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10 Cheap Universities for Masters in USA: Best Universities in USA for MS with Low Tuition Fees

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10 Cheap Universities for Masters in USA: Best Universities in USA for MS with Low Tuition Fees  Image

The US is undoubtedly one of the most popular countries when it comes to pursuing a master’s degree. The high standard of research and the resulting lucrative opportunities attract students from all over the world to these programs. However, studying in the US can bring about its own set of challenges, primary among which is the high cost. Therefore, this article aims to explore the 10 best cheap universities for masters in USA. The main focus would be on elisting the best universities in USA for MS with low tuition fees!

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Why Study MS in USA?

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USA is a global centre of knowledge that hosts students from every nook and corner of the world. It is the top choice for study abroad aspirants to pursue an MS, let us know why. Top reasons to study MS in USA are:

  • Highly Recognised Universities: 202 universities in the USA are ranked in the QS WUR 2023, with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology occupying the first place. The USA indeed is home to many prestigious colleges and universities in the world.
  • Student Friendly Cities: Apart from the best universities, 14 cities in USA are ranked in the list of QS Best Student Cities 2022. Some of them are Boston, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, etc.
  • Academic Flexibility: One of the major perks of studying MS in USA is the luxury of declaring your major in your second year of the course. It gives you one whole year to explore various subjects and understand your area of interest.
  • Part-Time Job Opportunities: Having an F-1 student visa allows you to opt for various part-time jobs in USA. The US government currently follows a 20-hour work per week rule for international students studying MS in USA. The part-time jobs can be both on-campus or off-campus.
  • Training Opportunities: With an F-1 student visa, you may also be eligible to participate in paid training opportunities (Optional Practical Training and Curricular Practical Training) that directly relate to your program of study. However, there are other eligibility criteria too. To learn more, visit the Training Opportunities section on the official United States website.

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How to Choose Affordable Universities for Masters in USA?

Students usually apply and prefer going to the cheapest universities in USA for Indian students suggested by their friends or relatives and rarely try to research and figure out things on their own. Success stories of their seniors graduating and securing jobs with renowned companies also make it to the list of criteria a student considered while choosing the cheapest colleges in USA for international students.

  • Everyone has a unique study abroad experience and students need to decide what’s right for them. At times students even fail to understand that a cheapest university in USA that is well known and good for a particular course and field, may not necessarily be good for their own field of interest.
  • While choosing a university, students should carefully consider and question potential affordable universities for Indian students regarding programs and scholarships offered, research and curriculum in their field of interest, availability of funds, faculty members in that field, tuition fees and living expenses, and most importantly the return on investment.
  • Opting for public universities in US for MS which are funded by the state governments to some extent and are much more affordable than private universities where the tuition fee is significantly higher; will also reduce expenses drastically.

Despite higher education becoming more and more expensive, it is possible to get excellent education from a low cost university in USA without spending a fortune.

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Cost of Studying MS in US

The tuition fee for MS in USA depends upon the university you choose and the course you pursue. On average, the MS fees in USA can be anywhere between 20,000 USD to 70,000 USD.

The cost of living in USA for international students again depends upon the type of living you choose. If you have a tight budget, you must opt for student accommodation. Besides, there are some costs that are unavoidable. The average cost of living in USA for international students ranges from 900 USD to 1500 USD per month.

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List of 10 Affordable Universities in USA for MS

Getting admitted to low tuition fee universities in USA for MS is a dream of many. But before we proceed with the list of cheap universities in USA for masters for international students in the US, it is important for you to understand how tuition fees are calculated for affordable masters in USA.

  • In US universities, a Master’s degree program requires a student to take a specified number of credit hours ranging anywhere between 30 and 60. The tuition fee you have to pay is calculated based on the number of credit hours taken in that semester.
  • For example, the tuition fee for MS in Computer Science in a University is calculated at 1000 USD/credit Hour. If you take 6 credit hours in a semester, the total tuition fee would be 6000 USD for that semester.

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Given below is a list of low tuition fee universities in USA for MS. For your convenience, we have listed the yearly average range of tuition fees you would have to pay at these affordable universities in USA.


Tuition Fees for International Students / year (in USD)

Popular Courses Offered

University of Houston


MS in Computer Science

MS in Civil Engineering

MS in Information System Security

MS in Finance USA

Purdue University


Master of Science in Computer Science

Master of Science in Industrial Engineering

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


MS in Biomedical Engineering

MS in Computer Science

MS in Environmental Engineering (MSEE)

Stony Brook University, State University of NY


MS in Computer Engineering

MS in Electrical Engineering

MS in Materials Science and Engineering

University of Tulsa


Master of Science in Chemical Engineering

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

Master of Science in Engineering Physics

Michigan Technological University


Masters of Science in Computer Engineering

Master of Science in Civil Engineering

Master of Science in Environmental Engineering

San Diego State University


MS in Business Analytics USA

MS in Electrical Engineering

MS in Aerospace  Engineering

University of Texas at Dallas


Master of Science in Cyber Security, Technology and Policy

Master of Science in Social Data Analytics and Research

Master of Science in Software Engineering

California State University- Fullerton


MS in Electrical Engineering

MS in Chemical Engineering

University at  Buffalo


MS in Management Information Systems

MS in Electrical Engineering

MS in Aerospace Engineering

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How To Get a Concession on Out-of-State Tuition Fees?

When choosing cheap universities in USA for masters for international students, you will observe that out-of-state tuition at these universities is more than twice as expensive as in-state tuition on an average. So, how do you get a concession on your tuition fees?

  • Apart from saving significantly by applying to the cheap universities for MS in the US, students can also further reduce their total expenses by applying for scholarships.
  • Students can also apply for assistantships in their universities which can also reduce the overall expenses. These assistantships at times also waive off your tuition fees and provide you a stipend which could cover your living expenses there.
  • Many organisations based in India also offer scholarships and loans at low interest rates for students aiming to study overseas. The key here is to find the right sources and apply on time.

Funding information is provided on each US University’s website, and students should usually apply for financial aid at the same time as their application is submitted.

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In conclusion, there are plenty of universities for MS in the US. Students should weigh their options and pick one wisely. Also, it is important to remember that expenses for your education abroad is an investment in yourself. Gaining skills will make you more employable. A credible degree in the resume, a great brand name can help you stand out in the competition. While it's okay to compromise on some things, make sure you know what is most important to you so you end up with the best possible university experience.

And if you still wish to consider more guidance on pursuing an affordable masters in USA, why not get in touch with our Yocket Advisors?

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Frequently Asked Questions about Cheap MS Universities in USA

Ques. How much is the tuition fees for low tuition fee universities in USA for MS?

Ans. The tuition fee for an affordable masters degree in USA for international students costs somewhere between 15,000 USD to 25,000 USD per annum.

Ques. Which is the cheapest university in US for MS?

Ans. The most affordable university for a cheap masters degree in USA is San Diego State University.

Ques. What is the minimum IELTS score to pursue an MS in USA?

Ans. The minimum IELTS score required for an MS in USA is 6.5.

Ques. What are the most popular disciplines in US for MS?

Ans. Some popular disciplines for MS in US are:

  • Medicine
  • IT
  • Data Science
  • Business

Ques. What are some other universities for a cheap masters degree in USA?

Ans. Some other cheap universities for masters in USA are:

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