming industry, entertainment industry, space research organisations, automobile industry, etc. The job growth is comparatively slower than the average. According to PayScale, the median starting salary for robotics engineer in the U.S. is around $80,000

2. Career as a Robotics Programmer:

This job requires programming the robots, developing and validating the automated processes, and configuring systems integration with latest robotic technology. Robotic programmers are very much in demand and the job is new to the industry. The skills required involve knowledge of digital electronics and circuits. The average starting salary for robot programmer in U.S. is $62,400.

3. Career as a Robotics Technician:

Robotics technicians maintain and fix operational problems or failures in robotic systems and equipment. They inspect facilities and train or assist other people. Programming and testing these systems to maximise efficiency in the facility. The median starting salary in U.S. for robotics technicians is $54,379.

4. Career as a Robotics Software Engineer:

People in this position design and develop software systems and algorithms for Robot perception, sensor calibration, autonomous navigation or remote monitoring and control. It also involves keeping track of developing software in synchronisation with the hardware components. This is another popular job position in the recent times with openings from companies like Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Bossa Nova Robotics and Amazon


Other jobs include those of Deep Learning Engineer for Robots (who develop novel perception and AI algorithms for robots), robot operators, software developers, and sales engineers. On the other hand, job prospects and availability depend on various factors, the location being a major one. General Electric, NASA, and IBM are some of the other recruiters employing robotics graduates.

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